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There's a possibility that [livejournal.com profile] thessalian might accidentally give a flying shit about this one, since it takes place in her hometown or somewhere with the same name.

July 16
[Aberrant] Montreal city councilman Marcus Smith, a known proponent of Quebec's faltering Anglophone movement and of the United Canada agenda, is found dead in his penthouse apartment; the RCMP have no doubts that he was murdered and that a nova was responsible. A note left at the scene on behalf of Citoyens pour le supremacy [sic] des français declares that Quebec will be free from English tyranny, whatever the cost.

It's the 17th such death of an Anglophone in the last four years. Apparently, the TU's Montréal really is a place where militant Francophones will ignore even the most desperate pleas for help if they happen to be phrased en Anglais. Unless the sweet bird specifically confirms this, I'm going to chalk it up to White Wolf editors (who, you may notice in the sidebar, are now a tag) aiming for satire and achieving only snottiness.
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The Aberrant Players Guide says on p.172 that the note was found today, even though the item on the very next page says the man was found the next day. Maybe I should just create a "white wolf editors at work" tag and have done with it.

June 14
[Aberrant] Sato Tanaka, CEO of Genyo Products, is found in his Nagasaki home, a blubbering wreck, with delusions of being one of a pod of whales slaughtered by whalers. A note found beside him gives implicit credit for his condition to Greenwar, warning those who have declared war on Mother Earth" that "[s]he is not defenseless, and those who rape the land, commit genocide on other species and steal from generations yet unborn will pay a dear price for their crimes."

In the one moment when his own personality breaks through the memories imposed by Animus, Tanaka-san grips the arm of Detective Ishido and says "They don't hate us, you know. They feel sorry for us. I don't understand. Why don't they hate us for killing them? Why?"

Neither Ishido nor Officer Okano can answer that. All they can do is keep Tanaka from being a danger to himself before the paramedics arrive — oh, and on Ishido's suggestion, contact Nippontai.
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The lunatics are in the hall.

June 12
[Aberrant] Saxon resurfaces in an N! studio audience, his mind erased, his vocabulary reduced to the sentence "I am Saxon and Mal is my savior!"

He starts shouting out his new catchphrase (taught to him by the Apostle during the brainwipe) half an hour into Nova Morning Live from his location in the fifth row. "Saxon was eventually subdued by representatives of Project Utopia and is now in their care." CNN reportage of the matter will also mention that Thai police

have uncovered evidence linking Saxon to the disappearance of a over a [sic] dozen prostitutes in Bangkok over the least [sicer] 18 months, as well as allegations of a huge cover-up by Project Utopia.

(Obviously, this was written in haste by an underpaid intern, whether at CNN or White Wolf.)
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Taking advantage of a gap in the schedule to fit this in. (I meant it to go up on Friday, but it wasn't quite ready.)

[Aberrant] Director Ozaki records a conversation with Director Thetis in which she insists that there was no nonlethal way to solve the problem of Slider.

The conversation is in Japanese (though Aberrant: Project Utopia provides an English translation), and she addresses him as "Ozaki-chan" throughout, except for one instance where she calls him "Director Ozaki" (italics hers, probably ironic). She does this either [a] to remind him of their relative positions or [b] because White Wolf understood Japanese honorifics about as well as they understood Texas geography or Nordic ethnography.

Her reasons for encompassing Jennifer's doom basically boil down, in my eyes, to "Because shut up. Anyone who discovers Proteus' existence without my permission can't be trusted." If I'm exaggerating, I can't see how.

I'm reminded of something I was going to mention last month, in re Thetis' desire to manage public perception of novas and apparent wish that she could manage novas back into invisibility. In his Aberrant/Mage: The Ascension mashup "To Tear the Scales from Their Eyes", [livejournal.com profile] ezrael made Thetis an agent of the Technocratic Union's NWO.

Despite how distasteful our agendas can be, we cannot allow anyone (no matter how popular or high-placed) to jeopardize the work we do. Despite our personal preferences. The Project is all that is important.

Ozaki wonders if he should consider that a threat. Thetis assures him that he's "too important to the Project — and to me" for her to dispose of him so casually, and I can believe her (though I'm trying to decide whether I actually do). After all, she could have left him to dry when the yakuza and the Ministry of Trade discovered the manipulations by which he'd helped Saisho happen and made Japan's first novas into pop sensations.

Lost in the debate over Slidergate is the matter with which Ozaki opened the conversation; Chiraben has "begun to get sloppy. He's enjoying his work, and he may be growing careless in adherence to the visibility guidelines." At least, the recorded portion of the conversation never gets back to it. As we'll see, though, Ozaki doesn't forget, no matter how much Thetis might like him to.
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Speaks for itself.

June 7
[Aberrant] Hyperintelligent nova Cassandra appears on N!Sight with Parker Stevenson, and in answer to his closing question about the exploitation of novas, says that they are exploited by armies, by researchers, and especially by the media, specifically naming N!'s own coverage of Slidergate before time runs out.

Or before Parker cuts her off. The Aberrant Storytellers Screen Companion date-stamps this April 7, but given the Slider reference ("They even broadcast the autopsy report"), I'm pretty sure this is just a case of the editor (Brandon Falkenburg) not doing his job.
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In OTL, they've been trying to achieve this goal for over 20 years.

February 29
[Aberrant] The Boeing Aerospace Company unveils the first civilian hypersonic jet.

According to the Seattle Times' Jeff Skagen, the 797's top speed is Mach 20, putting any point on Earth just 45 minutes away from any other point.
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The article in the Aberrant corebook is undated; I think I got the date from the relevant supplement.

November 12
[Aberrant] Graham Herron, current holder of the Houston Tornado "franchise" (urban defender license), is found shot, stabbed and beaten to death near Dime Box, TX. His corpse is reportedly marked with symbols associated with the Church of Michael Archangel, a fundamentalist Christian sect which holds that "aberrants" are literal demons from hell.

Sheriff Tom Boddard, who found the body, says "[t]here must have been a lot of the Michaelites to take one of these boys down," but says he wasn't aware of a Michaelite compound in the area; he speculates they came from Austin or Nacogdoches, which presumably both host Michaelite presences. "Powder burns marked the weapons as having been discharged at close range."

A spokesman for Micah Piper, Grand Deacon of the Austin (TX) Michaelite compound, while not actually admitting any role in Herron's death, says that the Tornado "obviously met his match in God's Chosen." Online Michaelites echoed the sentiment; Suzanne Haslett of Virginia asks "Why should we weep for the passing of the Devil's own?" Lucy Corgan, age seven, boasts: "My papa has a gun that will drop an aberrant dead in his tracks, and so do all his friends."

Linda Raphael (evidently done with Operation Upgrade) and fellow Devries Elite™ Elijah Crane head for Houston to "rally some novas interested in justice." Piper counters with a warning: "The righteous God is with us, you spawn of Satan. We've got enough guns and faith to lay you out just like what happened to your friend." Sounds to me like they have more faith in their guns than in their faith, but money and gunpowder do talk, don't they?
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The Aberrant Players Guide doesn't get any more specific on when this happens than the date range given, but we're getting awfully close to time for the next day-post.

late August
[Aberrant] Due to T2M Europe remaining headquartered in Venice, the governments of Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands unveil a unified Scandinavian nova-team, Det Fælles Nordiske Novateam, informally Nordlysene (the Northern Lights).

Former OpSite designer Nikolaj Lemche is on the team as one of Holland's representatives; the other (at least by 2015 when the APG writes about them) is Holger Centery (ironically named for a legendary Danish folk hero) the Inv/Strength with Leadership tanker charismatic brick known as Danske. The rest of the 2015 Nordlysene lineup is Jennifer "Jernnæve" Svanberg ("Iron Fist"; a body-of-metal brick with magnetic powers), Evette "Lynet" Solonger ("Lightning"; speedster), Freya Oswyn (a light manipulator), and "Jättarna" (real name unknown; able to create an ice harder than steel, and to animate the shapes he makes with that ice).
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Ongoing flashback.

[Adventure!] The Ponatowski Foundation of Poland announces its intent to dredge the Black Sea for signs of ancient civilizations.

The archaeologically-oriented Foundation provides funding to the criminal operations of Ivan Boris Vladimirovich Stayansky, the would-be Czar of all the Russias. (Yes, I know Adventure! gives his surname as "Staynskaya", but it and Aberrant contain a number of such names, names that demonstrate that White Wolf staffers know jack all about the gendering of Russian surnames.)

[Aberrant] T2M receives its baptism of fire when it smashes its way into the Al-Burhan, Iran, headquarters of Islamic Dawn. The compound is secured inside three minutes with no harm to the Teamers.

I mentioned this last year as one of the reasons the September 11 attacks probably didn't happen in the TU. (Another is that President Schroer's national security advisor, unlike Condoleezza Rice, probably didn't ignore Sandy Berger's advice to keep a close eye on al-Qaeda, but that's neither here nor there.)
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Awk! Friday the 13th fell on a Friday this month! </churchy>

Oh well, at least it's lucky for a couple've the people who've interviewed me.

I am worn out living up to your expectations, Sarah. )

Transcendence. )
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Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] etherlad, for the reassurance that TDiTUH still serves a useful purpose. The plan I'd almost forgotten I had is working just the way I meant it to. ("That's just the way I planned it!" — Wolfgang Amadeus von Fahrvergnugen)

There's a link between the two items for today, but I'm not going to spell it out explicitly. I will say that f you've been reading my posts, at least this calendar year, you can put the pieces together for yourself.

A tale from the Golden Age. )

Mysteries of the age. )


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