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And another Moscow Crash item.

[Aberrant] Second-quarter financial reports indicate worldwide economic improvement. The upswing marks the beginning of the largest sustained period of economic growth and prosperity in world history. The UN drops its freeze of the currency markets, and most nations of Western and Central Europe agree to the adoption of the euro currency, linking much of Europe into one economic entity. The United Kingdom declines entry into the European Union.

I’m not sure what enabled the Euroskeptics to carry the day in the Trinity Universe’s UK, but as a result of their triumph, by 2008, the UK will be a declining backwater.
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And a followup.

[Aberrant] Acting on the advice of Project Utopia nova prognosticators, the UN unanimously passes a resolution to freeze exchange rates in the world currency market. The move causes massive inflation in the currency of developing nations, but leads to a gradual strengthening of the industrial powers' economies.
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Short and to the point.

[Aberrant] The International Monetary Fund announces its inability to ameliorate the global financial crisis. The Japanese take the news especially poorly; the Nikkei index loses 50% of its value overnight. Tokyo newspapers report over 2,000 suicides that night alone.
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In real life news, we're almost completely moved to the townhouse. Now begins the long hard work of unpacking a bazillion boxes.

In unreal-life news, it's time for more of the reason I started this thing.

International. )
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I made a booboo.

On a day like yesterday... )
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And here's today's "On a day like today..." item (well, the one that's in both the Trinity Universe and the past tense):

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Feeling curiously drained today, but have two Trinity Universe facts for this date, one a "This day" and the other a "Today". I don't have anything to add to the versions on [livejournal.com profile] wolfspoor that I haven't already said, but here they are anyway. Sorry for being so blah and perfunctory.

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