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Again, a somewhat oblique theme links today's items. (Well, that and the fact that they're both from Aberrant: Year One.)

January 17
[Aberrant] Nigerian dictator Alafin Sango does an exclusive interview for NewsNet's Harold Matthers Presents.

Actually, that's the airdate, so the taping may have been days or weeks ago. The interview took place in Lagos, which Sango restored to capital status when he took power eight years ago. It took three more years for the UN to recognize his government as legitimate, at which point Utopia gave him financial and technological aid.

They're regretting it now, as Nigeria's prosperity has brought an expanded military and a lockdown on information coming into the country. (Apparently, the OpNet doesn't treat censorship as damage to be routed around, or maybe it just doesn't help if removing the filtering software will get you deported if you're lucky, imprisoned if you aren't.) Sango insists that

I have done nothing to my neighbors expect prove that I am a competent leader. )

Sango insists that "Utopia would have to make the first overtures toward peace. I have already made several that they have ignored." The text of the entry on the city of Lagos says that he has "continuously disregarded attempts to compromise".

In a Topeka car dealership, a salesman named Jock sells a middle-aged customer on the fuel-celled Sunstorm.

Some time ago, Joaquin Rivas perfected the hydrogen fuel-cell technology that's still being discussed in OTL, or at least made it economical to implement for the consumer market. Thus, it counts as an advancement, not an innovation.

Jock's sales pitch, on the other hand, is just new twists on some old standards:

Hydrogen stations might not be common yet, but remember this: You can drive the Sunstorm for more than 1,000 miles before you need to fill up again! [...] Buy two fuel blocks, and by the time you exhaust the second you've had plenty of time to recharge the first. You'll never have to buy a third block. [...]

Fuel cells are safer, too. Say 'hydrogen' and everybody thinks 'Hindenburg,' but once the gas is absorbed into the fuel block, it's perfectly safe. You'd need a blowtorch just to set it on fire and even then it'd burn slowly. With [a hypercombustion] car, you still have gallons of gasoline or alcohol under your hood. Gallons of explosive rocket fuel. You get in a wreck, God forbid, that fuel leaks out and your car is in a pool of fire. You want your kids in a situation like that?

Yeah, that's the clincher.
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Not yet. I think the dumbass was about to cut the shithead.

September 18
[Aberrant] Devon Works <sliderfetish@unca.edu> replies dismissively to an anonymized poster's all-lowercase claims about the scientific suppression carried out by Utopia's S&T department.

It's a sign of how much the 'net has changed since 1999 that this exchange was supposed to happen in the alt.fan.utopia Usenet group. These days, "2Wikkd@im.not.going.to.let.them.trace.me.com" would be an anonymous poster on a Utopia fanblog, maybe even Dev's own.

In addition to posting without use of the shift key (well, except to generate punctuation [mostly exclamation points] and one piece of all-caps), 2Wikkd is terrifyingly nonspecific "about all the things [project utopia] don't let us see or have", saying only that

brother is a scientist, and he was working on something relly
important that would have made all our live alot easier but
they came in and took all his files and now he drinks alot and
can't get a raise cause he just wasted all his time working on
something that utopia wont let us have! you utopia slaves suck!
by the way this story is TRUE but i'm not going to say who my
brother he works for because they (utopia) might find out and
he'd get fired or arrested or something.

My reaction to a post like that would have been something along the lines of "Well, *I'm* convinced." If I were on his side, I'd have elaborated to the effect of "Well, *that's* a compelling evidentiary trail that would be sure to persuade anyone not already inclined to doubt S&T's enveloping benevolence. Please quit being on our side, dude; you're making our side look stupid."

That's not how our boy Dev rolls, though:

Look, hobgoblin, the UN granted Project Utopia the power of scientific regulation for a reason. Did you hear about the guy who was working on a virtual OpNet interface that would be wired right into the user's pleasure centers?... As far as I'm concerned, Project Utopia (something properly spelled with the "shift" key, loser) has every right to their environmental and scientific regulatory powers. Might as well go to somebody with the staff smart enough to use them wisely.

(Well, now we know another reason for [livejournal.com profile] jachilli's writer credit on the Aberrant core rules, besides the Duke Rollo material.) Again, I'd be tempted to reply asking for a citation, but I'm like that.
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Arguably the climax. [Italics closed 8:37.]

Peter Cavallino replies to Sylvie Montaigne, disclaiming all awareness of Shadow Tracker RM and inviting her to "launch one of [her] tiredly quixotic raids" if she wants to come up looking like a chump again.

The chronology at the unofficial White Wolf Wiki specifies that the TechReg team came [willan on-come]* to the ViaSoft campus on the 20th as announced, and left [willan on-leave] (as Cavallino predicted) "empty-handed and embarrassed."

* Yes, I'm quoting Dr. Dan Streetmentioner's Time Traveler's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations to pad out this entry. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful; hate me because I have the personality of a Cat Piss Man.
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Something resembling a plotline continues.

Sylvie Montaigne, of Utopia's Science and Technology Department (Technological Regulation division), informs ViaSoft CEO Peter Cavallino that VS' "Shadow Tracker RM" technology is in violation of Utopia's SafeTech guidelines, and that Utopia representatives will be visiting VS' Cambridge campus on the 20th inst. to take custody of it. Probably within minutes, Cavallino has fired off a letter to Raymond Chu, VS' director of Special Projects, wondering how Utopia learned of STRM's existence, ordering an immediate security check, and recommending offloading of STRM to Kuro-Tek's Yoshira Nakamura. Chu promptly writes to Nakamura, apologetically accepting his earlier offer to purchase STRM, provided he agrees to take possession of all relevant materials by close of business on the 18th inst.

As I said yesterday, I have my suspicions about who sent the anonymous tip that "awared" (as a Jack Womack character would say) TechReg of STRM's existence.
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Happy Wild Card Day! Sorry I'm late!

September 14 [Aberrant]
An unspecified Utopian (but one who needs no introduction) lectures prospective Team Tomorrow applicants on what T2M will expect of them.

He informs them that, having learned how to control their powers from their prior Utopia training, they'll now learn how to master them. They'll learn how to behave themselves in public. They'll learn how to act as citizens of the world, not of any one nation. "And most importantly, you can go to your beds at night richer, more popular and without a scrap of a guilty conscience — because you are doing the right thing with us."

Director Thetis replies to Agent Nyeung, assuring him that Proteus still has uses for the Teragen, and that there's plenty of time to prepare for Subject Alpha-001's projected return.

That's what they thought. (I assumed it was Thetis replying, but now I think about it, it could just as easily have been Ozaki.)

An unknown party anonymously forwards information on ViaSoft's Shadow Tracker RM technology to Project Utopia's Science and Technology Department (Technological Regulation Division).

Judging by previous and subsequent events, I think we can guess that party's identity.
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Bet you'd forgotten about this crap, hadn't you?

August 20
[Aberrant] A Department of Defense memo (DEEP BLACK clearance) from Capt. Charles Moring to a Dr. Fielding relays General Thomas Endicott's insistence that the "Project Cornucopia" powered armor units be made operational, and obliquely mentions certain information to which the general is privy that he thinks will keep Utopia's S&T regulators off the DoD's backs.

It may be that General Endicott had already received one of the dataslug copies whose contents comprise most of the "Project Proteus" chapter of Aberrant: Project Utopia; it's not entirely clear to me when they were made. What is clear is what should have been clearer to Thetis: "Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead."
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Mayday! M'aidez!

[Aberrant] Following the revelation that Radocani's weaponry had been produced by Japanese corporations acting in violation of UN norms (the reason Utopia became involved), Utopia's Science and Technology Department is granted even greater regulatory latitude in monitoring "potentially dangerous technological advancements."

Some of those blacktech weapons had probably been produced by the company whose name means "blacktech" — Kuro-Tek, whose CEO Yoshira Nakamura is the cousin of the Directive's Mitsu Nakamura (as well as having ties to the Nakato-gumi of the Yakuza).

[EDITED 12:46 PM to correct the defect [livejournal.com profile] lostfactor points out. Thanks, man!]
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Continued from yesterday, without comment. It speaks for itself pretty well, I'd say.

[Aberrant] A New York Times editorial, "Overreaching Pride", denounces the UN's decision to give Project Utopia authority of scientific regulation: "First, by what authority does the UN purport to establish blanket regulations over anything — and, even worse, to hand over control of that regulatory process to a private agency run by a charitable foundation?" In the second place, the editorialist points out, Utopia owns or runs many businesses developing the sort of nova-derived technologies that fall under S&T's new purview. "By getting an early eye at what its competition intends to do, it can short-circuit that competition."
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Sorry about the delay, but we spent much of the day trying to ectomize a particularly persistent piece of spyware. As far as I can tell, we didn't remove anything vital this time.

[Aberrant] In the wake of the São Paulo bombing, the UN Secretary-General grants Project Utopia's Science and Technology department authority to monitor, approve and regulate new technologies, particularly those derived from the "nova boom." Many member nations and corporations vehemently protest this decision.

If I were getting spyware sent to my cellphone's voice mail, I probably wouldn't be joining those protests, I'll tell you that for nothing.


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