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I've edited the entries for May 30 and June 3 to incorporate various relevant factors.

June 4
[Aberrant] Project Utopia begins an internal investigation for remaining allies of Corbin within its own ranks.

So yeah.

Synapse hands Saxon over to the Apostle to have his memories wiped (presumably Delorimier's real purpose in wanting Graham captured).

Per the edited version of yesterday's post, that actually happens on the second day of Saxon's captivity, whenever that really was. But the Apostle takes possession of Byron Graham through an intermediary: Jesse "Turncoat" Hooks, who can emulate anyone, body and mind. He reads Saxon's memories and discovers what eruption has done to the Utopian's sexuality (suggested for mature readers) )

Hooks goes through a number of impersonations of fellow Terats, and baseline yokels, in discoursing on the movement's internal strains. Then Delorimier comes to "take the pain away" with the same pharmacological secretions that allow Turncoat to maintain a presence within driving distance of sanity:

The prostitutes' cracking bodies will trouble you no more. Yes, your actions in Kashmir, they too are gone. So many dismembered civilians, how quaint that you still feel guilt.... Do not worry, Mister Hooks has been in your mind, he will remember all that you are until the day he dies, the poor thing.

Also, this is the second day of the Pantheon meeting, the one where they actually get down to overviewing the various cliques: the Primacy, the Companions of Allah, the Cult of Mal, the Casablancas, Nova Vigilance, the Harvesters, and the Pandaimonion, in roughly that order. Those who remembered Trinity, the hard-psience space opera to which Aberrant is the prequel, presumably got a frisson when the Apothecary told of Heartland, the community he'd set up in Nebraska to study taint — specifically of Marshal Jeb Wycoff, especially devoted to protecting the town's novas and their baseline families, and Jeb's son Calvert, "one of my most interesting cases. The boy is a most... promising specimen."
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An even more tenuous common thread.

January 20
[Aberrant] The German Ministry of Transport, Construction and Housing announces plans to link the nation's major cities with high-speed maglev trains.

In OTL, they're talking about one maglev service, from Munich to Franz Josef Strauss International. (Maybe in the TU, they'll reactivate the Hamburg and Berlin maglines.)

[Aberrant] Anna DeVries sends a letter to Linda "Lotus Infinite" Raphael attempting to persuade her in favor of accepting a full-time DeVries contract, offering as an inducement the care of DeVries' paraphysician if Raphael's current aberrations worsen.

Lotus' most obvious current aberration is that her hair constantly swirls as if in a gentle imaginary wind; she's taken to shaving her head to hide that.
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Remember, Sol Invictus is the reason for the season.

December 28
[Aberrant] William Reed, director of T2M-Americas, submits casefile T2M-122807-WFR0054, concerning the Peruvian nova who styles himself "Inti" (after the Inca sun god).

The Utopia investigation began several months ago, with strange lights in the Andes. It's now led to Inti and the community of followers he's established in the ruins of Machu Picchu. He's believed to have caused at least eight deaths in the name of protecting his privacy (possibly including a tourist helicopter) and he's known to have gathered some acllas to himself, from among his followers' virgin daughters, in exchange for his "mercy".

"The Office of Intelligence Services, T2M-Americas, believes that we should eliminate the threat posed by Inti immediately and scatter his followers." It's possible he's just an India Syndrome case, but Reed considers it more likely that Inti has been driven mad by taint. If taken alive (not the office's recommendation), "he should be remanded [to] Bahrain."
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Ain't no party like a nova party 'cuz a nova party don't stop!

[Aberrant] Travius Diaz opens the nova-only Amp Room nightclub on Ibiza; baselines other than herself are allowed into the club only by her invitation.

My desire to have something after the blockquote clashes with the cold hard reality that the thing I want to put there is random excerpts from Duke Rollo's "I Just Met a Girl Named Ibiza" (reprinted in Aberrant: Fear and Loathing). He describes the Amp Room as "your new address in the Fiend's noxious realm" and warns that "[i]t is no longer possible to discern where the drugs end and where the weirdness of the novas begins." (To quote something his inspiration said about Las Vegas: "No, this is not a good town for psychedelic drugs. Reality itself is too twisted.")
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Correcting an error, among other things.

March 16
[Aberrant] Nimal Dharmasena writes in his journal about the latest in a series of progressively-unsettling meetings with Antaeus.

Yes, his journal. He mentions a wife and kids, which makes my earlier identification of him as a "her" obviously wrong.

Dharmasena talks about being obliged to go "very, very deep in[to] Sector 3" to report to Balmer, about having to wander around and literally sweat for a whole hour before before sitting down to rest, at which point Antaeus came "heaving... out of the ground, geocarapace and all." (Dharmasena wonders if Spencer Balmer's body has replaced human flesh with soil and vegetation, or if he even has a permanent body.)

How is it that he can be so impossibly brilliant in the field of ecoscience, so erudite as 'Dr. Balmer,' and yet, as 'Antaeus,' practically autistic when dealing with people? )
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[Aberrant] A progress report on nova development written at an unidentified Rashoud facility reflects on the problem of novas who lack the intelligence or social awareness to understand what constitutes an appropriate use of their powers. "To that end, this researcher must recommend continued pursuit of the proposed 'M-R lobotomy' treatment."

The report's author cites, as an example, "case UT-117-UK; Marjorie McCannagh. At 60 IQ, Marjorie was only marginally aware of her surroundings, so her power to sever organic molecular bonds and turn living things into puddles of carbon sludge posed more threat than advantage." (Admittedly, most eruptions improve the subject's body and mind both, cf. Hugo Pinella.) Earlier, the author drew parallels with star athletes, prior to N-Day and the decline of baseline sports, who "made a good deal of money, often with little more than cursory education [...] and insufficient socialization[, which] made for [...] 'hillbillies with money'".

The author recommends that "sociopathic, asocial and criminally inclined subjects" face cautery of the Mazarin-Rashoud node "as early in its eruption as possible", before its effects on the body's self-repair system render it potentially capable of regenerating from such damage.
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We twist your DNA, we like our work...

[Aberrant] Altaz Zia, later the Terat known as the Apothecary, born in Budapest, Hungary.

He was working as a bioengineering researcher for Horizon Pharmaceuticals, which had ties to Æon's Triton Foundation and, as such, access to nova test subjects. In fact, according to his Nova Philes writeup (in Aberrant: Teragen), he was the one who proposed the use of nova "specimens" to advance baseline knowledge of the biological sciences. (This may be exaggerated, but at the very least, he was happy to profit from such experiments.)

He certainly wasn't expecting to be as intrigued by them as he became. Unaware of [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal's views on the subject of humanity's evolutionary destiny, Zia came to see novas as representing perfection. "In 2001, he made a startling discovery: Taint was not a problem but the key to unlocking novas' potential, and with this, he erupted."

He gained an enhanced intellect and a greater degree of emotional detachment. He diverted Horizon funds to set up Heartland, a private taint research facility in Nebraska complete with an associated town (presumably Hastings). The town came to be populated by sympathetic baselines who wanted their tainted relatives to be capable of living relatively normal lives. They provided cover for the subterranean facilities that were the real heart of Heartland. It was also in 2001 that Zia made contact with the Orzaiz-Santiago roundtable, which would not become known as the Teragen for another two years.

By sometime this year, Triton had noticed some irregularities in Horizon's books, but it took a T2M Americas investigation to flush Zia out into the open. He did a runner, but Triton cut their ties to Horizon because of his malfeasance. It didn't matter to the Apothecary; he had everything he needed.
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Secrets facing exposure. (Includes material reprinted from Aberrant: Project Utopia.)

[Aberrant] "The NovaWatcher" posts an inside look at the Bahrain facility to the "NovaWatch" OpSite.

Or, at least, fragments of an inside look, put together from "confidental UN documents obtained by this opsite" and "[i]nformation smuggled out to this site by informants we dare not name", get onto "The OpSite of Skeptical Inquiry into All Things Nova". The NovaWatcher states that the Bahrain lab isn't really a Rashoud facility. After all, proper Rashoud facilities like the one in New York

are for testing new novas, helping them learn about their powers (and of course, letting PU learn about their powers too) and recruiting new novas into PU. The facility in Bahrain is [...] intended to test, not new novas, but older novas who are experiencing "high levels of quantum buildup" — whatever that means. [link added by present editor] It doesn't sound very healthy.

And the 'Watcher is worried that

any novas, which the UN or PU get upset about, for whatever reason, might just wind up here for "testing." The sort of testing performed in windowless labs deep underground where no one can hear the screams.

Hugh has probably seen this page; he keeps an eye on NovaWatch, to see if they know anything they shouldn't, or anything that might help Æon. He'd like to be able to reassure them, but that would mean explaining about taint. He thinks the world is ready for that knowledge, but Æon and Utopia disagree, so he bites his tongue and bows to their judgment. For now.
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Something more detailed, or at least with links to more detail.

[Aberrant] Project Utopia opens a special Rashoud facility in Bahrain. This facility is ostensibly designed to assist novas with high levels of quantum buildup, but Utopia is given leeway to confine novas considered in need of therapy by the UN as a whole. The facility's opening is not publicized, nor are the media or public allowed on the facility's grounds, though documentaries of its existence soon flood the OpNet. (Unbeknownst to the world at large, it also serves as the new headquarters of Project Proteus, providing the Babel Dossier with a new home and "volunteering" the tainted novas interned there as test subjects for research on taint cures.)

Admittedly, I haven't seen any Aberrant supplements that have the Babel Dossier already in existence, under that name, at this time, but it makes sense to me that it would be.
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Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord [which] thou lettest down?...
Will he make a covenant with thee? wilt thou take him as a servant for ever?

— Job 41:1-4 (KJV)

[Aberrant] Leonardo de la Rocha, later the Terat known as "Leviathan," born in the Bronx, NY.

By his fourteenth year, he was living in Venice with his mother, a devout and probably ultramontanist Catholic who regarded "aberrants" as Satan's spawn. So, as you can imagine, she didn't take it well when he erupted and turned into an eyeless reptilian thing.

Ironically, this may have saved his life. The most acceptable face of aberration, at that point, was T2M's Ricardo Montoya Bernal, and his worst features are his green skin and the fins on his forearms and calves. If Proteus had known about Leo, they'd likely have scooped him and taken him — wherever they're taking the severely aberrated at this point. Probably that private hospital in New Jersey Æon wanted to stick David Scondras' patient in.

Teresa de la Rocha didn't perform any experiments on her son. Just isolated him, read the Bible to him and tried to beat the "demon" out of him. Treated like a demon, he came to think of himself as one.

Eventually — maybe it's already happened — things reach the point where Teresa can no longer cope, so she burns down her home and runs away from it. Leonardo batters down the walls and dives into the canals of Venice, where he makes his home thereafter.
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Busy getting moved to new digs (details to follow), but here's some This Day yadda-yadda to tide you over.

How deep the rabbit hole goes. )

Yet another environmental update. )
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Well, the birds like it. (I have reason to believe [livejournal.com profile] archangelbeth at least will get that.)

Must be made criminal protecting society from the disease. )

Novas in space. )
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While I work on reassembling a present for [livejournal.com profile] etherlad, here's another piece of it. This one's a combination birthday card/biographical horror story.

Trinity Universe content. Suggested for mature readers. )
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Seriously. Now that I'm experiencing real RP, this solo RP looks like the wankery it is. The next post from Hugh Boone has been sitting in an unfinished state for almost two months past its original sell-by date. Here's what I managed to write before being struck by an overpowering sense of "Why am I bothering?"

The 7th of October was lucky for some. )

So no more. From now on, I'm going to do the Nova Age timeline as a straight-up "This Day in Trinity Universe History" like I thought about doing in the first place before deciding the RP format would make it come to life. Today, for instance, instead of Paul C. Lauterbur and Sir Peter Mansfield getting the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for their discoveries concerning magnetic resonance imaging like in OTL (our timeline, or mine anyway), Henri Mazarin and Farah Rashoud are taking it home in Biology for their studies of nova physiology and, specifically, of the node that bears their name.

(Okay, there is one other in-character post from Hugh coming up, but it's based on a true story, so I'll put the untrue parts behind LJ cuts.)


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