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Wheels within wheels.

July 2
[Aberrant] In a Navajo Daedalus 3 communique to Agent Nyeung replying to his earlier report, Director Thetis expresses astonishment at his telling her that Max Mercer himself, not his granddaughter Margaret, conference-called on an Æon meeting, but admits that it does explain the Council's recent decisions. She advises Nyeung to observe Mercer, but not engage him directly. "We must know his degree of lucidity, what he has planned for Æon and how it will affect our efforts."

What you mean "our", kemo therapi?
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[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journals that, as far as he can tell, Maxwell Anderson Mercer vanished into thin air last July. Michael Donighal has cabled him from the Far East, reporting no success and recommending Whit not waste any more of his time.

As we've seen, he found his friend again.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that Max's idea of the Æon founders spending Christmas together "was perfect. It was like a second family....I even saw Jack crack a smile or three."


[Aberrant] Lambert Asani, son of Congo diamond magnate Mente Asani, and his three brothers travel the world meeting with novas who could help Lambert's goal of deposing Congo president Laurent Kabila.

Asani doesn't rate a mention in the Aberrant core rules; he's entirely from Aberrant: Elites.

[Aberrant] Over the next three years, much of the world's copper and fiber-optic cable communications networks are replaced with advanced optic cable, derived from studies of eufiber, and wireless networking. The new hardware, couple with new data-transfer protocols, is dubbed "OpNet." OpNet replaces the Internet, phone systems and cellular networks, allowing for wireless communications from virtually any location. It boasts an initial 700% increase in data speed over previous telecommunications technology.

The expansion of the OpNet is mostly complete by May of this year.

Caestus Pax announces that Team Tomorrow will be splitting into T2M Americas and T2M Europe. Pax himself, along with Lightning, Apollo Kid, Slag, Splash, Uta "Tremor" Stentz and Byron "Saxon" Graham (among others), will be forming T2MEu, based out of Venice, while Montoya-Bernal, Psyche, Jennifer "Slider" Landers, Ana Graça Texeira and Pualani "Pele" Kapunani will comprise the Mexico City-based T2MAm. Ragnarockette and Shadow Artist will remain members-in-training.

You'll be seeing more of those names in times to come.

Project Utopia launches Novation Toys, Games and Comics, its licensing division, to compete with (among other things) the DeVries Agency's entry into the action-figure market. Series I action figures include Slag and the Fireman. The first wave of Novation-produced OpCast series includes Team Tomorrow: Protectors and Slag: Hot Metal Fury.

That last one's a little redundant, but it's in the calendar as written. I may merge it with the other datapoint, actually.
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And once again, I almost run out of month.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that Michael Donighal has called, asking if Whit has had any better luck finding Max Mercer (whom neither of them has seen since the Hammersmith Incident). Whit resolves to catch the next boat to London: "Mrs. Austin will be disappointed, but her jewels can wait."

I've already spoiled the ending of this movie.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that Max Mercer has returned from Macao, conveniently at a time when the other six Æon founders were in Chicago, and almost the first words out of his mouth were "We're not the police, but we've got to do something with the people we stop." Jake Stefokowski wondered why these Inspired malefactors can't just be turned over to the police; Whit pointed out that most jurisdictions don't actually have laws against building "death rays". Professor Dixon suggested setting up a psychiatric facility; Jack Tallon offered some of his secluded African/Arabian holdings to the purpose. In the end, Mercer agreed to the project: "it's not enough to understand the wonders of our world; we must understand the people who experience them." Max has also suggested that the Æon core membership spend Christmas together.

It may be that this decision led directly to Bahrain. At the very least, it provided precedent.

[Aberrant] The DeVries Agency announces the formation of a new arm, DeVries National Tactical Solutions. While the Agency does not apologize for its role in the Equatorial Wars, it transfers the management of its combat Elites™ to DVNTS.

I'm afraid I don't have much to add to that.

[Aberrant] In the wake of Utopia's being granted oversight of Kashmir, Covert Action News reports on "Utopia's Real Agenda Revisited". The monitoring facilities in Kashmir would allow Utopia to watch India and China — the two largest armies, and largest official nova military forces, on the planet — and the southern parts of the RusCon. The article's author even speculates that Utopia may have manipulated China into taking an interest in Kashmir (which they never had before).

The original article on "Utopia's Real Agenda" appeared in April, but I don't seem to have written an entry about it at the time. *^^* It was to do with the negotiations that led to the London Peace Accord.
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Jeez, I've been taking my time about this, haven't I? Well, there's only so much month left, and (as they say on Scanalyzer) there's no time like the present for things to happen in.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that Mercer and Danger Ace, back from success in Mexico City, stopped by Mercer Manor to see how the reconstruction was coming.

Whit considers that Æon's making a lot of progress. "The attack [link added] suggests we're bothering the right types of people." He's surprised none of the membership have quit, but Max points out, with "an 'I told you so' look", that Æon's members are act-ors, not observers.

[Aberrant] First use of the term "baseline" to refer to humans without nova powers.

The excerpts from the d20 version of Trinity posted on White Wolf's website indicate that the term seems to be replacing "neutral" (which had been used in the Storyteller version of Trinity to refer to the non-Inspired masses as distinct from psions and Aberrants).

2001: A Utopian odyssey. )
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Something of a turning point of the Inspiration Age.

And so it begins. )

Meetings with remarkable men. )

Works of genius. )
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[Adventure!] (Maxwell Anderson) Mercer establishes the Æon Society for Gentlemen in Chicago. It serves as a worldwide coordinating office for Inspired adventurers and investigators of the paranormal, in furtherance of its larger goal — Mercer's drive to discover humanity's true potential, and to break down any obstacles in the way. Its seven charter members are Mercer himself, Primoris, Whitley Styles, Professor Dixon, Safari Jack, Crackshot (Annabelle Newfield), and Danger Ace.

I've already written a fair amount about Primoris, and some about Mercer as well, so I'll cover the other five here.

And that makes you larger than life. )
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[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that, over that steak dinner, Max Mercer explained his objective: to bring together "brave, intelligent and open-minded people...who ask why and want to find the answer."

This is the beginning of the Æon Society for Gentlemen. (Well, if you don't count the bit about Max telling himself he was going to found the society, anyway.)

[Aberrant] T2MEu member Tremor begins raising islands from the sea-floor half a kilometer out from Venice. Within a year, "Nuova Venezia" will reach much of the way to the old city.

Uta Stentz' work serves multiple purposes. On the one hand, it provides space where developers can build new resorts, to accomodate turisti who want to see Europe's resident Utopians in action. On the other hand, it also becomes the home of embassies where European countries (and, by 2008, even the US and Canada) can station personnel to contact Utopia and T2M at need.
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Oh, and I can't forget this. Particularly since the first event has to take place today.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles reports in his journal: "Max is back." Mercer appears to have been recovering for the last few months under the care of Dr. Primoris (who seems familiar to Whit, but whom Whit does not immediately recognize as Michael Donighal) and claims not to remember how he got into Primoris' care. They resolve to go out for a steak dinner over which Max will explain his new venture and invite Whit to join it.

The excerpts from Whit's journal in the Adventure! rulebook only list the month in which each entry was made, but when I see an entry dated in June and the (implicitly) next day's entry dates from July, I can do the math easily enough.

[Aberrant] The UN overwhelmingly passes the Zurich Accord, a document declaring novas to be human beings, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. A few fundamentalist Islamic nations and dictatorial regimes, all countries with poor human-rights records, protest the resolution.

Those people thought the Accord went too far. Others would later decide it didn't go far enough. Or, at least, that its enforcement was somewhat selective, and was failing to target what they saw as Utopia's attempt to turn novas into the indentured servants of baselines.
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] etherlad!

(And, according to [livejournal.com profile] wolfspoor, this date in 1924 marks the official start of the Adventure! timeframe. Useful to know.)

Edited to add evidence for the proposition. )


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