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And the debate continues.

June 20
[Aberrant] The "Opinion Forum" segment of N!'s Nova News Now! features a debate over Slider's murder between Chad "The Living Wreck" Berger (Chicago's franchised public defender) and alleged Calcutta cop Edgar Rhys.

I don't know whether Greg Stolze (author of Exposé: Aberrants) was trying to present a parody of our he-said/she-said media and the way it sets the limits of acceptable discourse, but that's the effect achieved, with Rhys treating Corbin as guilty until proven so and Berger unable to do more than poke a few holes in the case without coming across as a conspiracy nut. The closest he comes to speaking the unspeakable truth is in this exchange:

Rhys: If Corbin is innocent, why is he running?
Berger: Maybe he's afraid. Someone who could kill Jennifer could probably kill André too.

I find it worth mentioning at this point that the Aberrants, like Gaul, are divided into three parts. Berger, Renaissance Man, telepath/precog Mina Takamura, and a handful of others who worked with Utopia continue to do so, hiding their sympathies. Rousseau coordinates these Hidden with all the cunning at her disposal, as they attempt to determine the extent of Proteus' control and to (hopefully) shut it down without destroying Utopia, in whose goals they still believe. They're the smallest faction, according to E:A.

The largest (with nearly half of the allegiance's 40 or so members) is the Quarry, the Quitters who left Utopia after they got hints of Proteus, and as such find themselves on the run with no idea where to run to and only a vague notion of what they're running from. Corbin leads them, and leads them surprisingly well. Proteus' winged monkey may think of the Scotsman as the Scarecrow and/or Tin Man, but he's showing himself to have plenty of heart, and courage too.

And then there are the Rebels, the Radicals who were already on Utopia's bad side, either because (like Dr. Worm, their leader) they considered the Project "a kinder, gentler fascism" from the word Go, or because they "just don't play well with others." I suspect many of them would be Terats if Cargill hadn't gotten to them ahead of a Teragen spokesman.
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Separated for now.

June 1
[Aberrant] In response to Rousseau's telecom virus, the initial roster of the Aberrants (including Jacques Angel, Chad "The Living Wreck" Berger, Toren "Dr. Worm" Cargill, Danielle Coleridge, Edda Cznievski, Kimberly Dame, Diane "Intergalactic" Holm and Asa "Renaissance Man" Karadakas) meets in the Amp Room. Corbin is pointedly absent, on the grounds that bringing an emotional broadcaster/amplifier into a room full of anxious novas can only end in fire.

It's Karadakas (referred to on the transcript as "Unidentified Man") who points that last bit out, when Angel is demanding to know where Corbin is and why he's not explaining things in person. Rousseau confirms that, and volunteers to take any questions.

Q&A. )

Anatole Siervich of Nova-Express Caterers is contacted by (fellow) suspected Teragen sympathizer Eric Ballard with final information about the upcoming Pantheon meeting.

It's all about the seating and the dishes. Food, glorious food! )
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The tragedy I mentioned is, inevitably, upon us.

May 13
[Aberrant] Slider is incapacitated in Calcutta by a single blow from a super-strong assailant for whom she evidently opened the door, which implies that she knew her killer (who apparently broke her neck once he'd rendered her hors de combat) or at least recognized his face. (The most popular suspect among those in the know is Chiraben, a Proteus wet-op and professional Creepy Little Fuck™ whose powers include super-strength and shapeshifting, the latter of which would have enabled him to take on a face she'd trust.)

The official report lists Apoorva Chowdiah and Edgar Rhys (the UN/Calcutta PD liaisons, both on Utopia staff) as the responding officers; in fact, the first actual cops on the scene are Prasan Mandavilli (investigating neighbors' reports of a single loud noise) and Det. Thaunanon Kalsi. The world is so shocked at the murder of its "sweetheart" that most media outlets don't dig deep enough to notice the contradiction between Utopia claiming they hadn't known where Slider was and a pair of Utopians being among the first people on the murder scene.

Kalsi later says that, if he hadn't seen nova violence before, he'd have guessed that what hit her in the back was some piece of industrial machinery. He wishes the killer had at least had the decency to close her eyes.

At 4:02 AM Calcutta time on the 14th (6:32 PM EDT today), after an eight-hour medical struggle, Jennifer Landers will die at the UN's Franklin Moran field hospital. Apoorvah Chowdiah is transferred to Utopia's European HQ; Rhys leaves no forwarding address.
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Old Charlie stole the handle and the train just keeps on goin', no way to slow down.

May 8
[Aberrant] Spike in Jose Diaz' communications.

Which might have something to do with this.

second week of May
[Aberrant] An official Project Proteus audio communiqué, Clearance Beta, all field agents' priority, designates Jennifer Landers as "a threat to Utopia and Proteus longevity."

She's contacted "no fewer than 16 novas and no more than 19 novas" with what she knows. They know about Corbin, XWFer Diane "Intergalactic" Holm, fellow Utopian Christoph "Shadow Artist" Yannik, Meztiszo (yes, that really is how he spells it), "Greer... Cherpa and Fong" (I know nothing about them, save that "Fong" is obviously not Caroline Fong). They haven't yet been in touch with Sophia Rousseau that Proteus knows of, but that might change. Even as it stands, even though "Proteus secrecy has not been compromised", just from what's already in her head, Jennifer constitutes a

liability to Projects Utopia and Proteus to such a degree that her continued performance exists more as threat than mere agitation. Act per Code Omega directives, under normal Proteus visibility guidelines.

And this is the earliest verifiable mention of Sophia Rousseau. She's been around from early in the Nova Age — not as early as The Fireman or Duke "Core" Baron, but she's no Booster-come-lately either. What she is, according to one nova, is "a storm of psychic static" that he feared would destroy his powers if he got too close (which, for those of us possessing familiarity with what comes chronologically after Aberrant, calls into question her general identification as a nova). Everybody's heard of her, but nobody can quite recall where or what they first heard about her.
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March 11
[Aberrant] Clash in Nevada between Teragen novas and a suspiciously well-armed and well-prepared battalion of baseline US troops "on maneuvers."

Funny how these things happen.

"Export agent" (poacher) Janos Van De Meer's severed head is found in his suite at the Voi Lodge nature preserve in Kenya, wrapped in one of a number of illegal pelts. The head had been amputated quite cleanly (nearly five months later, the body will still not have turned up), and all VanDeMeer's "ivory" (teeth) had been pulled.

Whether the kill was clean in general, we won't know until and unless the body is ever found.
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No Marvels this time, except maybe the mortal kind.

[Aberrant] Bridgett Caulder and Hector "Lash" Guzman finally meet in Harlem's Blackburn Hotel. The stress of his attempt to reshape her flesh causes her eruption, and she is shocked when her new telepathic powers show her, in his mind, a mirror of her own quest for understanding. She agrees to stay at the Blackburn, a Terat enclave, and learn from the One Race.

How's that for a twist?

Anthony Farrell sells Farrell and Sons, retires.

"Kitchen aromas aren't very homely" [sic] to him anymore, I suspect.

The Episcopal Church of St. James, in Oakland, CA, is pleased to announce, in numerous OpNet Christian fora, that it now conducts daily OpNet services.

"Where two and three gather in my name, there am I also: Can you not feel my hands in your pockets?" (J.R. "Bob" Dobbs)

March 3
[Aberrant] Spike in Jose Diaz' communications.

I repeat, nothing to see here.
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Well, we've moved along.

January 26
[Aberrant] The "Sri Lanka Eight" ambush T2M Asia/Pacific, resulting in the deaths of three of the eight.

Remember, correlation does not necessarily equal causation.
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Okay, no connection today except maybe the OpNet, and the OpNet connects everything.

January 22
[Aberrant] Spike in the incoming and outgoing OpMails and voice communications of Utopia desk-jockey Jose Diaz.

Nothing to see here.

The Home Shopping Network pitches the medium-high end Gavilan laptop.

Some of the features of this US$1,949 machine are ahead of what we have in the Primary World's 2008 (flexible screen, input jack for VR goggles); others, not so much (1.6 gigs of RAM is actually not far above OTL standard, and a 400-megabyte chip drive compares unfavorably with the 1-gig flash drive on which I stored the draft of this entry).
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Look at them go, look at them kick, makes you wonder how the other half live...

[Aberrant] For about three weeks, Slider dates XWF Red Circle fighter Robin "The Fallen" Emery.

The "Red Circle" is the XWF's middleweight division in terms of power, above the Silver Circle (whose fighters are more about skill than raw force) and below the Black Circle (where the likes of Core and Superbeast hold sway). Red Circle fighters are noted for being more prone to take their own gimmicks seriously, or at least to refuse to break kayfabe. (Raja Ravana, for instance, maintains a total separation between his professional and personal lives made easier by his nova form — six-foot-six, with red skin and eyes, four arms and a forehead ruby.)


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