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It all starts here.

July 24
[Aberrant] Science magazine carries an article, "The Greening of Ethiopia: How Long Can It Last?"

Sharon D. Isenberg of FSU-Tallahassee, lead author of "Long-term Effects of Operation Eden" (Bull. Am. Met. Soc., November 2007), points out that, while it is indeed breathtaking, "there is evidence that the environment Operation Eden created on the Ethiopian plateau is not self-sustaining and may never be." Nova intervention is still required to keep the changes from reversing themselves.

Our old friend Nimal Dharmasena disagrees: "One need only look out at the transformation of the Ethiopian landscape to be convinced of the success of Operation Eden.... What garden doesn't require tilling and weeding?"

Isenberg is unconvinced: "The transformation of Ethiopia is remarkable, of that there is no doubt. The question is... will their miracle become self-sustaining or remain an artificial garden, dependent on nova 'caretakers' forever?"
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Running to the polls.

April 11
[Aberrant] An N! "The World's Opinion" segment gets mostly affirmative answers to the question "Is Project Utopia handling its power responsibly?"

A policeman in Seoul calls them "a fine example to all of humanity, nova or otherwise". A prosecutor in Chicago "suppose[s] it could be much worse", hinting that their power unsettles him, but allowing as how "they've done all right by it — so far." A primary school teacher in Paris says that their willingness to use violence at all makes their methods suspect. A student in London is all "So what if those stateside wankers get all knotted up over 'em? If I had that power, I'd use it too!"

And a farmer in Inewari, Ethiopia, lists how his family is no longer "sick, poor and hopeless" thanks to the remediation of his nation. "Utopia and the Team Tomorrow are a blessing, and I cannot believe that you would ask otherwise."
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Interrupted for different reasons, but still...

January 16
[Aberrant] On Week in Perspective with Walter Donovan, a man named Culpepper expresses doubts about the long-term damage Operation Eden may have done to the Ethiopian ecosystem, while a man named Bryant insists his counterpart is just being a worrywart and rattles off a laundry-list of Utopia's accomplishments.

Culpepper points out that the prominent ecologists who've praised the Ethiopian reclamation were hired by Utopia: "Isn't that something like the tobacco companies' hired health experts of last century?" Bryant's list of "the other positive works that Project Utopia has completed" includes the overthrow of Yaroslav Radocani, "the virtual elimination of Bangkok's child prostitution trade", the AIDS and cancer cures, hypercombustion, Operation Clean Sweep— "Maybe you like the idea of the UN granting virtually total latitude to a group with all the potential military power of any two European nations, but I happen to think—" Donovan interrupts the interruption to ask if he might change the subject.

In an OpNet chat room Vancouver RCMP Officer Brian Chu, Officer Bernard ter Haar [@brill.op], Officer Laurence Posner [@opamerica], Officer Ma Sik Yu of the Hong Kong Triad Society Bureau, and Officer Georgina M. Shrubbe [of Interpol] discuss the difficulty of getting someone inside the triads in general, and the Heaven Thunder Triad in particular, until "trace1@?.gov.op" [Operator W1, presumably of Branch 9] sees the discussion straying into sensitive areas and shuts it down. Afterward, W1 and "nereid@directive" wonder whether the triads picked up on the discussion, and also wonder who exactly was playing whom.

(Well, the datestamp on the transcript in Aberrant: Underworld says 2008, but the sensitive topic was an Australian government attempt to put a shapeshifter into one of the triads, which Posner thinks took place around 2009 or '10. Also, the conversation between trace1 and Thetis "nereid" reads like she was the one who called the halt to the chat; maybe she spoofed trace1's name onto the warning "Gentlemen, none of this is cleared for these channels, and this discussion needs to end right now. Log off, boys.")

And I've never mentioned Branch 9 before, have I? According to the Adventure! corebook (for those of you who don't have it), it was founded by Teddy Roosevelt during his Presidency to deal with crimes that crossed state lines, and soon shifted its ambit to crimes that crossed the lines of consensus reality. In the Inspiration Age, at least four other countries — the UK, Mexico, China and France were all known — had their own Branches with cryptic-yet-bland names, "such as Britain's Supplemental Resources Office and France's Field Research and Development Unit". The Chinese Branch was compromised by the Ubiquitous Dragon, but it's not known whether this persisted past the end of the Inspiration Age, let alone into the Nova Age.
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"Terraforming, André! Killed while farming!"
— Jennifer Landers, about a year into the future.

April 12
[Aberrant] Utopian nova Rafia Bhakra is killed when a mountainside he's breaking up in the Ethiopian highlands falls on him.

As seen in the quote above, Slider, once she learns of Proteus, will blame them for this death and others like it. She may be right to do so.
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Sorry for the delay, but several consecutive days of not getting to bed until 11 in the gweepning got to me.

[Aberrant] The Ethiopian government announces the completion of Operation Eden. The Ethiopian Highlands, formerly a dry, flat, desert plain, are now a verdant grassland. The grateful Ethiopian government gives Project Utopia a large headquarters in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia soon becomes the breadbasket of Africa.

That headquarters, an arcology, soon eclipses the old city.

[Aberrant] Yoshira Nakamura of Kuro-Tek offers to purchase ViaSoft's "Shadow Tracker RM" technology.

I may or may not have mentioned Nakamura-san before; I'm pretty sure I've mentioned his cousin, Mitsu Nakamura, head of the Directive's Japanese branch.

[Aberrant] The Jefferson City (MO) Times-Dispatch reports on the Weltey conviction, and notes that "Tonight, as 'Brother Elias' is transported under heavy guard to an unnamed prison, authorities will be watching for signs of satanic terrorism."

There was no attempt to free him by the Domitori (Astaroth and his "avatars" Belial, Beltaine and Grimskull). For all his I 4M TEH 4N71CHR157 posturing, Gundolfsson realizes that any anti-social act large enough, and sufficiently undeniable, to count as a real crime would draw the attention of Project Utopia (and/or, these days, the Teragen), which is not something he wants to face at this point.
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She comes in colors everywhere; She combs her hair
She's like a rainbow...

[Aberrant] Bene Manata, later the Terat known as "Bounty," born near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

She may have already erupted by now, Inspired by the quantum energies unleashed in the Utopian greening of Ethiopia. (Is anyone working on a fan edition of Bright Continent, the Trinity combobook that was supposed to deal with the United African Nations and the new psi order taking shape there? If so, here's an idea, free of charge: the UAN's eminent national position in the late 21st and early 22nd centuries is the legacy of things like Project Eden.)

We know that right after her eruption, she works for Utopia, alongside the nova primarily responsible for Eden, Dr Spencer "Antaeus" Balmer. It may be then that she discovers Project Proteus' sterilization of novas.
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Well, posting this was a pretty near thing.

[Aberrant] Project Utopia announces Operation Eden, a plan to terraform the Ethiopian Highlands. The project, a cooperative endeavor between Utopia, the UN and the Ethiopian government, marks the first attempt at engineering widespread geographical and environmental changes throughout a region.

For further commentary, I refer you to when I wrote about this from Hugh's perspective in real time.
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I didn't mean this to become primarily Hugh's blog, nor to neglect it so, but I've been busy. More entries, including some from other voices, will follow. - ed

They call it Operation Eden. Let's hope it takes them quite a while to figure out who the serpent is.

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature. )


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