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And of course there'll be sport.

May 12
[Aberrant] The article "XWF: Blood Money" is posted to Details magazine's OpSite.

It's a house show at Madison Square Garden (redesigned sometime in '05 by nova architect Piotr Enrikssen), full attendance of 87,996, of all ages, classes and colors.

We've already got confirmed sightings of DJ Faiz, Senator Guiliani and... Rocky Elizondo, complete with aging diva/sugar mama Madonna in tow. I hear that none other than it-couple Lydia Divine [a nova] and Katie Holmes are watching this show from the Garden's VIP box.

The card. )
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It's timestamped 3:10 AM, so it's probably happened by now.

April 28
[Aberrant] Boom-Boom Harmon writes to the "OpNet freak" he knows as "Trip" (possibly one of Synapse's aliases), requesting "the goods on Narcosis." Harmon is of the opinion that de la Cruz' desire to get in with the Pantheon is dragging her, and the rest of the Pandaimonion, down (particularly her desire to get between Mal and Scripture and have the Prime Terat's baby).

Synapse has a number of virtual identities in the various cliques of the Teragen — I'm pretty sure Trip, for instance, is one of the Casablancas, Count Orzaiz' network of spies. (Alex' NovaPhiles write-up in Aberrant: Teragen specifically mentions "Code", in the Pandaimonion itself, and "Interrupt", an OpNet propagandist for the nova-supremacist Primacy.)

Besides his political concerns, Boom-Boom also has a more mundane request: ringside seats for an upcoming XWF PPV, possibly Hong Kong Karnage, at which Superbeast is going to have a grudge match with Christine "Terminatrix" Jesensky (a claw-handed, shark-skinned, -eyed and -mouthed seven-footer whose gimmick is that she's a Terat "punishing those novas who would prostitute themselves for the baseline masses").
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April 24
[Aberrant] Rob "Superbeast" Steele hits Duke "Core" Baron with a dumpster in a segment filmed for Monday Mega-Massacre to set up an angle for May's Hong Kong Karnage pay-per-view.

I've made one previous passim mention of Superbeast. Out of the ring, in human form, Rob Steele's actually quite a nice guy (he fronts a skew-metal band called Süperbëast; it's unclear how much of their popularity is bleedover from the XWF). In the ring, with a tusked muzzle and cloven hooves, he's the Corpsegrinder, the Lord of the Dead (both of which have been the titles of Süperbëast albums, albeit the former was spelled Korpsgryndrr), the Nova with No Heart, the kind of gladiator who would have the catchphrase that opened this post.

After filming of the spot, Rob suggests they go over to Juggz and get the nova-size plate of buffalo wings, but Gary the production manager points out the potential for a kayfabe breach, given that the two are currently being put over as bitter enemies.

[livejournal.com profile] stolisomancer once used this incident to explain to me the sports-entertainment concept of "selling" a move, which I'd seen referenced in various mostly-MOT-related contexts (like a mention that Raccoon City no-sells Jill's escape in PJ's BioDread's infamous "Nemesis", or a gag in which [livejournal.com profile] jameshoward's altered ego the Multimediocre Knight oversold a punch so hard he exploded).
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Macho bullshit. Let's go.

April 17
[Aberrant] In an N!terview, DeVries Elite™ Lance "Stone Badass" Stryker denounces the rumor of his scheduled participation in next month's XWF "Hong Kong Karnage" pay-per-view, or indeed in any other XWF event. "If Core wants to take off his little makeup and come out from inside his little arena and bring his little Core Meltdown to [any] place where real men do real fightin' for a livin', then the Stone Badass will be happy to shove the sole of my boot straight up his ass...and that's a damn fact!"

This is the second time I've mentioned Lance Stryker (if you don't count the days when my comments links came with a reference to his trademarked catchphrase "and that's a damn fact"). I should've mentioned him last spring, when he was unmasked by rival elite Borealis, but the Aberrant core rules didn't state the date any more precisely than "the spring of 2007". (There's another item about him from last year that I missed then, but it's got a precise date, so I'll get to it next month.)

"Do I look like a damn cartoon to you, son?" he asks the N! reporter right before calling out the reigning champion of posthuman sports entertainment. "Do I look like Core or [Maxx] Mauler or one of them other mite-injectin', pumped-up, fake-ass faggots that goes out there and rolls around in his damn underwear so that a bunch of fat OpNet turds can sit around and jack off?" The irony here is that he's a fairly obvious Captain Ersatz of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ("And that's the bottom line").
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Sorry I'm late.

October 23
[Aberrant] A half-bright mitoid by the name of Crenshaw is hired by the XWF as their newest jobber, "The Polyp".

This may be the first time I've mentioned mite, the "super-steroid" whose active ingredient is nova mitochondria. I know it's the first time I've mentioned Crenshaw, who's actually just the latest in a chain of mite (ab)users asked to don the tentacled mask, suction-cupped gloves, and fuchsia tights of the Polyp ("from the French 'poulpe,' which translated into the English 'octopus' or 'squid'", as an XWF representative explains to Crenshaw when he asks if he's wrong in thinking a polyp is "something that grows on your ass").

When he remarks that in the fuschia, "[p]eople will think I'm, like, a fag or something", the XWF guy is shocked, shocked that he could be so "two-oh" as to think that racism, homophobia or religious bigotry have any place in modern sports entertainment. The rep then goes on to explain that Crenshaw doesn't really bring anything to the XWF

that we cannot reproduce via the fortuitous union of a common Star Lord's barista and a syringe in the ass. Now, do you want to be in the show, or do you want to be back out there, watching the XWF from the dubious comfort of whatever hovel your minimum-wage job affords you... at least until you have to hock your obsolete junkheap of a computer to pay for more mite?

That brings Crenshaw around, obviously.
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Look at them go, look at them kick, makes you wonder how the other half live...

[Aberrant] For about three weeks, Slider dates XWF Red Circle fighter Robin "The Fallen" Emery.

The "Red Circle" is the XWF's middleweight division in terms of power, above the Silver Circle (whose fighters are more about skill than raw force) and below the Black Circle (where the likes of Core and Superbeast hold sway). Red Circle fighters are noted for being more prone to take their own gimmicks seriously, or at least to refuse to break kayfabe. (Raja Ravana, for instance, maintains a total separation between his professional and personal lives made easier by his nova form — six-foot-six, with red skin and eyes, four arms and a forehead ruby.)
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And more violence!

[Aberrant] Manhattan Meltdown, the inaugural match of the XWF, takes place in Madison Square Garden. Louis Freeman makes his legitimate sporting debut, now calling himself "Duke 'Core' Baron." The pay-per-view event, carried live via OpNet and N!, is the highest-rated television event of the year. Licensing revenues top the US$1 billion mark in a single year.

The XWF makes stars out of gladiators like Core, Rob "Superbeast" Steele and Christine "Terminatrix" Jesensky.
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Ladies and gentlemen...

[Aberrant] Louis Martin Freeman, later XWF superstar (and usual Black Circle champion) Duke "Core" Baron, born in Brooklyn, NY.

A difficult child, he left home relatively young, learned to fight, joined the Navy. On N-Day, he was presumably in New York on leave.

He joined the Fireman on the early-erupters list, surrounded in a storm of plasma that took two hours to die down to the point where anyone could safely approach him. At that point, he knew the police and the National Guard would be approaching, so he fled the city, then the country.

By this time in 2000, he'd already surfaced in Japan, where the Thai entrepreneur Yai Lokampang was making his first attempts to turn nova shootfighting into a legitimate sport. I'm sure he was hovering in the background as Lokampang negotiated with William Blair Bartlett (the man who bought out the McMahons as the World Wrestling Federation faltered in the general decline of baseline sport, never to become World Wrestling Entertainment) to bring it to the world.
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Yeah, a "This month" post, because I didn't have any "This day" (having forgotten, or just not known, the bit about Adventure!'s timeframe kicking off on this date).

[Aberrant] Louis Freeman surfaces in Bangkok, where the first nova-level shootfighting competitions have begun. With his plasma powers and formidable non-powered fighting prowess, he makes a name for himself on the independent underground fighting circuit. His manager is Yai Lokampang, Thai-born innovator of nova-on-nova deathmatches.

Freeman, or "Duke 'Core' Baron" as he's known in the fight pits, may have developed some of his brawling skillz during a brief term in the Navy. His service to his country, already reluctant, came to an end when he erupted and fled the country just ahead of possibly becoming one of America's first elites.

At about the same time, the McMahon family sell their shares in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), declining like all baseline sports, to Houston investor William Blair "B.B." Bartlett, who starts making arrangements to take nova shootfighting mainstream (including contact with Lokampang), beginning the construction of the Xtreme Warfare Federation (XWF), the WWF's successor.

By 2008, you almost literally won't be able to get away from knowing about the XWF, any more than you can escape knowing about Utopia or the Teragen. But in the TU's 2004, Utopia is the only one of those three that most baselines have heard of.

I've said it before, and I'll go right on saying it whenever I have a good excuse: one of the things about TDiTUH for me is watching how, a universe away, all this backstory is theoretically unfolding.


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