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Arguably the climax. [Italics closed 8:37.]

Peter Cavallino replies to Sylvie Montaigne, disclaiming all awareness of Shadow Tracker RM and inviting her to "launch one of [her] tiredly quixotic raids" if she wants to come up looking like a chump again.

The chronology at the unofficial White Wolf Wiki specifies that the TechReg team came [willan on-come]* to the ViaSoft campus on the 20th as announced, and left [willan on-leave] (as Cavallino predicted) "empty-handed and embarrassed."

* Yes, I'm quoting Dr. Dan Streetmentioner's Time Traveler's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations to pad out this entry. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful; hate me because I have the personality of a Cat Piss Man.
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Something resembling a plotline continues.

Sylvie Montaigne, of Utopia's Science and Technology Department (Technological Regulation division), informs ViaSoft CEO Peter Cavallino that VS' "Shadow Tracker RM" technology is in violation of Utopia's SafeTech guidelines, and that Utopia representatives will be visiting VS' Cambridge campus on the 20th inst. to take custody of it. Probably within minutes, Cavallino has fired off a letter to Raymond Chu, VS' director of Special Projects, wondering how Utopia learned of STRM's existence, ordering an immediate security check, and recommending offloading of STRM to Kuro-Tek's Yoshira Nakamura. Chu promptly writes to Nakamura, apologetically accepting his earlier offer to purchase STRM, provided he agrees to take possession of all relevant materials by close of business on the 18th inst.

As I said yesterday, I have my suspicions about who sent the anonymous tip that "awared" (as a Jack Womack character would say) TechReg of STRM's existence.
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Happy Wild Card Day! Sorry I'm late!

September 14 [Aberrant]
An unspecified Utopian (but one who needs no introduction) lectures prospective Team Tomorrow applicants on what T2M will expect of them.

He informs them that, having learned how to control their powers from their prior Utopia training, they'll now learn how to master them. They'll learn how to behave themselves in public. They'll learn how to act as citizens of the world, not of any one nation. "And most importantly, you can go to your beds at night richer, more popular and without a scrap of a guilty conscience — because you are doing the right thing with us."

Director Thetis replies to Agent Nyeung, assuring him that Proteus still has uses for the Teragen, and that there's plenty of time to prepare for Subject Alpha-001's projected return.

That's what they thought. (I assumed it was Thetis replying, but now I think about it, it could just as easily have been Ozaki.)

An unknown party anonymously forwards information on ViaSoft's Shadow Tracker RM technology to Project Utopia's Science and Technology Department (Technological Regulation Division).

Judging by previous and subsequent events, I think we can guess that party's identity.
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An unfolding plotline.

[Aberrant] After due consideration, Raymond Chu, ViaSoft's director of Special Projects, rejects the offer by Kuro-Tek's Yoshira Nakamura to purchase VS' "Shadow Tracker RM" technology.

It seems like a good idea at the time.
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Sorry for the delay, but several consecutive days of not getting to bed until 11 in the gweepning got to me.

[Aberrant] The Ethiopian government announces the completion of Operation Eden. The Ethiopian Highlands, formerly a dry, flat, desert plain, are now a verdant grassland. The grateful Ethiopian government gives Project Utopia a large headquarters in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia soon becomes the breadbasket of Africa.

That headquarters, an arcology, soon eclipses the old city.

[Aberrant] Yoshira Nakamura of Kuro-Tek offers to purchase ViaSoft's "Shadow Tracker RM" technology.

I may or may not have mentioned Nakamura-san before; I'm pretty sure I've mentioned his cousin, Mitsu Nakamura, head of the Directive's Japanese branch.

[Aberrant] The Jefferson City (MO) Times-Dispatch reports on the Weltey conviction, and notes that "Tonight, as 'Brother Elias' is transported under heavy guard to an unnamed prison, authorities will be watching for signs of satanic terrorism."

There was no attempt to free him by the Domitori (Astaroth and his "avatars" Belial, Beltaine and Grimskull). For all his I 4M TEH 4N71CHR157 posturing, Gundolfsson realizes that any anti-social act large enough, and sufficiently undeniable, to count as a real crime would draw the attention of Project Utopia (and/or, these days, the Teragen), which is not something he wants to face at this point.
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Fashion statements. Wasn't tomorrow wonderful?

[Aberrant] In Paris, designer Yamaguchi rolls out a eufiber dress with programmable patterns.

Yamaguchi was a protege of Anibál Buendia, and one of the first to put eufiber and LEDs in his designs when his mentor first exuded the miracle material in 2001. Now that eufiber chic is everywhere, he's taking it to the next level, with a computer chip that tells the LEDs what color to light the eufiber.

Today, model Kishi hits the catwalk in "Under the Sea", with its rolling waves of blue and green. Then, she presses the control stud and goes to the second pattern: "Windows". As in ViaSoft Windows. He admits to reporter Joyce that it's going from the sublime to the ridiculous, but they paid him well enough to offset the damage to his dignity inherent in making a dress with a screensaver.
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The corporate world.

[Aberrant] Japan announces Saisho, "The New Beginning," a series of government subsidies designed to employ novas in high-tech industries. The Japanese government agrees to pay for companies to hire novas for research and development purposes, in hopes that new technologies will salvage Japan's economy. The project is a rousing success, and within a decade Japan regains its position as the premier developer of new technologies.

Japan owes much to its novas, and will continue to owe much to them. Let's just say that for now.

* As part of the Saisho program, the Japanese government unveils its national superteam, Nippontai.

The Aberrant Players Guide outlines Nippontai's membership as of 2015 or so. The two members lost by then may still be part of the team in 2004, but they're not discussed in great detail in the APG. (We're told only that Haruhiko "Tama" Otani quits to become a freelance elite, and that Masae "Ku-rashi" Nomura is killed by an elite working for arms dealers in the East China Sea.)

I've already mentioned Nippontai's leader, Mayumi "Kô" Morioka. Many of the team's zaibatsu sponsors would prefer to have it led by one of the male novas on board, but between her telepathy, her telekinesis and her leadership skills, she's got what it takes.

The rest of the team. )

[Aberrant] The Viacom and Microsoft corporations announce their merger into an enormous corporate entity to be called ViaSoft.

They came close to predicting AOL Time Warner, but the convergence of Old and New Media was an obvious trend even then, so that's no great shakes.
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This would've gone up in the morning, but we went on a day trip to a mall nearby, leaving in the morning so we could be back in time for the Preakness Stakes. It was still, in fact, being edited right up to the moment I posted it (mostly filling in the links I'd prepared spaces for, sure, but even so).

[Aberrant] In the wake of the London Peace Accord, Utopia enjoys even greater approval than before (a thing most would have sworn was mathematically impossible).

Hairy-eyed manic screed about something else almost entirely. )
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Yeah, one of those.

[Aberrant] Microsoft becomes the first private company to hire a nova for public relations and research. Mungu Kuwasha of Nigeria is hired for his ability to interface with computer systems.

The name means a lot more to Trinity players, of course. For our purposes, he serves as an illustration of one of Aberrant's key themes — "with great power comes great marketability." Why would a nova take to knocking over banks for money when she can get an endorsement deal with Adidas or Disney-Pixar? (The majority of nova criminals are those attached to the major crime cartels.)


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