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Sorry for the delay.

[Aberrant] This month's issue of Science Explorer announces that next month, 10 patients at the Triton Foundation's Atlanta Mediplex will be test subjects for an artificial kidney.

This is probably in Aberrant: Project Utopia, but I'm disinclined to dig for where. Turns out it's in the Technology section of Aberrant: Year One.

One of the first installments of Nathan Black's new N! show Eye on... includes an interview with Dr. Tasmin Harver, newly inducted Utopian and the head examiner at Slider's autopsy, for whom Black and his audience have some questions about Utopia.

Some rather pointed questions, which she tries to dodge or deflect; the excerpt ends just as she's about to have take the first of them, from galfrey07@stuntmail.com.

Devon "Slider Fetish" Works makes a scathing post to the "Rant Back" OpList, addressed to "Dear Losers and Future Losers Alike", in which he pours out a long string of sneers at anyone with any doubts about Utopia's fundamental and immutable benevolence, lumping those who merely have worries about Proteus using the Utopia agenda as cover with those who wear tinfoil hats to protect their thoughts against "the great stamping juggernaut that is Project Utopia."

This is the one that's actually been holding this post up, as I can't look directly at it for too long. This, in turn, is down to a level of blistering contempt for humans in general and one's audience in particular, combined with a smug and clearly over-inflated sense of the writer's own superiority, that leaves me continually amazed when I turn to the credits page of Aberrant: Project Utopia and don't see even a "special thanks" credit for Justin Achilli.

"It's entirely possible that Utopia funds this site privately and I'm being paid under the table for saying all this. Happy spook-hunting, losers." There are only two automatic reasons not to treat this as a sarcastic confession:
1) they don't need to pay him to sing the praises of Utopia, any more than the American Eagle Party needs to pay Bruce Tinsley to push their official flannel in "Mallard Fillmore";
2) if they were paying him, they'd spring for some etiquette lessons once they actually read his output.
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I could've sworn there was a birthday on my flist, but MyLJ says there isn't, so you just get this.

October 2
[Aberrant] Damian Lombroso gives a guest lecture at Bowling Green University, about Project Utopia from an insider's perspective.

He allows as how "when most people think of Project Utopia, they immediately think of Team Tomorrow", but he's there to talk about the people in the background who keep Utopia running: the Admin wing, the Legal department, science and technology, the Triton Foundation (as "the best example of the semi-independent projects we tend to sponsor"), and T2M's support staff.
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Revisiting an older theme.

[Aberrant] The first ever surgical trial of a complete spinal cord reconstruction is performed. The trial is a glowing success. Funding for the research comes from the Triton Foundation.

I could gritch about Triton's work until I'm blue in the face, but right now, I find myself wondering if this specific work wasn't hyped up at least partly to distract from [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal's recent media blitz. (Speaking of, weren't you going to blog about that yourself, Doc?)
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So yeah, as you probably noticed, I didn't participate in Rabbit Hole Day. Because, as I said to Christopher, I think we've been down the rabbit hole for a while anyway. And because, to an extent, every day — even one year ago today — is a view through the looking glass in this journal.

[Aberrant] The Triton Foundation announces the first successful gene-therapy treatment for breast cancer. By 2006, this treatment, combined with childhood genetic screening, makes breast cancer a thing of the past.

Not going to reiterate what I said then; just getting the item-squib into "On a day like today" format.
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One that speaks for itself, more so if you go through my Memories. To make it easier, I've linked to those chunks of Memories. (Well, as they stand, anyway.)

[Aberrant] The Triton Foundation donates US$10 million to Project Utopia to help fund Mazarin and Rashoud's future research on novas.

This should include at least one entry expressing my or Hugh's opinion of the TF.
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We twist your DNA, we like our work...

[Aberrant] Altaz Zia, later the Terat known as the Apothecary, born in Budapest, Hungary.

He was working as a bioengineering researcher for Horizon Pharmaceuticals, which had ties to Æon's Triton Foundation and, as such, access to nova test subjects. In fact, according to his Nova Philes writeup (in Aberrant: Teragen), he was the one who proposed the use of nova "specimens" to advance baseline knowledge of the biological sciences. (This may be exaggerated, but at the very least, he was happy to profit from such experiments.)

He certainly wasn't expecting to be as intrigued by them as he became. Unaware of [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal's views on the subject of humanity's evolutionary destiny, Zia came to see novas as representing perfection. "In 2001, he made a startling discovery: Taint was not a problem but the key to unlocking novas' potential, and with this, he erupted."

He gained an enhanced intellect and a greater degree of emotional detachment. He diverted Horizon funds to set up Heartland, a private taint research facility in Nebraska complete with an associated town (presumably Hastings). The town came to be populated by sympathetic baselines who wanted their tainted relatives to be capable of living relatively normal lives. They provided cover for the subterranean facilities that were the real heart of Heartland. It was also in 2001 that Zia made contact with the Orzaiz-Santiago roundtable, which would not become known as the Teragen for another two years.

By sometime this year, Triton had noticed some irregularities in Horizon's books, but it took a T2M Americas investigation to flush Zia out into the open. He did a runner, but Triton cut their ties to Horizon because of his malfeasance. It didn't matter to the Apothecary; he had everything he needed.
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No, this feature isn't going away.

[Aberrant] The Triton Foundation announces the discovery of an AIDS vaccine. The World Health Organization declares October 7th "Red Ribbon Day" and, with the help of national and local health organizations, vaccinates 90% of the world population over the next three months.

I tried to get Hugh to blog about this last year, but he was sickened by the knowledge of how it was possible. Every time he wrote about Triton's studies of tainted novas and the things those studies made possible, he ended up feeling like a Sonderkommando.
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[Aberrant] Alex Doan, later the Terat known as "Synapse," born in Seattle, WA.

A year or two ago, Alex was hanging out in a video arcade that became the setting for T2M Americas' capture of a renegade nova. When it was over, the arcade was destroyed, and Alex was dinged up and comatose. To prevent his family taking legal action, T2M took him to a Triton Foundation facility, where he was hooked up to a supercomputer that would "keep his body and mind stimulated." It was stimulated to the point of eruption, and he drifted out of his body, into the mainframe, and thence onto the OpNet, where his only rival is Mungu Kuwasha. Eventually, he finds out what's happened to his body, and when that happens, he won't be happy.
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I've realized that I forgot to finish my entry of the 15th. I was leading up to the possibility that Proteus' role in the São Paulo blast (whether you believe they caused it or simply allowed it to happen) was to give Utopia a popularity boost in South America.

Yes, my brain reels too (even that suspicious little mind of mind). That may be why I didn't finish the thought then. And speaking of devious Æon subsidiaries...

[Aberrant] The Triton Foundation announces a gene-therapy treatment for prostate cancer and a genetic screening process that predicts (with 94% accuracy) whether a person will develop any of the common forms of cancer.

Yeah yeah, Triton Foundation, yadda yadda.
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And today.

[Aberrant] The World Health Organization approves a host of new genetic engineering techniques, many of which were developed in conjunction with the Triton Foundation over the past few years. Most national food inspection organizations (such as the Food and Drug Administration in the US) copy this move, marking the first widespread international use of genetic engineering for livestock and crops. World food production increases by 25% over the next two years.

All in all, the TU populace seems to accept genetically modified organisms in a way I can't quite see their OTL counterparts doing. Maybe it's because human GMOs have done so much good for that world.
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Feeling curiously drained today, but have two Trinity Universe facts for this date, one a "This day" and the other a "Today". I don't have anything to add to the versions on [livejournal.com profile] wolfspoor that I haven't already said, but here they are anyway. Sorry for being so blah and perfunctory.

Lockdown. )

Treatment. )
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Well, as I said over on [livejournal.com profile] aeoncontinuum, [livejournal.com profile] etherlad has the complete Days and Months in the Trinity Universe file; at least, as complete as I could make it. I have roughly half of a TU library; he's got the other half (actually, he's got the whole thing), so he's going to fill in the gaps, because he's such a swell guy. (You can already see some of the results at WolfSpoor, and will for the next several days. I wasn't able to find anything for February 6, but maybe Ian's already got that gap, and the others I left, filled in.)

Here's what I already did. )

Now here's what he's doing. )

Protect the disease. )

[Edited 5:43p to close a bold tag and 6:05p to close an <li> tag.]
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Seriously. Now that I'm experiencing real RP, this solo RP looks like the wankery it is. The next post from Hugh Boone has been sitting in an unfinished state for almost two months past its original sell-by date. Here's what I managed to write before being struck by an overpowering sense of "Why am I bothering?"

The 7th of October was lucky for some. )

So no more. From now on, I'm going to do the Nova Age timeline as a straight-up "This Day in Trinity Universe History" like I thought about doing in the first place before deciding the RP format would make it come to life. Today, for instance, instead of Paul C. Lauterbur and Sir Peter Mansfield getting the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for their discoveries concerning magnetic resonance imaging like in OTL (our timeline, or mine anyway), Henri Mazarin and Farah Rashoud are taking it home in Biology for their studies of nova physiology and, specifically, of the node that bears their name.

(Okay, there is one other in-character post from Hugh coming up, but it's based on a true story, so I'll put the untrue parts behind LJ cuts.)
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I just want to share my disease. )
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This entry is from one of those voices I mentioned last time. If he hadn't been so busy, it would have gone up on the day it got to me; luckily, only one thing had to be changed to reflect that. For legal reasons, he can't use his own name here, so please welcome Hugh Boone.

Now five years later on, you've got the world at your feet
Success has been so easy for you...

— The Human League, "Don't You Want Me?" (1982)

Living in the Nova Age, looking only half my age... )


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