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It helps you out knowing I'm left out, locked in a box with a light that won't shine.

May 11
[Aberrant] An unmarked communiqué is sent to "Jonathan." It says that the enclosed script for an N! documentary about Slider is set to air, but is unkind to the Project, so it should get edited or killed before it airs, and whoever's responsible should be fired.

Whether Jonathan actually knows about Proteus or just works for them, deponent knoweth not.
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From the Milliways OOC comm, yesterday:

"Write me a ficlet with you and your character. In their universe, IRL, fourth-wall breakdown, whatever."

I couldn't pick just one, and I couldn't guarantee it'd stay a ficlet, so I didn't post it in comments, but I warned Steph I might do something like this. In comments to this post, all my characters, including the ones for whom I don't actually have journals yet, will be speaking their piece(s). If that sort of thing bores you, this post would be a good time to go out to the lobby and get yourself a snack.
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Stuff in general.

September 2
[Aberrant] Geyser, a novice Tomorrowite, writes home about her first days on the job with T2M-Americas.

They flew her and Christoph Yannik to Mexico City on a private jet, where Skew himself met them at the airport. "And god, is he handsome! I thought I was going to melt!"

After getting showered and changed into their official Team Tomorrow eufiber onesies unitards, they proceeded to a pig roast ("three whole hogs roasting on spits") attended by a lot of reporters, "at least a hundred other [ordinary] people" and the entire rest of T2M-Am "except Ana Graça Texeira, who had something else to do, I guess". (You guess right.)

Things got a little tense for awhile, when one of the reporters started asking questions about Slider, but Mr. Montoya-Bernal was so cool about how he answered the questions and then moved on so that the reporter couldn't bring everybody down. It was a party, after all and nobody wanted to talk about sad things.

She breaks off there, as she's about to head off on a mission and will be too busy to talk (even if she were allowed to, which she suspects she won't) for a couple of days.

Marietta Jackson, a developed sphinx, turns the Dominoes, a group of novas under her direction, against Randel Portman.

Marietta's body, animated by a subconscious mind that does a completely convincing imitation of normal human consciousness, tends a bar in Garza Bay, Costa Rica. "Her conscious mind wandered off long ago into abstract realms of number theory and linguistics, and it's not planning to return until it can drag its body into those realms with it." Her subconscious considers that Portman poses a threat to her just by the two of them existing, and is enacting countermeasures.

The Dominoes are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction have an allegiance "generally opposed to the [player] characters', ideally one with an interest in protecting America." Silvia "Anne Steiner" Calendri is a former NSA crypto expert who became a chaos generator after a virus wiped her hard drive. Bard Crosby is a body-hopper and social monster. "Mary Mary" Martinez is almost entirely focused outward, which means she doesn't pay enough attention to herself to stay the same shape from moment to moment. Reginald Daniels, the optional big gun, is an old-school angel, praising his God but with one wing dipped in blood.
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Where the real money from the movie is made!

late May
[Aberrant] The June issue of Playthings magazine reveals that, while eight of the top ten nova action figures are produced by Novation (the exceptions being DeVries' figures of its Elite™ Mirko "Overkill" Mirkonen [#10] and of XWF Black Circle fighter Rob "Superbeast" Steele [#3]), four of those eight are of non-Utopian novas (Bender [#4], Core [#9], Divis Mal [#6] and Geryon [#2]); Caestus Pax (#7) literally hits the ceiling at the news that Corbin is still outselling him despite the media calling the Scotsman a psycho killer (Skew is #8, Antaeus #5 and Mourning Edition Slider #1).

So yeah.

late June
To add injury to insult, Pantheon Productions (the Pandaimonion's corporate arm, headed by Narcosis) brings suit against Novation for failing to obtain the permission of Mal and Booth before producing merchandise bearing the two Terats' likenesses.

I think it's Aberrant Worldwide Phase I that reveals that Novation eventually loses the suit (something it's never done before), and that, later in the year, Pantheon rolls out its own official Teragen figure line, with Geryon and Mal figures in the first wave.
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Speaks for itself.

June 7
[Aberrant] Hyperintelligent nova Cassandra appears on N!Sight with Parker Stevenson, and in answer to his closing question about the exploitation of novas, says that they are exploited by armies, by researchers, and especially by the media, specifically naming N!'s own coverage of Slidergate before time runs out.

Or before Parker cuts her off. The Aberrant Storytellers Screen Companion date-stamps this April 7, but given the Slider reference ("They even broadcast the autopsy report"), I'm pretty sure this is just a case of the editor (Brandon Falkenburg) not doing his job.
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Human and otherwise.

May 25
[Aberrant] N!terview's "The World's Opinion" segment shows the diversity of answers to the question "Who killed Slider and Why?"

A Michaelite in Texas says that "the more novas who kill each other off, the better." A high school student in New York thinks Corbin did it "because she knew about something he did, something really bad." A steel worker in London "think[s] those Teragen arseholes did it." An OpNet programmer in Hong Kong plugs his OpSite about "a secret cabal inside Utopia who want to control society and technology." A columnist in Rio guesses that "[s]omeone's trying to destabilize Utopia and provoke open war with the Teragen."

Raoul Orzaiz appears live from Ibiza on N!Sight with Parker Stevenson.

We could always send a telegram to the Right People. )

Earlier, Stevenson mentioned the media buzz linking the Teragen to the Slider murder. Raoul says point-blank "the Teragen had nothing to do with the death of Jennifer Landers. We are, however, quite interested in finding out who did, if for no other reason than to clear our name." In response to the suggestion that protection of nova interests should be left to Utopia, the count points out the buzz about Utopia's black-ops side and says "I, myself, have seen evidence suggesting that the late Jennifer Landers was a victim of Utopia's baseline agenda."

While the theory behind Proteus' secrecy is sound, Thetis has taken it too far to keep it manageable. )

Back to Raoul:

Utopia is a product of the Æon Society, which gained status in the United Nations by promising to deal with the so-called nova crisis. The nova crisis, Parker. At its very inception, Utopia designated us as a problem to which it was the final solution.... If we continue to serve humanity as executors of their will, we unavoidably become the instruments of still more bloodshed and terror.

He considers the inclusion of novas in the human community a violation of the UN Charter's guarantees of self-determination.
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May 19
[Aberrant] Scandal rocks Project Utopia as unconfirmed reports of mercenary novas, government infiltration and nova black ops leak to the media. Æon Society and Project Utopia spokespeople immediately counter with evidence of a Teragen frame-up involving the dead Slider. Wary observers and conspiracy theorists see themselves as vindicated and deluge the media with dire predictions.

Some people have their reactions already planned.

Unfortunately, in light of the recent Slider tragedy, such laissez-faire management would be in nobody's best interest. )
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Once you start running, they won't let you stop.

May 16
[Aberrant] UN and Utopia investigations finger Slider's murder as the handiwork of Corbin, whom they allege is linked to the Teragen. This revelation comes as part of a worldwide public broadcast on all major news networks.

So... yeah. No "teragen" tag because they was not actually in said crime.
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After yesterday, is it any wonder I'm reluctant to go on? Besides, it's all downhill from here really.

May 14
[Aberrant] Jackie from Capitola [CA] calls in to talk radio's Jordan McDevitt Show to ask what Novelty Consulting is and why Slider was working for them.

He answers as best he can.

Talk TV's Monika Show does a segment with Mary-Beth, a mother whose daughter wants to join the Teragen.

I couldn't even watch read the talk-show segment all the way through; it just rubbed me the wrong way in ways I find hard to articulate. Maybe it was because neither side seemed to know what they were talking about. (One audience member says the Teragen is a front for a white-slave ring.)

A Terat who rejoices in the sobriquet "Penetrator" sent Geryon an email about "this sensationalist crap":

We're being turned into the new goblins. Next they'll be saying we steal children's breath or hide beneath bridges and whack people across the head so we can suck their bone-marrow.

To which James replies "I can't think of a better hobby, can you? ; )"
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The tragedy I mentioned is, inevitably, upon us.

May 13
[Aberrant] Slider is incapacitated in Calcutta by a single blow from a super-strong assailant for whom she evidently opened the door, which implies that she knew her killer (who apparently broke her neck once he'd rendered her hors de combat) or at least recognized his face. (The most popular suspect among those in the know is Chiraben, a Proteus wet-op and professional Creepy Little Fuck™ whose powers include super-strength and shapeshifting, the latter of which would have enabled him to take on a face she'd trust.)

The official report lists Apoorva Chowdiah and Edgar Rhys (the UN/Calcutta PD liaisons, both on Utopia staff) as the responding officers; in fact, the first actual cops on the scene are Prasan Mandavilli (investigating neighbors' reports of a single loud noise) and Det. Thaunanon Kalsi. The world is so shocked at the murder of its "sweetheart" that most media outlets don't dig deep enough to notice the contradiction between Utopia claiming they hadn't known where Slider was and a pair of Utopians being among the first people on the murder scene.

Kalsi later says that, if he hadn't seen nova violence before, he'd have guessed that what hit her in the back was some piece of industrial machinery. He wishes the killer had at least had the decency to close her eyes.

At 4:02 AM Calcutta time on the 14th (6:32 PM EDT today), after an eight-hour medical struggle, Jennifer Landers will die at the UN's Franklin Moran field hospital. Apoorvah Chowdiah is transferred to Utopia's European HQ; Rhys leaves no forwarding address.
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Whom do you serve, and whom do you trust?

May 11
[Aberrant] Slider leaves a note for Rourke, a fellow Utopian with microscopic vision, telling him of her discoveries. She also goes to four others: Utopia rep Albert Petalan, somebody from the Calcutta police, an AP reporter, and her liaison with Novelty — all of whom are (she comes to believe) either openly hostile to her telling them about or part of the Proteus cover-up, whether actively or through ignorance.

The money quote is paraphrased here, in paragraphs four through seven (from "Then I took a job" through "things he needs you alive to do"). (She doesn't know for sure about Rourke, but he is either already a Proteus member or recruited shortly thereafter.)

She leaves a handwritten note for Corbin, telling him all this and more:

The bottom line is, we can't go to anyone. Get everyone together and let them know the scale of this thing, but keep it hush-hush. Obviously, if you're not part of Utopia's "solution," you're part of the problem. And Utopia's got almost everyone involved as part of the solution on some level.

The Matrix hadn't been released to cinemas when the Aberrant core-book came out, so they couldn't write Jen making that comparison. The author of the LJ I linked above is under no such disadvantage (he said modestly).
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Old Charlie stole the handle and the train just keeps on goin', no way to slow down.

May 8
[Aberrant] Spike in Jose Diaz' communications.

Which might have something to do with this.

second week of May
[Aberrant] An official Project Proteus audio communiqué, Clearance Beta, all field agents' priority, designates Jennifer Landers as "a threat to Utopia and Proteus longevity."

She's contacted "no fewer than 16 novas and no more than 19 novas" with what she knows. They know about Corbin, XWFer Diane "Intergalactic" Holm, fellow Utopian Christoph "Shadow Artist" Yannik, Meztiszo (yes, that really is how he spells it), "Greer... Cherpa and Fong" (I know nothing about them, save that "Fong" is obviously not Caroline Fong). They haven't yet been in touch with Sophia Rousseau that Proteus knows of, but that might change. Even as it stands, even though "Proteus secrecy has not been compromised", just from what's already in her head, Jennifer constitutes a

liability to Projects Utopia and Proteus to such a degree that her continued performance exists more as threat than mere agitation. Act per Code Omega directives, under normal Proteus visibility guidelines.

And this is the earliest verifiable mention of Sophia Rousseau. She's been around from early in the Nova Age — not as early as The Fireman or Duke "Core" Baron, but she's no Booster-come-lately either. What she is, according to one nova, is "a storm of psychic static" that he feared would destroy his powers if he got too close (which, for those of us possessing familiarity with what comes chronologically after Aberrant, calls into question her general identification as a nova). Everybody's heard of her, but nobody can quite recall where or what they first heard about her.
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< you have forgotten something > </kosh>

early May
[Aberrant] While in Calcutta under NSI contract to Novelty Consulting, allegedly to investigate rumors of Teragen infiltration, Slider begins backtracking one of Novelty's middlemen and discovers that he has "orders to cooperate" with at least three elites, including DeVries' Joseph "Pursuer" Simms (known for a public rivalry with Pax). She follows their contact trails and finds they end up in Utopia offices. She learns the fringes of Project Proteus' activities (the experiments on the patients in Bahrain, the doping of adrenocilin with sterilizing drugs, funding of the very groups Utopia is supposed to stop in Kashmir) and, understandably, becomes convinced that she's discovered an "anti-nova" conspiracy. She goes to André Corbin with her suspicions, but he mostly dismisses them as ranting paranoid shite.

For the record, NSI is Nova Services International, the division of Utopia that handles the subcontracting of Utopian novas to outside firms.

At this point, Jennifer doesn't know the name "Project Proteus". All she knows is that people inside Utopia are not just within six degrees of Utopia's enemies, they're giving those enemies their marching orders. Although the novas who work for Proteus would scoff at the notion that they're working for a conspiracy to exterminate their own kind, I for one can't fault Jennifer for reaching the conclusion she did, and I openly scoff at [livejournal.com profile] cricharddavies for calling her "a deluded woman on the verge of accepting the Null Manifesto as part of her personal philosophy."
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"Good evening, this is Violet Cameron..."

March 20
[Aberrant] N!'s Nova Planet looks at four prominent Utopians: Caestus Pax, Slider, Ana Graça Texeira and Antaeus.

The transcript quotes the standard description of Pax (who'll be seen through a typical day in his life) as possibly the most powerful nova on Earth (I can almost hear [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal's derisive snort at that). It also describes him as "the ideal of dedication — he is the voice of Project Utopia's vision of hope, peace and the betterment of life on Earth." (And now, for anyone who knows the real Shelby Eisenfaust*, the laughter becomes uncontrollable.)

Jennifer is cited as "the living counterargument to the Null Manifesto — the girl who proves that no matter what, novas and baselines are not so very different after all." N! goes to places where she's done her thing and talks to those whose lives she's saved.

A Texeira is "equally at home scouring the ocean bed, taking guns away from terrorist guerrillas or helping in the construction of new housing for the homeless." The show recaps her career from eruption to now.

The good Dr. Balmer is the only one for whom they seem to be focusing forward: "Everything he touches turns to green — so what's next on this hypergenius's schedule?" (Though they do mention his role in Operation Eden and such phenomena.)

* Not to be confused with the real Primary World [livejournal.com profile] eisenfaust, even if the Shelb is the reason I friended the LJ guy.
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And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

January 11
[Aberrant] Team Tomorrow members Slider and Montoya-Bernal, with help from Landers' friend Bender, battle Nova Vigilance members Devian, Geryon, Leviathan and Swarm Queen on the steps of the UN. Both sides come away hurting and hating each other more. In the aftermath, Orzaiz, Santiago and Scripture call a meeting of the Pantheon (the leading lights of the Teragen) for June; until then, they request that no Terat do anything "rash" (like giving interviews or killing anyone).

But really, it only delayed the inevitable.
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I realize I forgot to write about "Teragen Liberation Movement", so here they are now.

[Aberrant] Nova Vigilance's last major strike of 2007 demonstrates what Geryon means by "commitment" with the rescue of the [captured] TLM from the grasp of the NYPD and T2MAm.

TLM (actually, no definite article) are a bunch of Terat-wannabees (weeabats?) who spent much of the year making fools of themselves trying to impress the actual movement. Over the last six months, they've been acting like "cheesy OpNet super-crooks" in attempts to one-up major NV actions.

It started when Geryon, with help from Boom-Boom Harmon of the Pandaimonion, trashed the Chicago Rashoud facility, which led TLM to attack a Houston society ball. As Leviathan will tell it later, "The feebs didn't think that those rich folk would mix gala soirees and nova bodyguards like Texans mix pickup trucks and shotguns." Result: eight dead baselines, two seriously wounded novas, and one deeply-peeved party guest by the name of Raoul Cristobal Orzaiz.

NV, in an attempt to show TLM what the game was about, rescued a captive taint-buttered monster from the Utopian cargo plane taking it to Bahrain for study. TLM continued to interpret this as a pissing contest and assaulted the New York office of the DeVries Agency. "They get their ass kicked by nova bodyguards in Houston, and so, they attack the people who represent most of the novas-for-hire on the planet," Leviathan snarks in retrospect. The Agency's on-site Elite™ security, Aggro, mopped the floor with them, and TLM's leader, André "Battle-Cry" Courtmanche, got blowed up real good, "like a Chihuahua in a microwave."

And so the rescue. For T2M: Skew, Ana Graça Texeira, Ricardo Montoya Bernal, Delaney "Firefly" Croft-Martin (a debutante who erupted at a charity benefit) and Slider. For NV: Geryon, Epoch, The Confederate, and Binh "Gauze" Nyugen. It was Gauze who turned the tables for the Terats, "slic[ing] through the support structures of a nearby building." The Tomorrowites, hampered by their foolish concern for baseline lives</sarcasm>, evacuated the humans from the building and set about repairing it "while NV rescued the prisoners", who "ended up making pretty good Terats once they learned a little discipline."

The movement, on the other hand, could use a little message discipline:

In the span of three weeks in December, 2007, Boom-Boom's on the Montebello Show acting like a KISS reject, The Apostle's talking to reporters about the divinity of Mal, and N!'s interviewing Orzaiz about a nova homeland. Every statement or interview made contradicted what some other Terat said. And when a reporter was smart enough to point out the inconsistencies, members like Boom-Boom could only respond: "Yeah man, but Orzaiz blows. I'm Mal'icious." How the hell were we supposed to get any respect when we were acting like a frat party.

The big lizard blames this centrifugal bumble-puppying, at least in part, on Mal's absence.
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"Terraforming, André! Killed while farming!"
— Jennifer Landers, about a year into the future.

April 12
[Aberrant] Utopian nova Rafia Bhakra is killed when a mountainside he's breaking up in the Ethiopian highlands falls on him.

As seen in the quote above, Slider, once she learns of Proteus, will blame them for this death and others like it. She may be right to do so.
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Look at them go, look at them kick, makes you wonder how the other half live...

[Aberrant] For about three weeks, Slider dates XWF Red Circle fighter Robin "The Fallen" Emery.

The "Red Circle" is the XWF's middleweight division in terms of power, above the Silver Circle (whose fighters are more about skill than raw force) and below the Black Circle (where the likes of Core and Superbeast hold sway). Red Circle fighters are noted for being more prone to take their own gimmicks seriously, or at least to refuse to break kayfabe. (Raja Ravana, for instance, maintains a total separation between his professional and personal lives made easier by his nova form — six-foot-six, with red skin and eyes, four arms and a forehead ruby.)
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[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journals that, as far as he can tell, Maxwell Anderson Mercer vanished into thin air last July. Michael Donighal has cabled him from the Far East, reporting no success and recommending Whit not waste any more of his time.

As we've seen, he found his friend again.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that Max's idea of the Æon founders spending Christmas together "was perfect. It was like a second family....I even saw Jack crack a smile or three."


[Aberrant] Lambert Asani, son of Congo diamond magnate Mente Asani, and his three brothers travel the world meeting with novas who could help Lambert's goal of deposing Congo president Laurent Kabila.

Asani doesn't rate a mention in the Aberrant core rules; he's entirely from Aberrant: Elites.

[Aberrant] Over the next three years, much of the world's copper and fiber-optic cable communications networks are replaced with advanced optic cable, derived from studies of eufiber, and wireless networking. The new hardware, couple with new data-transfer protocols, is dubbed "OpNet." OpNet replaces the Internet, phone systems and cellular networks, allowing for wireless communications from virtually any location. It boasts an initial 700% increase in data speed over previous telecommunications technology.

The expansion of the OpNet is mostly complete by May of this year.

Caestus Pax announces that Team Tomorrow will be splitting into T2M Americas and T2M Europe. Pax himself, along with Lightning, Apollo Kid, Slag, Splash, Uta "Tremor" Stentz and Byron "Saxon" Graham (among others), will be forming T2MEu, based out of Venice, while Montoya-Bernal, Psyche, Jennifer "Slider" Landers, Ana Graça Texeira and Pualani "Pele" Kapunani will comprise the Mexico City-based T2MAm. Ragnarockette and Shadow Artist will remain members-in-training.

You'll be seeing more of those names in times to come.

Project Utopia launches Novation Toys, Games and Comics, its licensing division, to compete with (among other things) the DeVries Agency's entry into the action-figure market. Series I action figures include Slag and the Fireman. The first wave of Novation-produced OpCast series includes Team Tomorrow: Protectors and Slag: Hot Metal Fury.

That last one's a little redundant, but it's in the calendar as written. I may merge it with the other datapoint, actually.


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