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It helps you out knowing I'm left out, locked in a box with a light that won't shine.

May 11
[Aberrant] An unmarked communiqué is sent to "Jonathan." It says that the enclosed script for an N! documentary about Slider is set to air, but is unkind to the Project, so it should get edited or killed before it airs, and whoever's responsible should be fired.

Whether Jonathan actually knows about Proteus or just works for them, deponent knoweth not.
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Remember these? Yeah, me neither.

April 7
[Aberrant] Matt Dawson (mdawson@opcom.sydney.au), Tom Miller (novamanic@opsource.bos.us) and The Lightkeeper (lightkeeper@opcom.melbourne.au) talk about nova group Australis on the NovaWatch OpSite discussion boards.

This is the money quote from Miller's post, which went up at 20:05:56 GMT:

I don't get the problem Australians on this site seem to have with their own novas. I mean, c'mon, Australis is a good team, and they've done a lot for your country, even if they aren't Team Tomorrow. I think the idea that every country should have its own Team Tomorrow is ridiculous, why can't you be happy with the novas you have?

At 22:44:37, Dawson explained that it's because Australis are wankers whose job is to "look good and pose for photo ops". He explains that Australia has "a fine, long-standing tradition" of hating its celebrities: "The higher you climb, the harder we'll try to pull you down." (Can any of my Australian readers tell me whether this is accurate to OTL Australia?)

That's why any Australian nova with an ounce of brains gets out of the country as soon as possible. Why the hell would you want to stay here and become the "hero" of the godforsaken Outback when you can join up with Team Tomorrow and become a media darling or sign on with DeVries and make scads of money? [...] I'd rather scan old newsvids of Team Tomorrow than watch a live feed of anything Australis is doing, unless it involves Michelle Medford getting naked.

At 23:17:40, The Lightkeeper quotes the sentence about any Australian nova with an ounce of brains as a lead-in to eir reply:

That may be true, but isn't that why Australis exists in the first place? To keep all our local novas from just flying (or teleporting or whatever) off to Europe, Africa and the rest of the world? [...] If there's a disaster in Sydney or Melbourne, you can bet it'll be Australis and not Team Tomorrow that shows up first and does whatever it can to help out.

E ends by wondering why T2M A/P is located in Indonesia rather than Australia.
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Sorry for the delay.

[Aberrant] This month's issue of Science Explorer announces that next month, 10 patients at the Triton Foundation's Atlanta Mediplex will be test subjects for an artificial kidney.

This is probably in Aberrant: Project Utopia, but I'm disinclined to dig for where. Turns out it's in the Technology section of Aberrant: Year One.

One of the first installments of Nathan Black's new N! show Eye on... includes an interview with Dr. Tasmin Harver, newly inducted Utopian and the head examiner at Slider's autopsy, for whom Black and his audience have some questions about Utopia.

Some rather pointed questions, which she tries to dodge or deflect; the excerpt ends just as she's about to have take the first of them, from galfrey07@stuntmail.com.

Devon "Slider Fetish" Works makes a scathing post to the "Rant Back" OpList, addressed to "Dear Losers and Future Losers Alike", in which he pours out a long string of sneers at anyone with any doubts about Utopia's fundamental and immutable benevolence, lumping those who merely have worries about Proteus using the Utopia agenda as cover with those who wear tinfoil hats to protect their thoughts against "the great stamping juggernaut that is Project Utopia."

This is the one that's actually been holding this post up, as I can't look directly at it for too long. This, in turn, is down to a level of blistering contempt for humans in general and one's audience in particular, combined with a smug and clearly over-inflated sense of the writer's own superiority, that leaves me continually amazed when I turn to the credits page of Aberrant: Project Utopia and don't see even a "special thanks" credit for Justin Achilli.

"It's entirely possible that Utopia funds this site privately and I'm being paid under the table for saying all this. Happy spook-hunting, losers." There are only two automatic reasons not to treat this as a sarcastic confession:
1) they don't need to pay him to sing the praises of Utopia, any more than the American Eagle Party needs to pay Bruce Tinsley to push their official flannel in "Mallard Fillmore";
2) if they were paying him, they'd spring for some etiquette lessons once they actually read his output.
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Wheels within wheels.

July 2
[Aberrant] In a Navajo Daedalus 3 communique to Agent Nyeung replying to his earlier report, Director Thetis expresses astonishment at his telling her that Max Mercer himself, not his granddaughter Margaret, conference-called on an Æon meeting, but admits that it does explain the Council's recent decisions. She advises Nyeung to observe Mercer, but not engage him directly. "We must know his degree of lucidity, what he has planned for Æon and how it will affect our efforts."

What you mean "our", kemo therapi?
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And the debate continues.

June 20
[Aberrant] The "Opinion Forum" segment of N!'s Nova News Now! features a debate over Slider's murder between Chad "The Living Wreck" Berger (Chicago's franchised public defender) and alleged Calcutta cop Edgar Rhys.

I don't know whether Greg Stolze (author of Exposé: Aberrants) was trying to present a parody of our he-said/she-said media and the way it sets the limits of acceptable discourse, but that's the effect achieved, with Rhys treating Corbin as guilty until proven so and Berger unable to do more than poke a few holes in the case without coming across as a conspiracy nut. The closest he comes to speaking the unspeakable truth is in this exchange:

Rhys: If Corbin is innocent, why is he running?
Berger: Maybe he's afraid. Someone who could kill Jennifer could probably kill André too.

I find it worth mentioning at this point that the Aberrants, like Gaul, are divided into three parts. Berger, Renaissance Man, telepath/precog Mina Takamura, and a handful of others who worked with Utopia continue to do so, hiding their sympathies. Rousseau coordinates these Hidden with all the cunning at her disposal, as they attempt to determine the extent of Proteus' control and to (hopefully) shut it down without destroying Utopia, in whose goals they still believe. They're the smallest faction, according to E:A.

The largest (with nearly half of the allegiance's 40 or so members) is the Quarry, the Quitters who left Utopia after they got hints of Proteus, and as such find themselves on the run with no idea where to run to and only a vague notion of what they're running from. Corbin leads them, and leads them surprisingly well. Proteus' winged monkey may think of the Scotsman as the Scarecrow and/or Tin Man, but he's showing himself to have plenty of heart, and courage too.

And then there are the Rebels, the Radicals who were already on Utopia's bad side, either because (like Dr. Worm, their leader) they considered the Project "a kinder, gentler fascism" from the word Go, or because they "just don't play well with others." I suspect many of them would be Terats if Cargill hadn't gotten to them ahead of a Teragen spokesman.
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I'm running late, but I'm running.

June 15
[Aberrant] official beginning of the Aberrant timeframe. There are approximately 40 Aberrants worldwide, all in either deep cover or hiding. To date, neither Corbin nor Rousseau has been captured, and the identity of Slider's assassin remains an official mystery.

Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] aeonaberrant!

The Democratic Party, searching for a candidate who will make their two major PR liabilities (the "character" issue, still lingering from the Clinton years, and the similarity of their program to the Utopian plan) meaningless, concludes that a nova candidate would solve both problems, and begins scouting Randel Portman.

[livejournal.com profile] etherlad has mentioned this as actually happening slightly earlier, but my obsession with every last detail of the TU isn't so deep as to cover every individual date of the 2008 (TU) primary season.

Charlotte "Ghostdancer" Holden, ex-Utopian and one of Slider's contacts, retreats to Ibiza, where she is hunted by Chiraben. A group of Aberrants seeks to find her before Proteus can disappear her. Utopian agents are sent to bring her into custody. Additional Proteus personnel are sent to capture Holden and keep Chiraben in line.

All this in "Permanent Vacation", the mini-adventure story arc included in the Aberrant Storytellers Companion book that came with the Aberrant Storytellers Screen.
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And this is why I had to have the conversation with Thetis up no later than yesterday.

June 9
[Aberrant] Director Ozaki reminds Chiraben, gently but firmly, that Project Proteus is not (supposed to be) an organization of torturers and psychopaths. "If word comes to me again of you misusing your power to get your own sadistic kicks, then I swear to God that you will be the next designated liability."

When I say "gently but firmly," I mean that he leads off with the sentence "I would very politely like to remind you to keep in fucking line." He then explains that Proteus has "been entrusted with the task of doing what needs to be done in order to better the whole goddamn planet":

Our operating principles are here in order to prevent us from paralyzing ourselves with every last ethical question; they were instituted by necessity so that we can achieve actual, regular progress on the betterment of human society as a whole. They do not give you carte blanche to do whatever the hell you like to somebody that has been designated a liability.

(Even in 1999 when I read it in the Aberrant, that repeated abstraction about general betterment struck me as the rationalization of a man trying to maintain his belief that what he's doing is not only the necessary thing, but the right thing. In the light of yesterday's post, I also see it as him trying to convince himself that Proteus has ever been about anything more than One Planet Under Thetis' Unaccountable Control — and to attempt to steer the actions of someone who will listen to him, since Thetis, being Thetis, won't.)

He further advises Chiraben:

don't even fucking think of trying to blow our cover to save your own skin. That didn't save Slider — who was one of the sweetest girls I've ever known — and it by God will not save you. I know where you live, and I know where you sleep.

Basically, if Chiraben even looks like taking any action that might compromise Proteus, Ozaki says "what you did to your last 'assignment' will look like a picnic with your grandmother" in ways that would make Satan weep.
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Taking advantage of a gap in the schedule to fit this in. (I meant it to go up on Friday, but it wasn't quite ready.)

[Aberrant] Director Ozaki records a conversation with Director Thetis in which she insists that there was no nonlethal way to solve the problem of Slider.

The conversation is in Japanese (though Aberrant: Project Utopia provides an English translation), and she addresses him as "Ozaki-chan" throughout, except for one instance where she calls him "Director Ozaki" (italics hers, probably ironic). She does this either [a] to remind him of their relative positions or [b] because White Wolf understood Japanese honorifics about as well as they understood Texas geography or Nordic ethnography.

Her reasons for encompassing Jennifer's doom basically boil down, in my eyes, to "Because shut up. Anyone who discovers Proteus' existence without my permission can't be trusted." If I'm exaggerating, I can't see how.

I'm reminded of something I was going to mention last month, in re Thetis' desire to manage public perception of novas and apparent wish that she could manage novas back into invisibility. In his Aberrant/Mage: The Ascension mashup "To Tear the Scales from Their Eyes", [livejournal.com profile] ezrael made Thetis an agent of the Technocratic Union's NWO.

Despite how distasteful our agendas can be, we cannot allow anyone (no matter how popular or high-placed) to jeopardize the work we do. Despite our personal preferences. The Project is all that is important.

Ozaki wonders if he should consider that a threat. Thetis assures him that he's "too important to the Project — and to me" for her to dispose of him so casually, and I can believe her (though I'm trying to decide whether I actually do). After all, she could have left him to dry when the yakuza and the Ministry of Trade discovered the manipulations by which he'd helped Saisho happen and made Japan's first novas into pop sensations.

Lost in the debate over Slidergate is the matter with which Ozaki opened the conversation; Chiraben has "begun to get sloppy. He's enjoying his work, and he may be growing careless in adherence to the visibility guidelines." At least, the recorded portion of the conversation never gets back to it. As we'll see, though, Ozaki doesn't forget, no matter how much Thetis might like him to.
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Here is a riddle to guess if you can: what makes a monster and what makes a man?

June 5
[Aberrant] Orzaiz sends an encrypted OpMail <12inch@smokingslut.net> to Synapse <burning-candy@hotnode.com> wondering how the net.Terat managed to lose Saxon. "I fear that we're back to square one regarding Fong....If we can find her and confirm precisely how Saxon discovered her whereabouts, we might be able to nail Delorimier once and for all."

I initially had this as the last item, but Orzaiz fears that if the Apostle can bring Shrapnel (and thus the Primacy) into the Cult of Mal, "we'll have a bloody farce on our hands, at least until Mal returns." (It's that last clause that was the clincher.) He also suggests continued attempts to get in touch with Corbin, though admitting that'd be easier if Geryon and Epoch hadn't attacked the Scotsman. "Oh well. This isn't the first time a revolution has attracted idiots."

In a Navajo Daedalus 3 communique to agent Nyeung, Director Thetis gives him his next assignment — preparing "Ishida and Fashoud" (presumably Proteus novas) to support T2M Asia/Pacific at Sop Moei. Thetis also requests an updated full report on the Æon Council, who have recently done some things that surprised her.

The agents' support for T2MA/P's plant closure is to involve "wetworking among the local government and military in order to make certain that the closedown is permanent." Which, well, Proteus.

Divis Mal arrives at the Pantheon meeting to exhort his fellow Terats to seek their true greatness.

He makes all kinds of metaphorical pronunciamenti about the way they're failing to live up to their potential; they're mostly focused on power, but Teras is about

the enlightenment, of which only Jeremiah Scripture and Raoul Orzaiz appear to have attained any modicum. You are not the equals I have been waiting for. You are baselines with undeserved power and boorish, petty natures. When will you speak to the angels with me? When?! My gods feed me blood and mangoes, and I laugh, I weep, I dance. Your gods feed you Kool-Aid and white bread, and you crawl, you buzz and you quarrel like fractious children.

One of the quotes that helped define Mal, for me and probably a lot of other TU fans, came soon after: "I am a visionary, a warrior and a lover of life, but unlike my father, I do not enjoy the role of teacher." At first, I thought the father he was referring to was [livejournal.com profile] max_a_mercer; after I learned Michael's surname, that sentence was one of the reasons I determined that [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal's father had been one of Max's teachers at Harvard.

"You are my children," he tells the Pantheon, "but in time you must grow beyond me.... The essence of our future is struggle. We must be ready."

NV and the Primacy are to continue as terrible angels, the fists of the One Race. The Harvesters are charged to be the monsters in the shadows, but cautioned not to "so worship the monster in yourselves that you misplace the seeds of your godhood." Scripture and the Mathematician are to continue in a leadership role, "but know that I am back." The Count is to "[g]et them accustomed to honoring us", and Narcosis to "[m]ake them love the One Race more than they love their own."
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Enemies again.

June 3
[Aberrant] The Pantheon (consisting, at this point, of the Apostle, the Apothecary, Bounty, the Confederate [filling in for Epoch], Geryon, ibn'Mahmoud, Leviathan, the Mathematician, Narcosis, Orzaiz, Scripture, Shrapnel, Sin-Eater, Swarm Queen and Synapse) meet in council at a hidden retreat hosted by the Count (they are brought in by Blinker, the only Terat with whom Orzaiz shares the location). Topics of discussion include a review of the various Teragen cliques, what precisely is going on with Project Utopia, and how to use Utopia's newly-revealed weaknesses against it.

Actually, this first day is/was mostly about "catching up with fellow Terats we haven't seen in months and meeting newcomers to the movement," as the count will describe it when he opens discussions tomorrow. Today's discussions have been mostly civil, but with tense undercurrents among the various cliques, according to Leviathan's epilogue to the second of two essays circulating among Terats at mid-year. (The first, by Santiago, covered the movement's history from N-Day to the Null Manifesto; de la Rocha takes it from the Halloween Surprise to the present.)

Synapse logs in and out of the meeting, as he is spending much of his time trying to persuade Saxon to join the Teragen.

I'm not sure where I got this impression; the evidence for it seems to have evaporated from my copy of Aberrant: Teragen, even though I swear I've found it on other readings.

Edit June 4: I've since realized wherein the evidentiary basis consists, and it's not much. (It'll be in tomorrow's posting.) We don't actually get datestamps for either day of Saxon's captivity, so in fact, it may already be over by the time the meeting starts.

Here's what happens during it, anyway. )

In a communique to Director Thetis (double-encrypted, Navajo Daedalus 3), baseline Proteus agent Ruiz gives an overview of his interactions with two Utopian novas: engineer Dr. Piotr Enrikssen and someone referred to only as Cocharin.

Enrikssen's ever-expanding intellect needs new stimulation, and Ruiz suggests "the new games of chance from Hattori's pet project" as an option. Cocharin's on "a schedule that allows her to use her matter-transmutation abilities on a regular basis without any real quantum-bleeding or signs of stress." She's taking Slidergate in a Proteus-approved way, having "expressed worry as to what the 'rogues' might indeed try." He's working hard on being friendly to her, and "regular non-nova company... seems to break down any self-imposed feelings of 'being different.'"
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I sometimes think everything important in the TU happens out of sight of the average citizen. Then again, I sometimes think that about the Primary World.

May 31
[Aberrant] Director Thetis sends a memo to Director Ozaki, informing him that it's his responsibility to track down the Aberrants and "silence them however possible" (preferably bringing them back under Utopia's wings), without letting Proteus' existence become generally known or distracting the Æon Council from their other responsibilities.

I use the Teragen icon because Thetis refers to Slider as having "put a somewhat histrionic, possibly Teragen-inspired, spin on the data," and because she suspects the movement of having arranged Jennifer's discoveries. "The good news in this situation, of course, is that the renegades have very few options at this point." They must know how wide Proteus' net is, and they'd be fools to go to the main organizations with which Utopia has "tense relations" (the US government and the Teragen). As part of the subtlety, she warns him "don't let any of your agents get too enthusiastic. Especially not Chiraben."

Sophia Rousseau meets with Giuseppe "Sloppy Joe" Benatti to get inside information on the Teragen, particularly about the Pantheon (which Benatti summarizes as "Take the Greek gods and put them on Springer").

She's stringing him along with promises of a cure, promises every bit as bogus as the ones with which Utopia lured him onto a plane bound for Bahrain. In the in-depth discussion (which she summarizes in an encoded OpCall to Meztiszo), he explained what passes for a hierarchy in the Pantheon. The first tier is those Terats who've never undergone Chrysalis, but are nonetheless important to the movement (such as Narcosis, Count Orzaiz, Sin-Eater, Synapse and Tarik). Ranked above them are those who have elevated at least once, with multiple Chrysales bringing greater standing.

Second stage: the Apothecary, Bounty, Epoch, Geryon, Leviathan, Shrapnel
Third stage: the Apostle, the Mathematician, Scripture
Fourth stage: Divis Mal
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News from opposite sides of the divide.

May 30
[Aberrant] The mysterious Sophia Rousseau contacts the fugitive Corbin (Proteus had feared she might get in touch with Slider). Their underground organization immediately begins contacting friends and acquaintances in the nova community, as well as newly erupting novas. The group's goal is to expose the hidden corruption in Project Utopia, and Corbin dubs its members "Aberrants" in an ironic usage of the anti-nova epithet.

It starts when she calls him at a public phone terminal, identifying herself only as "[s]omeone who's well aware of who you are and what you're running from." She then says, after pointing out that this isn't necessarily a secure line,

I have resources enough to keep you hidden — but I also have resources enough to back you on a more aggressive course of action, one that stands to help you correct some of your current problems.

After that, she sends a "telecom virus" to those friends and acquaintances, stating that Corbin's folder of Slider's evidence makes a strong case "that elements within Utopia seek to subjugate or regulate, possibly even systematically eliminate, novas as a whole." But they need more than a strong case; with Utopia's presence "in every aspect of normal life", they can't go to any authorities, and "to overturn public confidence in [Utopia] could lead to catastrophic panic worldwide." They don't even know for sure to what extent Utopia is compromised. "Nonetheless, we cannot remain passive against a clear and present threat", so she's inviting "[n]ovas interested in defending their rights as individuals" to meet on Sunday at the Amp Room.

Caestus Pax fires off an angry memo to William F. Reed, director of T2M Americas, ordering him to reprimand Ana Graça Texeira and Gvuthbjörg Danielsdottir for their participation in a recent Queer Nova Alliance demonstration.

A T2M agent has no business getting involved in political or social issues. You will immediately remind them that they represent Team Tomorrow and that they do not have the authority to use their T2M status to further their own agendas without getting prior approval through the proper channels.

He recommends they be sent out on widely separate assignments (Ana to hound the Medellín in Colombia, "Guggie" to handle a matter in Ontario). "You let this kind of thing continue and your agents will start thinking they have rights."

Oh, Shelby... just because you're in the closet, you want the whole queer world to stay there with you. ("A T2M agent has no business getting involved in political or social issues"? Then what the hell business does T2M have even existing?)

[Everything from here down was added in an edit June 4.]

Jesus "Matador" Morales, a Terat mascara in Mexico City, sends an encoded message to his mentor Feathered Serpent about his recent meeting with Meztiszo, of the Aberrants, to open ties between the two anti-Upie groups.

I was thinking of posting this June 30, as it seems to make more chronological sense and be less sudden, but as Ian points out below, Aberrant: Teragen has it taking place today, so there it is. (Of course, now I come to make this edit, I can't actually find the passage in A:T.)
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Human and otherwise.

May 25
[Aberrant] N!terview's "The World's Opinion" segment shows the diversity of answers to the question "Who killed Slider and Why?"

A Michaelite in Texas says that "the more novas who kill each other off, the better." A high school student in New York thinks Corbin did it "because she knew about something he did, something really bad." A steel worker in London "think[s] those Teragen arseholes did it." An OpNet programmer in Hong Kong plugs his OpSite about "a secret cabal inside Utopia who want to control society and technology." A columnist in Rio guesses that "[s]omeone's trying to destabilize Utopia and provoke open war with the Teragen."

Raoul Orzaiz appears live from Ibiza on N!Sight with Parker Stevenson.

We could always send a telegram to the Right People. )

Earlier, Stevenson mentioned the media buzz linking the Teragen to the Slider murder. Raoul says point-blank "the Teragen had nothing to do with the death of Jennifer Landers. We are, however, quite interested in finding out who did, if for no other reason than to clear our name." In response to the suggestion that protection of nova interests should be left to Utopia, the count points out the buzz about Utopia's black-ops side and says "I, myself, have seen evidence suggesting that the late Jennifer Landers was a victim of Utopia's baseline agenda."

While the theory behind Proteus' secrecy is sound, Thetis has taken it too far to keep it manageable. )

Back to Raoul:

Utopia is a product of the Æon Society, which gained status in the United Nations by promising to deal with the so-called nova crisis. The nova crisis, Parker. At its very inception, Utopia designated us as a problem to which it was the final solution.... If we continue to serve humanity as executors of their will, we unavoidably become the instruments of still more bloodshed and terror.

He considers the inclusion of novas in the human community a violation of the UN Charter's guarantees of self-determination.
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May 19
[Aberrant] Scandal rocks Project Utopia as unconfirmed reports of mercenary novas, government infiltration and nova black ops leak to the media. Æon Society and Project Utopia spokespeople immediately counter with evidence of a Teragen frame-up involving the dead Slider. Wary observers and conspiracy theorists see themselves as vindicated and deluge the media with dire predictions.

Some people have their reactions already planned.

Unfortunately, in light of the recent Slider tragedy, such laissez-faire management would be in nobody's best interest. )
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Once you start running, they won't let you stop.

May 16
[Aberrant] UN and Utopia investigations finger Slider's murder as the handiwork of Corbin, whom they allege is linked to the Teragen. This revelation comes as part of a worldwide public broadcast on all major news networks.

So... yeah. No "teragen" tag because they was not actually in said crime.
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The tragedy I mentioned is, inevitably, upon us.

May 13
[Aberrant] Slider is incapacitated in Calcutta by a single blow from a super-strong assailant for whom she evidently opened the door, which implies that she knew her killer (who apparently broke her neck once he'd rendered her hors de combat) or at least recognized his face. (The most popular suspect among those in the know is Chiraben, a Proteus wet-op and professional Creepy Little Fuck™ whose powers include super-strength and shapeshifting, the latter of which would have enabled him to take on a face she'd trust.)

The official report lists Apoorva Chowdiah and Edgar Rhys (the UN/Calcutta PD liaisons, both on Utopia staff) as the responding officers; in fact, the first actual cops on the scene are Prasan Mandavilli (investigating neighbors' reports of a single loud noise) and Det. Thaunanon Kalsi. The world is so shocked at the murder of its "sweetheart" that most media outlets don't dig deep enough to notice the contradiction between Utopia claiming they hadn't known where Slider was and a pair of Utopians being among the first people on the murder scene.

Kalsi later says that, if he hadn't seen nova violence before, he'd have guessed that what hit her in the back was some piece of industrial machinery. He wishes the killer had at least had the decency to close her eyes.

At 4:02 AM Calcutta time on the 14th (6:32 PM EDT today), after an eight-hour medical struggle, Jennifer Landers will die at the UN's Franklin Moran field hospital. Apoorvah Chowdiah is transferred to Utopia's European HQ; Rhys leaves no forwarding address.
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Whom do you serve, and whom do you trust?

May 11
[Aberrant] Slider leaves a note for Rourke, a fellow Utopian with microscopic vision, telling him of her discoveries. She also goes to four others: Utopia rep Albert Petalan, somebody from the Calcutta police, an AP reporter, and her liaison with Novelty — all of whom are (she comes to believe) either openly hostile to her telling them about or part of the Proteus cover-up, whether actively or through ignorance.

The money quote is paraphrased here, in paragraphs four through seven (from "Then I took a job" through "things he needs you alive to do"). (She doesn't know for sure about Rourke, but he is either already a Proteus member or recruited shortly thereafter.)

She leaves a handwritten note for Corbin, telling him all this and more:

The bottom line is, we can't go to anyone. Get everyone together and let them know the scale of this thing, but keep it hush-hush. Obviously, if you're not part of Utopia's "solution," you're part of the problem. And Utopia's got almost everyone involved as part of the solution on some level.

The Matrix hadn't been released to cinemas when the Aberrant core-book came out, so they couldn't write Jen making that comparison. The author of the LJ I linked above is under no such disadvantage (he said modestly).
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Old Charlie stole the handle and the train just keeps on goin', no way to slow down.

May 8
[Aberrant] Spike in Jose Diaz' communications.

Which might have something to do with this.

second week of May
[Aberrant] An official Project Proteus audio communiqué, Clearance Beta, all field agents' priority, designates Jennifer Landers as "a threat to Utopia and Proteus longevity."

She's contacted "no fewer than 16 novas and no more than 19 novas" with what she knows. They know about Corbin, XWFer Diane "Intergalactic" Holm, fellow Utopian Christoph "Shadow Artist" Yannik, Meztiszo (yes, that really is how he spells it), "Greer... Cherpa and Fong" (I know nothing about them, save that "Fong" is obviously not Caroline Fong). They haven't yet been in touch with Sophia Rousseau that Proteus knows of, but that might change. Even as it stands, even though "Proteus secrecy has not been compromised", just from what's already in her head, Jennifer constitutes a

liability to Projects Utopia and Proteus to such a degree that her continued performance exists more as threat than mere agitation. Act per Code Omega directives, under normal Proteus visibility guidelines.

And this is the earliest verifiable mention of Sophia Rousseau. She's been around from early in the Nova Age — not as early as The Fireman or Duke "Core" Baron, but she's no Booster-come-lately either. What she is, according to one nova, is "a storm of psychic static" that he feared would destroy his powers if he got too close (which, for those of us possessing familiarity with what comes chronologically after Aberrant, calls into question her general identification as a nova). Everybody's heard of her, but nobody can quite recall where or what they first heard about her.
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< you have forgotten something > </kosh>

early May
[Aberrant] While in Calcutta under NSI contract to Novelty Consulting, allegedly to investigate rumors of Teragen infiltration, Slider begins backtracking one of Novelty's middlemen and discovers that he has "orders to cooperate" with at least three elites, including DeVries' Joseph "Pursuer" Simms (known for a public rivalry with Pax). She follows their contact trails and finds they end up in Utopia offices. She learns the fringes of Project Proteus' activities (the experiments on the patients in Bahrain, the doping of adrenocilin with sterilizing drugs, funding of the very groups Utopia is supposed to stop in Kashmir) and, understandably, becomes convinced that she's discovered an "anti-nova" conspiracy. She goes to André Corbin with her suspicions, but he mostly dismisses them as ranting paranoid shite.

For the record, NSI is Nova Services International, the division of Utopia that handles the subcontracting of Utopian novas to outside firms.

At this point, Jennifer doesn't know the name "Project Proteus". All she knows is that people inside Utopia are not just within six degrees of Utopia's enemies, they're giving those enemies their marching orders. Although the novas who work for Proteus would scoff at the notion that they're working for a conspiracy to exterminate their own kind, I for one can't fault Jennifer for reaching the conclusion she did, and I openly scoff at [livejournal.com profile] cricharddavies for calling her "a deluded woman on the verge of accepting the Null Manifesto as part of her personal philosophy."


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