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I wonder if Hugh was as psyched about the results as I am about ours. (I'm certainly glad I'm not posting an eight-thousand-word cluster F-bomb like the guy in my userpic.)

November 4
[Aberrant] The US Presidential election.

Canonically, Randel Portman wrests a narrow victory from Mark Green, ultimately decided in the Electoral College. (In other words, like the OTL 2000 election, only with a happy ending.) How it went in your chronicle may be quite different, of course.
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I'm running late, but I'm running.

June 15
[Aberrant] official beginning of the Aberrant timeframe. There are approximately 40 Aberrants worldwide, all in either deep cover or hiding. To date, neither Corbin nor Rousseau has been captured, and the identity of Slider's assassin remains an official mystery.

Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] aeonaberrant!

The Democratic Party, searching for a candidate who will make their two major PR liabilities (the "character" issue, still lingering from the Clinton years, and the similarity of their program to the Utopian plan) meaningless, concludes that a nova candidate would solve both problems, and begins scouting Randel Portman.

[livejournal.com profile] etherlad has mentioned this as actually happening slightly earlier, but my obsession with every last detail of the TU isn't so deep as to cover every individual date of the 2008 (TU) primary season.

Charlotte "Ghostdancer" Holden, ex-Utopian and one of Slider's contacts, retreats to Ibiza, where she is hunted by Chiraben. A group of Aberrants seeks to find her before Proteus can disappear her. Utopian agents are sent to bring her into custody. Additional Proteus personnel are sent to capture Holden and keep Chiraben in line.

All this in "Permanent Vacation", the mini-adventure story arc included in the Aberrant Storytellers Companion book that came with the Aberrant Storytellers Screen.
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News from opposite sides of the divide.

May 30
[Aberrant] The mysterious Sophia Rousseau contacts the fugitive Corbin (Proteus had feared she might get in touch with Slider). Their underground organization immediately begins contacting friends and acquaintances in the nova community, as well as newly erupting novas. The group's goal is to expose the hidden corruption in Project Utopia, and Corbin dubs its members "Aberrants" in an ironic usage of the anti-nova epithet.

It starts when she calls him at a public phone terminal, identifying herself only as "[s]omeone who's well aware of who you are and what you're running from." She then says, after pointing out that this isn't necessarily a secure line,

I have resources enough to keep you hidden — but I also have resources enough to back you on a more aggressive course of action, one that stands to help you correct some of your current problems.

After that, she sends a "telecom virus" to those friends and acquaintances, stating that Corbin's folder of Slider's evidence makes a strong case "that elements within Utopia seek to subjugate or regulate, possibly even systematically eliminate, novas as a whole." But they need more than a strong case; with Utopia's presence "in every aspect of normal life", they can't go to any authorities, and "to overturn public confidence in [Utopia] could lead to catastrophic panic worldwide." They don't even know for sure to what extent Utopia is compromised. "Nonetheless, we cannot remain passive against a clear and present threat", so she's inviting "[n]ovas interested in defending their rights as individuals" to meet on Sunday at the Amp Room.

Caestus Pax fires off an angry memo to William F. Reed, director of T2M Americas, ordering him to reprimand Ana Graça Texeira and Gvuthbjörg Danielsdottir for their participation in a recent Queer Nova Alliance demonstration.

A T2M agent has no business getting involved in political or social issues. You will immediately remind them that they represent Team Tomorrow and that they do not have the authority to use their T2M status to further their own agendas without getting prior approval through the proper channels.

He recommends they be sent out on widely separate assignments (Ana to hound the Medellín in Colombia, "Guggie" to handle a matter in Ontario). "You let this kind of thing continue and your agents will start thinking they have rights."

Oh, Shelby... just because you're in the closet, you want the whole queer world to stay there with you. ("A T2M agent has no business getting involved in political or social issues"? Then what the hell business does T2M have even existing?)

[Everything from here down was added in an edit June 4.]

Jesus "Matador" Morales, a Terat mascara in Mexico City, sends an encoded message to his mentor Feathered Serpent about his recent meeting with Meztiszo, of the Aberrants, to open ties between the two anti-Upie groups.

I was thinking of posting this June 30, as it seems to make more chronological sense and be less sudden, but as Ian points out below, Aberrant: Teragen has it taking place today, so there it is. (Of course, now I come to make this edit, I can't actually find the passage in A:T.)
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And another repetition, the last of them actually. (By the time I was doing them for February, I seem to have switched over to "On a day like today..." format.) Well, except for one that I managed, last year, to miss completely, but that's not for months yet.

[Aberrant] Bernard Morrison, Republican presidential candidate in 2008, is born in Tucson, AZ.

As I said in the earlier entry, he's already in his third or fourth term (depending when his seat comes up for voting) as a Senator from his home state. As I didn't say, he's already suffering from phlebitis (an inflammation of the veins) and "inexplicable enrichment" (an inflammation of the wallet).
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Simple, obvious solutions.

[Aberrant] Robert Schroer, a moderate Republican representative from Colorado, is elected 43rd President of the United States. Schroer began the Republican nomination process as a virtual unknown; his platform calls for continued economic reform and a return to so-called "common-sense" values. He wins a narrow victory in the general election over Vice President Gore, in which the Reform and Libertarian candidates also take sizable proportions of the vote.

I've already written that Hugh Boone voted for Schroer last time, and I think I mentioned that he intended to do so again. After all, Schroer did a good job in taking the Trinity Universe's GOP back from the Jesus-freaks and the Smith-freaks ("Adam Smith said it, Ayn Rand believed it, that settles it"), and pro-sanity behavior should always be rewarded.

In my calendar file, the paragraph on McCain's Schroer's election, which I lifted basically intact from the Aberrant core rules, ends with a sentence of my personal addition, a piece of extrapolation to explain one difference between OTL and the TU:

Following Schroer's win in the primaries, and escalating with his election, many of the GOP's far-right elements (the ones who had backed ex-Presidential son George W. Bush's unsuccessful bid for the nomination) divorce themselves from the party to found one more appealing to their agendas, the American Eagle Party.

As I said in somebody's comments, the (OTL) GOP had a chance to do that this year. They had a godzillion chances to do it, in fact, over the past 30 years and change. But they've embraced the insane idealists of their side too tightly. As Sonja Blue put it, "you cannot shake hands with the Devil and not get sulfur on your sleeve."

[Aberrant] Caestus Pax holds a press conference, announcing that as of 10 [o'clock] this morning, a task force made of Team Tomorrow, the FBI and the NYPD have arrested the members of all five "families" of the NYC Mafia.

Little did he note that the Megasyndicate was already rising to take its place.
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Not the real-world election result, but one a lot of people would prefer. (I'd certainly prefer this to a Bush victory. Then again, if Bob Schroer were the GOP candidate seeking re-election this year, I'd side with Hugh in wanting him back, from the sound of him.) And wouldn't it be a hoot if Michael Badnarik (the OTL Libertarian candidate) got in?

[Aberrant] Lauren Pendleton is elected both the first female and first Libertarian president of the United States. The press credits her victory to voters disgruntled with two sex scandals by two consecutive presidents from both traditional political parties. The Libertarian Party and various independent candidates claim a sizable portion of legislative seats in the election.

And I suspect the TU's James [livejournal.com profile] maliszewski has put his credibility on the betting table in calling it for her, just as his OTL counterpart has done by calling it for Bush. We'll see, though I certainly have hopes.
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Politics. Even in a world where yesterday wasn't the significant September anniversary, one can't get away from them.

[Aberrant] Lauren Pendleton, later the 44th President of the United States, is born in Irvine, CA.

Right now, Congresswoman Pendleton (L-CA) is part of a campaign in which third parties play a more important role than they do in OTL, the legacy of the Clinton and Schroer sex scandals kicking the major parties in the teeth.
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Real life intrudes.

[Aberrant] In this week's Newsweek International, General V.P. Malik, chief of the Indian Army staff, insists there was never any possibility of a nuclear confrontation with Pakistan.

Our time line does, or did, have a General V[ed] P[rakash] Malik, and he really did say:

No, it was never an issue. Any possibility of nuclear confrontation was far, far away. Look, we're a responsible nation, and a responsible military force. We understand the thresholds.

The same events that led to that faceoff must have happened in the TU, since the quote is deemed worthy of epigraph status in an Aberrant supplement (I think it was either Aberrant: Project Utopia or Aberrant: Elites). And after all, it wasn't that long after N-Day. The histories were much more similar than they are now.
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It's rare that I have to lead off one of these with a correction, and (as [livejournal.com profile] etherlad, at least, will have noticed) rarer still that I make the correction obvious.

[Adventure!] In the aftermath of the previous night's battle with the stalwart mesmerist Fulminatore, Primoris wishes he understood better the mechanism by which the human body receives telluric energy and uses it to become Inspired.

He's understandably convinced that the Hammersmith Incident was the key; in his judgment, claims of such powers prior to 1922 have been unreliable. Fulminatore, for instance, "claimed to be a son of Jove" and to have had his powers (which a later age would classify as electrokinetic) from birth; Donighal dismissed that claim as a delusion, the result of the mesmerist's new powers unhinging his mind.

But many people had become Inspired who'd never been anywhere near Atlas Cross, before or since the Telluric Engine's self-destruction. "It cannot be an evolutionary mechanism....While the pseudoaetheric waves may have an effect on evolution, such an effect cannot be expressed in those already alive, only in those to be born."

But the tools available to science of the day gave him some clues. His cells, under a microscope, didn't look quite like the cells of the unInspired. The concept of "mutants" was only about 20 years old, but Michael Donighal seized on it as applying to him and those like him. He only wished he could study, or even glimpse, the structure of his chromosomes.

Or some stalwart's chromosomes, at least. Regrettably, he knew it would make his Æon colleagues suspicious if he tried to collect tissue samples. (He regretted that Fulminatore had had to be made to self-destruct, as such a sample would have been invaluable.) For the time being, he'd have to study the only posthuman specimen he knew he could trust. (One wonders if the X-ray he considered getting would have shown a small cluster of mutated neurons between his frontal lobes.)

[Aberrant] Mark Anthony Green, American Eagle presidential candidate in 2008, born in Baltimore, MD.

In 2004, he's serving his second term as a US Senator from Maryland; his challenger in the 2002 election claimed he used "Nixonian" legal harassment and espionage against her campaign. Before his Senate term, he spent two years as Director of Competition and Regulation Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (which sounds like a relative of real-world think-tank the American Enterprise Institute, a chief promoter of PNAC I subsequently discovered exists in OTL as a separate arm of the right-wing noise machine, alongside such other wholly-owned subsidiaries Fox News, the Moonie Washington Times, the Scaife newspapers and the Republican Party). Sometime before that, during his college years, he interned with the Institute for Historical Review (a group of Holocaust revisionists deniers).
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It's happened before, and it will happen again.

[Adventure!] "General" E.W. Caldwell's Manifest Destiny Infantry seizes Bikini Atoll, a small unremarkable Pacific island.

Then conquer we must when our cause it is just... )
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Continued from yesterday, without comment. It speaks for itself pretty well, I'd say.

[Aberrant] A New York Times editorial, "Overreaching Pride", denounces the UN's decision to give Project Utopia authority of scientific regulation: "First, by what authority does the UN purport to establish blanket regulations over anything — and, even worse, to hand over control of that regulatory process to a private agency run by a charitable foundation?" In the second place, the editorialist points out, Utopia owns or runs many businesses developing the sort of nova-derived technologies that fall under S&T's new purview. "By getting an early eye at what its competition intends to do, it can short-circuit that competition."
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Warning: I'm going to blend TDiTUH with commentary on real-world politics, because the event of the day allows for it. People who believe that George W. Bush is the good guy and/or that John Kerry is worse (you know who you are) may want to skip today's entry.

Political poo. )
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Well, [livejournal.com profile] etherlad pointed out some supplements I could get free online, so ) I've added dates from them. He's also sent me some dates and months from the Battleground core rules and Terra Verde, so those are in as well.

Surprisingly, today's TU factoid of the day isn't up at WolfSpoor at this writing. So here it is. )

Oh, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] indigoskynet, who got it from [livejournal.com profile] kixie (who knows [livejournal.com profile] thessalian) via [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes, I've got a chocobo. (I'd have gotten a moogle if they'd had real moogles, instead of moogle/cat hybrids.)

Name: Aeris

Age: 1

Favorite Food: milk

Favorite Hobby: Mystery Octagon Theater 3000

Adopt your very own monster today!
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In the process of compiling [livejournal.com profile] etherlad's present, I've discovered a number of things just in the first two weeks of January that I missed including in the "This Day in Trinity Universe History" aspect of this excuse for posting. As such, I'll need to continue doing that through at least this time next January.

Even if (as I currently plan) I stop doing the "This Day" once I'm all caught up, I'll be continuing with "Today in the Trinity Universe" as long as I continue to maintain this journal, unless someone tells me to stop in a way I can't ignore.

Shadows come into the light. )


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