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Remember these? Yeah, me neither.

April 7
[Aberrant] Matt Dawson (mdawson@opcom.sydney.au), Tom Miller (novamanic@opsource.bos.us) and The Lightkeeper (lightkeeper@opcom.melbourne.au) talk about nova group Australis on the NovaWatch OpSite discussion boards.

This is the money quote from Miller's post, which went up at 20:05:56 GMT:

I don't get the problem Australians on this site seem to have with their own novas. I mean, c'mon, Australis is a good team, and they've done a lot for your country, even if they aren't Team Tomorrow. I think the idea that every country should have its own Team Tomorrow is ridiculous, why can't you be happy with the novas you have?

At 22:44:37, Dawson explained that it's because Australis are wankers whose job is to "look good and pose for photo ops". He explains that Australia has "a fine, long-standing tradition" of hating its celebrities: "The higher you climb, the harder we'll try to pull you down." (Can any of my Australian readers tell me whether this is accurate to OTL Australia?)

That's why any Australian nova with an ounce of brains gets out of the country as soon as possible. Why the hell would you want to stay here and become the "hero" of the godforsaken Outback when you can join up with Team Tomorrow and become a media darling or sign on with DeVries and make scads of money? [...] I'd rather scan old newsvids of Team Tomorrow than watch a live feed of anything Australis is doing, unless it involves Michelle Medford getting naked.

At 23:17:40, The Lightkeeper quotes the sentence about any Australian nova with an ounce of brains as a lead-in to eir reply:

That may be true, but isn't that why Australis exists in the first place? To keep all our local novas from just flying (or teleporting or whatever) off to Europe, Africa and the rest of the world? [...] If there's a disaster in Sydney or Melbourne, you can bet it'll be Australis and not Team Tomorrow that shows up first and does whatever it can to help out.

E ends by wondering why T2M A/P is located in Indonesia rather than Australia.
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Sorry for the delay.

[Aberrant] This month's issue of Science Explorer announces that next month, 10 patients at the Triton Foundation's Atlanta Mediplex will be test subjects for an artificial kidney.

This is probably in Aberrant: Project Utopia, but I'm disinclined to dig for where. Turns out it's in the Technology section of Aberrant: Year One.

One of the first installments of Nathan Black's new N! show Eye on... includes an interview with Dr. Tasmin Harver, newly inducted Utopian and the head examiner at Slider's autopsy, for whom Black and his audience have some questions about Utopia.

Some rather pointed questions, which she tries to dodge or deflect; the excerpt ends just as she's about to have take the first of them, from galfrey07@stuntmail.com.

Devon "Slider Fetish" Works makes a scathing post to the "Rant Back" OpList, addressed to "Dear Losers and Future Losers Alike", in which he pours out a long string of sneers at anyone with any doubts about Utopia's fundamental and immutable benevolence, lumping those who merely have worries about Proteus using the Utopia agenda as cover with those who wear tinfoil hats to protect their thoughts against "the great stamping juggernaut that is Project Utopia."

This is the one that's actually been holding this post up, as I can't look directly at it for too long. This, in turn, is down to a level of blistering contempt for humans in general and one's audience in particular, combined with a smug and clearly over-inflated sense of the writer's own superiority, that leaves me continually amazed when I turn to the credits page of Aberrant: Project Utopia and don't see even a "special thanks" credit for Justin Achilli.

"It's entirely possible that Utopia funds this site privately and I'm being paid under the table for saying all this. Happy spook-hunting, losers." There are only two automatic reasons not to treat this as a sarcastic confession:
1) they don't need to pay him to sing the praises of Utopia, any more than the American Eagle Party needs to pay Bruce Tinsley to push their official flannel in "Mallard Fillmore";
2) if they were paying him, they'd spring for some etiquette lessons once they actually read his output.
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No Marvels this time, except maybe the mortal kind.

[Aberrant] Bridgett Caulder and Hector "Lash" Guzman finally meet in Harlem's Blackburn Hotel. The stress of his attempt to reshape her flesh causes her eruption, and she is shocked when her new telepathic powers show her, in his mind, a mirror of her own quest for understanding. She agrees to stay at the Blackburn, a Terat enclave, and learn from the One Race.

How's that for a twist?

Anthony Farrell sells Farrell and Sons, retires.

"Kitchen aromas aren't very homely" [sic] to him anymore, I suspect.

The Episcopal Church of St. James, in Oakland, CA, is pleased to announce, in numerous OpNet Christian fora, that it now conducts daily OpNet services.

"Where two and three gather in my name, there am I also: Can you not feel my hands in your pockets?" (J.R. "Bob" Dobbs)

March 3
[Aberrant] Spike in Jose Diaz' communications.

I repeat, nothing to see here.
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Okay, no connection today except maybe the OpNet, and the OpNet connects everything.

January 22
[Aberrant] Spike in the incoming and outgoing OpMails and voice communications of Utopia desk-jockey Jose Diaz.

Nothing to see here.

The Home Shopping Network pitches the medium-high end Gavilan laptop.

Some of the features of this US$1,949 machine are ahead of what we have in the Primary World's 2008 (flexible screen, input jack for VR goggles); others, not so much (1.6 gigs of RAM is actually not far above OTL standard, and a 400-megabyte chip drive compares unfavorably with the 1-gig flash drive on which I stored the draft of this entry).
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Interrupted for different reasons, but still...

January 16
[Aberrant] On Week in Perspective with Walter Donovan, a man named Culpepper expresses doubts about the long-term damage Operation Eden may have done to the Ethiopian ecosystem, while a man named Bryant insists his counterpart is just being a worrywart and rattles off a laundry-list of Utopia's accomplishments.

Culpepper points out that the prominent ecologists who've praised the Ethiopian reclamation were hired by Utopia: "Isn't that something like the tobacco companies' hired health experts of last century?" Bryant's list of "the other positive works that Project Utopia has completed" includes the overthrow of Yaroslav Radocani, "the virtual elimination of Bangkok's child prostitution trade", the AIDS and cancer cures, hypercombustion, Operation Clean Sweep— "Maybe you like the idea of the UN granting virtually total latitude to a group with all the potential military power of any two European nations, but I happen to think—" Donovan interrupts the interruption to ask if he might change the subject.

In an OpNet chat room Vancouver RCMP Officer Brian Chu, Officer Bernard ter Haar [@brill.op], Officer Laurence Posner [@opamerica], Officer Ma Sik Yu of the Hong Kong Triad Society Bureau, and Officer Georgina M. Shrubbe [of Interpol] discuss the difficulty of getting someone inside the triads in general, and the Heaven Thunder Triad in particular, until "trace1@?.gov.op" [Operator W1, presumably of Branch 9] sees the discussion straying into sensitive areas and shuts it down. Afterward, W1 and "nereid@directive" wonder whether the triads picked up on the discussion, and also wonder who exactly was playing whom.

(Well, the datestamp on the transcript in Aberrant: Underworld says 2008, but the sensitive topic was an Australian government attempt to put a shapeshifter into one of the triads, which Posner thinks took place around 2009 or '10. Also, the conversation between trace1 and Thetis "nereid" reads like she was the one who called the halt to the chat; maybe she spoofed trace1's name onto the warning "Gentlemen, none of this is cleared for these channels, and this discussion needs to end right now. Log off, boys.")

And I've never mentioned Branch 9 before, have I? According to the Adventure! corebook (for those of you who don't have it), it was founded by Teddy Roosevelt during his Presidency to deal with crimes that crossed state lines, and soon shifted its ambit to crimes that crossed the lines of consensus reality. In the Inspiration Age, at least four other countries — the UK, Mexico, China and France were all known — had their own Branches with cryptic-yet-bland names, "such as Britain's Supplemental Resources Office and France's Field Research and Development Unit". The Chinese Branch was compromised by the Ubiquitous Dragon, but it's not known whether this persisted past the end of the Inspiration Age, let alone into the Nova Age.
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Not yet. I think the dumbass was about to cut the shithead.

September 18
[Aberrant] Devon Works <sliderfetish@unca.edu> replies dismissively to an anonymized poster's all-lowercase claims about the scientific suppression carried out by Utopia's S&T department.

It's a sign of how much the 'net has changed since 1999 that this exchange was supposed to happen in the alt.fan.utopia Usenet group. These days, "2Wikkd@im.not.going.to.let.them.trace.me.com" would be an anonymous poster on a Utopia fanblog, maybe even Dev's own.

In addition to posting without use of the shift key (well, except to generate punctuation [mostly exclamation points] and one piece of all-caps), 2Wikkd is terrifyingly nonspecific "about all the things [project utopia] don't let us see or have", saying only that

brother is a scientist, and he was working on something relly
important that would have made all our live alot easier but
they came in and took all his files and now he drinks alot and
can't get a raise cause he just wasted all his time working on
something that utopia wont let us have! you utopia slaves suck!
by the way this story is TRUE but i'm not going to say who my
brother he works for because they (utopia) might find out and
he'd get fired or arrested or something.

My reaction to a post like that would have been something along the lines of "Well, *I'm* convinced." If I were on his side, I'd have elaborated to the effect of "Well, *that's* a compelling evidentiary trail that would be sure to persuade anyone not already inclined to doubt S&T's enveloping benevolence. Please quit being on our side, dude; you're making our side look stupid."

That's not how our boy Dev rolls, though:

Look, hobgoblin, the UN granted Project Utopia the power of scientific regulation for a reason. Did you hear about the guy who was working on a virtual OpNet interface that would be wired right into the user's pleasure centers?... As far as I'm concerned, Project Utopia (something properly spelled with the "shift" key, loser) has every right to their environmental and scientific regulatory powers. Might as well go to somebody with the staff smart enough to use them wisely.

(Well, now we know another reason for [livejournal.com profile] jachilli's writer credit on the Aberrant core rules, besides the Duke Rollo material.) Again, I'd be tempted to reply asking for a citation, but I'm like that.
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Recap that perhaps shouldn't be necessary. (Edited 3:47 PM to close the Bold tags, something which definitely shouldn't have been necessary. *^^* )

[Aberrant] A letter to the editor of the New York Times warns that the Rashoud facilities are actually UN/Æon recruiting facilities. "Can't you see it? They're building an army.... And God help us, we're letting them do it.... If anyone should be recruiting American novas, it should be the American government."

I mentioned that letter already, as one of the people who are fine with anything that maintains America's status as Top Nation and in mortal fear of anything someone else does that threatens that status, even if the acts are basically identical. That observation still stands, and if [livejournal.com profile] bellatrys is reading and understanding these things, I'd be surprised to find she didn't agree with them. (Then again, this isn't one of her fandoms, so I might be more surprised if she were following it.)

[Aberrant] The UN announces the formation of the Global Media Council to study the effects of the OpNet.

Former FCC chairman Mark Rosenthal (whose OTL namesake is a former head of MTV Networks) later said it was a "damn headache" trying to impose any central control, let alone censorship, on the OpNet. "Sure, there are parent locks, and most of the really bad stuff is on expensive pay services, but still, there's always going to be someone out there trying to corrupt the youth of America [sic], and if they're broadcasting out of some tree in Botswana, what the hell could we do about it?"
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[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journals that, as far as he can tell, Maxwell Anderson Mercer vanished into thin air last July. Michael Donighal has cabled him from the Far East, reporting no success and recommending Whit not waste any more of his time.

As we've seen, he found his friend again.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that Max's idea of the Æon founders spending Christmas together "was perfect. It was like a second family....I even saw Jack crack a smile or three."


[Aberrant] Lambert Asani, son of Congo diamond magnate Mente Asani, and his three brothers travel the world meeting with novas who could help Lambert's goal of deposing Congo president Laurent Kabila.

Asani doesn't rate a mention in the Aberrant core rules; he's entirely from Aberrant: Elites.

[Aberrant] Over the next three years, much of the world's copper and fiber-optic cable communications networks are replaced with advanced optic cable, derived from studies of eufiber, and wireless networking. The new hardware, couple with new data-transfer protocols, is dubbed "OpNet." OpNet replaces the Internet, phone systems and cellular networks, allowing for wireless communications from virtually any location. It boasts an initial 700% increase in data speed over previous telecommunications technology.

The expansion of the OpNet is mostly complete by May of this year.

Caestus Pax announces that Team Tomorrow will be splitting into T2M Americas and T2M Europe. Pax himself, along with Lightning, Apollo Kid, Slag, Splash, Uta "Tremor" Stentz and Byron "Saxon" Graham (among others), will be forming T2MEu, based out of Venice, while Montoya-Bernal, Psyche, Jennifer "Slider" Landers, Ana Graça Texeira and Pualani "Pele" Kapunani will comprise the Mexico City-based T2MAm. Ragnarockette and Shadow Artist will remain members-in-training.

You'll be seeing more of those names in times to come.

Project Utopia launches Novation Toys, Games and Comics, its licensing division, to compete with (among other things) the DeVries Agency's entry into the action-figure market. Series I action figures include Slag and the Fireman. The first wave of Novation-produced OpCast series includes Team Tomorrow: Protectors and Slag: Hot Metal Fury.

That last one's a little redundant, but it's in the calendar as written. I may merge it with the other datapoint, actually.
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Miracle material.

[Aberrant] Anibal Buendia, a nova with the ability to reconfigure his cellular structure, first secretes the polymer known as eufiber. This material, which has the ability to bond with nova cell structure and channel and redirect quantum and bio-energies, becomes the most popular fashion accessory for novas and the wealthy. As a side effect, studies of eufiber enable advances in the development of optic cable technology.

One important thing eufiber did was make the OpNet possible. (Technically, it's synthetic imitation eufiber that forms most OpCable, but still.)

And it became the default material for nova costumes, since it could be charged with its wearer's quantum signature and thus adjust to his powers (grow or shrink with her, not be burned by his fiery elemental anima). In GURPS Supers terms, it gives its wearer the Costume advantage; for those of you more familiar with the Marvel Universe, it's like having a costume made of unstable molecules.
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[Aberrant] Alex Doan, later the Terat known as "Synapse," born in Seattle, WA.

A year or two ago, Alex was hanging out in a video arcade that became the setting for T2M Americas' capture of a renegade nova. When it was over, the arcade was destroyed, and Alex was dinged up and comatose. To prevent his family taking legal action, T2M took him to a Triton Foundation facility, where he was hooked up to a supercomputer that would "keep his body and mind stimulated." It was stimulated to the point of eruption, and he drifted out of his body, into the mainframe, and thence onto the OpNet, where his only rival is Mungu Kuwasha. Eventually, he finds out what's happened to his body, and when that happens, he won't be happy.
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The original version of this post, the version that was going to be written in character, made only one unsupported interpolation into the Trinity Universe timeline — I arbitrarily stated that Michael Daemon Donighal was born on this date in 1900. Hugh has already written about Donighal's involvement in the Hammersmith Incident and how it turned him into Dr. Primoris. What he didn't write about is what happened after that.

A terrible angel. )

So to-night we're gonna party like it's... )

They say two thousand, zero zero, party over, oops, out of time. )

Rate of transference. )

Are you ready for a new sensation? )

What a difference a day makes. And happy real-world new year to all and sundry.
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This entry is from one of those voices I mentioned last time. If he hadn't been so busy, it would have gone up on the day it got to me; luckily, only one thing had to be changed to reflect that. For legal reasons, he can't use his own name here, so please welcome Hugh Boone.

Now five years later on, you've got the world at your feet
Success has been so easy for you...

— The Human League, "Don't You Want Me?" (1982)

Living in the Nova Age, looking only half my age... )


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