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Nothing much to add.

July 31
[Aberrant] A memorial is held for Donald Zeleckis. He receives posthumous honors for heroism. Both Syrian and Israeli governments agree to a cease-fire for this day to honor Zeleckis' sacrifice.

Let's hope it lasts a while, even though I already know it won't last forever.
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One day, his deeds will be erased, but for now, he is a hero.

July 28
[Aberrant] Donald Zeleckis, a Jewish-American tourist and nova, dies while stopping a nuclear missile which has been launched at Syria. Israeli officials deny authorizing the escalation to nuclear weapons. Syrian officials don't believe Israel is responsible and will not respond in kind.

If Israel hasn't destroyed its nuclear stockpile yet, it's probably in large part because (like their OTL counterpart) that would require them to admit having one. (The Aberrant Storyteller's Companion says they're similarly coy about whether they have any novas of their own.)
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Some people in the Arab world don't like novas at all. Other people "like novas too much and in all the wrong ways."

March 19
[Aberrant] Zaid Alwan, baraka cultist, makes a journal entry consisting of a poem about the pleasures of soma.

It's the sort of poem that probably looks a lot less pretentious/hebephrenic when you're higher than the Hubble. Don't believe me? )
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Close to the real world, but far away.

[Aberrant] In the wake of last month's Kashmir atrocity, ongoing tensions in the region erupt into a small-scale war. Nova elites representing India, China and Pakistan fight across the zone, turning it into a blasted ecological nightmare. Project Utopia steps in to stop the fighting, under UN authority, and arrests several of the novas deemed responsible for the disaster.

They were right about conflict in the Muslim world, and about the devastation it would wreak. They simply misjudged how far east it would happen. (Another side effect of the Schroer and Pendleton administrations, and their preference for letting Utopia, rather than the US directly, reshape the Middle East.)
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And the recaps go on.

[Aberrant] Barry Meldrum, later the Terat known as "the Confederate," born in Lethbridge, AB, Canada.


[Aberrant] Project Utopia-mediated negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization open.

...and angels.
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Ongoing flashback.

[Adventure!] The Ponatowski Foundation of Poland announces its intent to dredge the Black Sea for signs of ancient civilizations.

The archaeologically-oriented Foundation provides funding to the criminal operations of Ivan Boris Vladimirovich Stayansky, the would-be Czar of all the Russias. (Yes, I know Adventure! gives his surname as "Staynskaya", but it and Aberrant contain a number of such names, names that demonstrate that White Wolf staffers know jack all about the gendering of Russian surnames.)

[Aberrant] T2M receives its baptism of fire when it smashes its way into the Al-Burhan, Iran, headquarters of Islamic Dawn. The compound is secured inside three minutes with no harm to the Teamers.

I mentioned this last year as one of the reasons the September 11 attacks probably didn't happen in the TU. (Another is that President Schroer's national security advisor, unlike Condoleezza Rice, probably didn't ignore Sandy Berger's advice to keep a close eye on al-Qaeda, but that's neither here nor there.)
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Still not much happening in my real life.

[Aberrant] Newly-erupted Palestinian nova Asif ibn Karim destroys an Israeli jet. Utopia's PR department (with a little prompting from a certain Internal Affairs agent) casts enough doubt on the notion of nova involvement that none of the networks really runs with the possibility. Rumors persist, but most people assume that if there had been a nova involved, the media would have been all over the story due to their (and the world's) continuing fascination with novas.

In a message sent to a number of important people a few years from now, Proteus' Aaron Peloit (codenamed "Director Iktome") will cite this as an early example of Proteus' manipulations. Andre Corbin is one of those people, but based on his behavior, I don't think he gets the memo until it's too late. Raoul Orzaiz is another, and I'm pretty sure he gets it right in time.
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This would've gone up in the morning, but we went on a day trip to a mall nearby, leaving in the morning so we could be back in time for the Preakness Stakes. It was still, in fact, being edited right up to the moment I posted it (mostly filling in the links I'd prepared spaces for, sure, but even so).

[Aberrant] In the wake of the London Peace Accord, Utopia enjoys even greater approval than before (a thing most would have sworn was mathematically impossible).

Hairy-eyed manic screed about something else almost entirely. )
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Oh hell, I can start with a blockquote if I want to. (I'm not going to do it this time either, but I can. ^_^ )

[Aberrant] The Utopia-brokered talks between Israel and Palestine end with the signing of the London Peace Accord, which establishes a Palestinian state along the border of Israel and Egypt. Project Utopia agrees, as part of the Accord, to monitor the newly created border, although Israel is rumored to have almost a dozen novas under its direct control.

As late as 2008, those novas will not have been officially confirmed. A lot of hardliners (the sort OTL, at least, calls Likudniks) like it that way: "We don't need novas as long as we have G-d on our side." Proteus may have more info on Israel's novas, but they're not sharing, y'know?
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The trip I was planning has been delayed some by Chambersburg being chosen as the shooting site for Jack Frost's latest bukkake video, so I had time to finish this before leaving. Today's TDitTU entry is a two-fer.

If you dream of the factoid for you, then click here and get two for the price of one. )


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