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Getting caught the rest of the way up.

December 15
[Aberrant] Sudipda Boragi, applicant for an office services assistant/receptionist job with Team Tomorrow, does a preliminary phone interview with Samond J. Dupré, T2M's human resources officer.

SD: Could you tell me why you've applied to a position that you're obviously so overqualified for?
SB: <laugh> The money. And of course, I also want to work for someone who's actually doing something good for the world. I don't want to work for the corporate machine.

Pax leaves a note that says "Quit wasting my time with these morons. This person obviously only wants the job for the money and the prestige. He has troublemaker written all over him."
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Timestamped 12:19 PM, timezone unknown. (Which is why I didn't post it until now: if the poster's on LA time, it'd be at 3:19 PM Eastern, and I knew I was going to be on my way to work at that point. I meant to post it when I got home from work last night; that'll teach me to walk into a Borders to do some after-work Christmas shopping and still expect to be home at sane o'clock.)

December 14
[Aberrant] Nyteshade writes to the Novalife mailing list about Los Angeles.


This place has more of us than I've ever seen. Then again, it's also got more people than I've ever seen.... I've seen folks wearing only roller skates, a cape, and latex body paint order coffee in a diner in Burbank, and no one batted an eye. On the down side, you can kiss your car stereo goodbye.

One thing that does take some adjustment was the "time zone" system instituted in 2003 by then-Mayor Daniel Montoya to relieve traffic congestion — 12 (or more) numbered sectors with different default working hours (0600-1400 in East LA, 0900-1700 in Glendale/Burbank, 1800-0200 in Compton/Watts — and yes, it tends to be separated by income and race, or if you prefer, group A and group B).

Also in Aberrant: Year One's write-up on the City of Angels is "How to Survive LA" (contributed by Lorenzo King to the Winter 2007 edition of Anarchy Webzine). King discourses on the need to avoid the LALE (Los Angeles Law Enforcement Bureau, established 1999, billed all-too-accurately in its recruiting ads as "LA's Largest Gang"), the advisability of staying out of the Valley's "metroplexes" (mini-arcologies), the continued gangsta suckitude of life in the basin, and a reminder for the true rubes that Hollywood is, anymore, just a place for people to see and be seen. (If you want to get into the movies, go to Mumbai; in Hollywood, you can expect to "end up hustling, doing porn or 'starring' in a Camparelli-Zukhov snuff film.")
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May 8
[Aberrant] Geryon brutally kills Tampa mayor Frederick Rupert, the driving force behind the city's ban on novas.

The news story in the Aberrant core book is dated "06/08/07", but for reasons you'll see tomorrow, that doesn't work for me. The item is reported by Monica Gaspar as the top story on the WSSB eleven o'clock news — I think she's with the WSSB-40 in Sarasota, not the one in Hartford (CT).

According to the item, Geryon appeared outside the mayor's office at 2:10 PM, bashed his way through building security, "snapped Rupert's neck with one hand, and promptly left the way he came", leaving 12 baselines (both security and police) dead and 25 (police and civilians) hospitalized. In a public statement, Raoul Orzaiz "offered sympathy for the victims' families," but opined that Booth did not act in the wrong; he likened Rupert to

a rabid dog [who] might well have bitten someone rather more useful than himself.... To be frank, the loss of an atavism such as [Rupert] is no real blight on your species.

Other novas were less sanguine about it, of course; in a press conference on behalf of Utopia and T2M, Caestus Pax said point blank:

The Null Manifesto is nothing more than a trumped-up excuse for Teragen members to indulge in whatever criminal activity they choose without a pang of conscience.... We are all human together — and this Divis Mal and his radicals need to realize that quickly. If they don't, they will face the consequences.
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Little Jimmy Booth is mad at the world.

May 5
[Aberrant] Geryon appears on N!'s "Two Minutes Hate" and informs the zips that "henceforth, there will be hell to pay for injustices perpetrated upon any member of the One Race."

He speaks of the contrast between the high-minded promise of the Zurich Accords and the reality of novas being used as weapons in places like Kashmir. He also says something about how "[b]aseline courts sit back and we get the shaft", but doesn't give specifics (presumably, they're well known in the TU itself).

To the good people of Tampa, who have banned us from your town because we're a menace: Prepare to receive your comeuppance. To those who want to emulate the children in Italy who hanged a classmate because they thought he was a nova: You had best be on good terms with your creator. And to any baseline who wants to stop me: You are cordially invited to kiss your arse goodbye.
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Dreaming of Erehwon awake. [Edited the 28th to add the link I was supposed to drop in before I posted it.]

[Aberrant] Talk radio's Jordan McDevitt Show takes as its topic: "Baseline — insult or accurate?" Charles from Abilene comes down on the "It's just a scientific term" side, while Phil from Mobile feels insulted to be described "as some sort of lowest common denominator".

One of the earliest signs that the bloom might someday come off the rose. That the Nova Age would lead to people who, like Wesley Dodds in the last days Norman McCay knew him, stop complete strangers on the street and ask them if they ever miss the concept of human achievement.
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Nor is this, its companion, going away.

[Aberrant] A Stanford University lecture series "Law in the Nova Age," presented by Prof. Alan Coleman. Prof. Coleman points out that Project Utopia was ready for court objections to their telepathically-attained evidence before they were made - as private citizens, T2Mers were obliged to report any criminal activities of which they were aware, and they happened to have capabilities of awareness that law officials did not. Coleman asks where Project Utopia's all-seeing eyes will turn now that the war on crime is over.

If this is rather oblique, it's because (to a certain extent) it was written for a timeline meant to be read in chronological order. In this case, it refers to Utopia's worldwide breaking of the Mafia. (Of course, Coleman's notion that the war on crime had been won showed no awareness of the Megasyndicate.)
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[Aberrant] The Directive assigns Lucas Barrows to monitor German communications and media for evidence to confirm or deny President Fredericksen's anti-nova prejudices.

Preliminary intel suggests that Fredericksen is just shy of having the Bundeswehr chase all novas out of Germany, which could begin driving a wedge between the German government and Europe's novas, with catastrophic results. However, Barrows' research shows that the German press, at least, seems as nova-enraptured as the rest of the planet.
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Oh, and I can't forget this. Particularly since the first event has to take place today.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles reports in his journal: "Max is back." Mercer appears to have been recovering for the last few months under the care of Dr. Primoris (who seems familiar to Whit, but whom Whit does not immediately recognize as Michael Donighal) and claims not to remember how he got into Primoris' care. They resolve to go out for a steak dinner over which Max will explain his new venture and invite Whit to join it.

The excerpts from Whit's journal in the Adventure! rulebook only list the month in which each entry was made, but when I see an entry dated in June and the (implicitly) next day's entry dates from July, I can do the math easily enough.

[Aberrant] The UN overwhelmingly passes the Zurich Accord, a document declaring novas to be human beings, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. A few fundamentalist Islamic nations and dictatorial regimes, all countries with poor human-rights records, protest the resolution.

Those people thought the Accord went too far. Others would later decide it didn't go far enough. Or, at least, that its enforcement was somewhat selective, and was failing to target what they saw as Utopia's attempt to turn novas into the indentured servants of baselines.
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As you may have noticed, I hate starting these things off with blockquotes.

[Aberrant] Æon Society director Philippa Lavielle initiates a dialogue with the UN, offering to seek out and study novas.

To Joe Sixpack, that probably looked, in retrospect, like the genesis of Project Utopia. Presumably, the real reason (or one of them, anyway) was to find out whether the novas Mal had created differed from previous eximorphs, and if so, how.


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