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And my copy of Guardians of the Veil is arrived. New legacies? Neat. New spells and artifacts? Cool. The 49 Masques?


To review: my Virtue of Temperance puts me in that class of Masques known as the Viziers. If my Vice is indeed Pride (as the Paths of Fate identified it), the Masque that represents me would be the Untwisted Branch, "far-reaching wisdom and unshakeable loyalty." But, again, I feel more like the Runehold, conjunction of Temperance and Sloth, "smart, but passive... prefer research and tinkering to the practical aspects of their fields. They're happy to talk about what they know, but hate the pressure of a workplace, a client or anything else that constrains their private studies."

Now for my alter-egos. )
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I took the tests I mentioned last time, and they say I'm Hope/Greed, which would make my card the King of Coins: "Your faith in a better future ably equips you to build for it, and even when you fail you can start over with good cheer. With some luck and discernment, you can accumulate great wealth and power, and that is when you must choose. Will you spend what you have in pursuit of that brighter future? Or will you decide the bright future has arrived?"

Doesn't really sound like me, not with the same "Oh very yes" click the Hermit did. [Added 9.45 PM: The Hermit, for the record, is Trump IX.] Does sound like one of the cards I might pick for [livejournal.com profile] max_a_mercer, though. So take it with a grain of salt. Or just take it honestly, which I'm not sure I did.
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...then the Paths of Fate show [livejournal.com profile] thessalian to be another Hanged Man (Charity and Pride). By now you can probably recite the text for that card in the sleep these posts send you to, so I'll cut it: I see crowds of people walking round in a ring. Inferior men in positions of power. )

And just a reminder that in six months' time or so*, when the Guardians of the Veil order book comes out, I'll be seeing how these results fit with the Masque. Hence the overall category for these tags.

Oh, and googling on "paths of fate" turned up online quizzes somebody made for the Course of Light and the Course of Darkness, if you want to take them without having to involve me. Now if only he'd combined the two the way I do.

EDIT 7:03 PM. * I forgot to include this footnote. According to the White Wolf Quarterly available for download from white-wolf.com, the GotV orderbook will be out sometime in March.
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Well, the Paths of Fate results from actual people are in, and here's what they look like:

[livejournal.com profile] digitalraven's Virtue is Charity, and his Vice is Pride. His card is the Hanged Man [Trump XII], the same result [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal got when I tested my pups: "Wealth, indulgence, the pleasures of the flesh — these are nothing to you compared to the rare nectar of adoration. You can suffer any indignity for a chance to show your quality. Be bold, make no small plans and prepare yourself to endure for others what they cannot. You can survive anything except insignificance."

[livejournal.com profile] hooper_x's Virtue is Justice, and his Vice is either Lust or Pride. If it's Pride, his card is the Last Judgment [Trump XX], same as [livejournal.com profile] good_or_awesome: "Even before the trumpet of heaven and the gates of hell, you show no doubt. Questioning your judgment is the most perilous thing you can do, far worse than actually being wrong. You must never doubt yourself, any more than you would tolerate the doubt of others." For Lust, it'd be the Seven of Rods: "Raise your weapon against anyone, great or small, who represses you. A life of insurrection is fraught with difficulties, so you must choose carefully. Any time you refrain from striking the oppressor, no matter how overmatched you are, it is a taste of your own defeat. But while flying heedlessly into an ideological battle has rich inner rewards for you, be aware of its more material dangers." Hoop allows as how "Both of those work, atcherly, although I think the latter one is a little awesomer."

[livejournal.com profile] lostfactor's Virtue is Justice, and his Vice is Greed. His card is the King of Rods: "The power of the sword is the power to destroy, but the power of the rod is the power to build. It is your power. You long to have more than all you survey, but it will be empty to you unless you deserve it. Labor without ceasing to develop your kingdom, but do so by paying honest due to friends and honest ire to foes. In that way you will rule with a steady hand."

[livejournal.com profile] nakedblueninja's Virtue is a three-way tie between Fortitude, Justice and Prudence, but her Vice is unmistakably Wrath. She remarks that, in fact, each of these applies in different situations, depending on the severity of the sin. (Curiously, I managed to peg each of these cards to a significant nova from Aberrant, based on their roleplaying notes.)

Justice and Wrath would point to the King of Swords: "You mete out judgment, stripped bare of any soft garb of mercy. Your nature is to be harsh and stern, doling out second chances only if they are earned, not as a matter of course. While you pride yourself on clear sight because you are unswayed by begging, make sure that you are equally clear when it is necessary to hold punishment back. Your natural tendency towards heavy-handed vengeance can overwhelm your urge for justice." (This card, in my opinion, she shares with Shelby "Caestus Pax" Eisenfaust.) This is how she reacts to the little things, "like people being jerks or minor assaults on my moral code".

Fortitude and Wrath would mean her card is Death [Trump XIII*]: "Locust warrior, crusader, insatiable devourer — you can sustain, indefinitely, a fury that would exhaust weaker creatures in an instant. But your path is a lonesome one, for any who would walk beside Death risk falling into her shadow." (She shares this card with Michael Brandschmidt, "Grimskull" of the Dark Altar, the Might of the Beast.) Those who hurt her loved ones, or come after her with active malice, get this treatment.

Prudence and Wrath would indicate the Five of Coins: "The thoroughness with which you can grind down an enemy, whether the cause be personal, political or philosophical, is breathtaking in its awfulness. Never act rashly — such passion is not you. Instead, make your plan with care, plot each deed with foresight and step by step you can produce total ruin." (And this card, she shares with the Mind of the Beast, Brian "Belial" Petford.) That's how she deals with betrayers: "I do my best to strip them of everything they cherish. Right down to paying some friend of mine to pose as a Jehova's witness [sic] dosed up on snake juice so right after his pitch about god, he throws up on their shoes." (I remarked, on reading that, that she needs to friend [livejournal.com profile] thessalian at least as soon as possible. When she added that "Apparently, this is the scariest thing any witnesses I've ever had have ever seen. I think I can understand why", I asked if she knew of any Neilsons in her family tree.)

If anyone else gives enough of a toss, the test is still open to taking.

* All trump numbers belatedly added 9:44 PM.
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I went on AIM last night, for the first time in yonks, and [livejournal.com profile] xiota protested at the lack of non-birthday content.

It's not that nothing's been going on in my life, it's just that I'm not sure how to string it together into some semblance of a coherent narrative. Last Thursday, I got Mage: The Awakening, completing my trifecta of nWOD games (and making me want to get the Guardians of the Veil order-book when it comes out in March or so, on account of them having a possible counterpart to the Paths of Fate in the form of the Masque). It's possible that [livejournal.com profile] hooper_x will have his PoF results to me by then, hint hint. Stranger things have happened.

This morning, I saw a guy in my local paper's anonymous call-in section saying you never saw the kind of hatred directed at Bill Clinton that you see directed at George W. Bush. All I have to say is, where the


did he spend the eight-year period that began January 20, 1993? In a cave? On an asteroid? In another solar system? (In fairness to him, I must admit, I don't know that he personally ever described our 42nd President as "a psychotic rapist whose hatred of America has demonstrated time and again that he has only one thought in mind and that is to destroy it", as one letter-writer in Mississippi did.)

This afternoon, after three barely-successful attempts, none of which even got me off the Orientation Island, I decided that my current computer is just not capable of handling the Second Life client. Remind me to cancel the account, and to try again in 90 days' time or when I have a better computer, whichever comes last.

On July 28, I corralled our cat and took him to a kennel up in Shippensburg, preparatory to leaving the following day to join my parents in Scotland. On August 9, we got home, to find a call from the kennel informing us that on the 3rd, he'd succumbed to the feline diabetes that our vet had assured us was no danger to the little attention-suck's life. The 'rents wanted to have him put down pre-emptively before he left, rather than have him die among strangers, until that veterinary reassurance came down. Even if I'd known what was coming, though, I don't know if I could have exchanged one certain death for another. Does that make me a monster, or just human?
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Welp, I've heard back from three of the four people who took the Paths of Fate quiz. (Seriously, Hoop, if you had too much of a life to take the test or even let me know you didn't have the time, why'd you raise a brother's hopes by asking me to send it to you in the first damn place?) Only one of those three has agreed, however, to let her results be posted, so I'm not going to post any of them just yet. Rather, I'm going to post the results I got from taking it, in character, as each of my three RP pups, with my comments on how it could have gone differently.

[livejournal.com profile] good_or_awesome's Virtue (make your own jokes, I'm a busy man) is Prudence (at least, that's what the cards say) and his Vice is Pride. That would make the Queen of Swords his card: "Your place is not wielding the rod of authority, but sitting beside the one who does. Balanced between prudence and pride, you can be a schemer, a usurper or a slave to ruthless ambition. But your better place is as counselor, cautioner and mediator. Accept that your rewards must come from a higher authority, and you will support that authority well. Envy your master, and you can become the most poisonous of traitors."

(Out of the cards within one row/column of that one on the chart* that cross-references Virtue and Vice, his behavior strikes me as more in tune with Trump XX, the Last Judgment, the card of Justice and Pride: "Even before the trumpet of heaven and the gates of hell, you show no doubt. Questioning your judgment is the most perilous thing you can do, far worse than actually being wrong. You must never doubt yourself, any more than you would tolerate the doubt of others.")

[livejournal.com profile] last_master's Virtue is Charity, and his Vice, surprisingly, turns out to be Sloth. (Well, Sloth or Greed, but when the two came into direct conflict, Sloth prevailed.) That means his card is the Six of Cups: "You are not one to set forth and strive to change the world, but rather one who is well able to change herself to fit the world as he finds it and — perhaps more importantly — to help others change themselves to be more fit as well. Indeed, your greatest triumphs are likely to be those you achieve through others."

(If it'd been Greed, his card would be Trump IV, the Emperor, so I'm sure he's glad it flipped the other way, despite how that card is described: "For every hundred people who claim that they are gathering funds for their righteous cause, there is one person who is genuinely doing so. You can be that person. When you labor to improve the lot of yourself and others, you are at your strongest. When you are conflicted between helping others and your own comfort or security, you are at your weakest.")

[livejournal.com profile] md_donighal's Virtue is also Charity, but his Vice is Pride. His card is Trump XII, the Hanged Man: "Wealth, indulgence, the pleasures of the flesh — these are nothing to you compared to the rare nectar of adoration. You can suffer any indignity for a chance to show your quality. Be bold, make no small plans and prepare yourself to endure for others what they cannot. You can survive anything except insignificance."

(That works, arguably, but I also think he fits, perhaps a little better, with Trump XIX, the Sun, the card of Faith and Pride: "The glory of the cause is your glory — whatever cause you choose. You have the heart of a true believer, but you will never be content to labor in humble obscurity. Be the paragon of your creed, or your soul will starve. Be a saint or a great sinner, but never permit yourself to be eclipsed.")

* On p.89 of the Ordo Dracul covenant-book.
** Edited September 14 to add trump numbers.
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...to my previous post: If you do have a copy of the Ordo Dracul covenant book, and want to walk the Courses of Light and Darkness for yourself and share your results with the world, please do. To get the ball rolling, here're the details of the Hermit:

"Your nature disposes you to solitary efforts and contemplative pursuits. Considering every side of a problem is your great strength. Being unable to choose between options is your great weakness. You work best with time to consider, study and find a compromise between all factors. Anything that forces you to rush, guess or make do will drain you."

Sounds about right, ne?
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Remember this post from over a year ago, when I polled people on their Virtues and Vices in Storytelling System terms?

Since that time, we've been gifted with an invaluable tool for that sort of thing: the Fate Cards described in the Ordo Dracul covenantbook. The description of the personality type they call the Hermit, for instance, is me to a T (for Temperance and Sloth, as it happens). Curiously, when I took the "Paths of Fate" test described in the book, I came out as the Temperance card (Temperance and Pride). Even more curiously, this is within the possible margin of error for dice rolls that simulate the effects of the test (since Sloth is one row down from Pride on their cross-reference table).

Anyone who wants to take this test and doesn't have the Ordo covbook, please contact me with an email address so I can administer it in all its Ultima-esque glory. (I'll be subjecting my pups — [livejournal.com profile] good_or_awesome, [livejournal.com profile] last_master and [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal — to it whether they want to take it or not, and the results of that should be interesting to say the least. (Particularly where Obi-Wan is concerned.)
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So, as announced here, Nature in the Storytelling System will be divided into a Virtue and a Vice, "chosen from the traditional list of seven deadly sins and corresponding virtues" rather than from descriptive nouns like "Bravo" and "Competitor". (For those of you who forgot or never knew, the cardinal virtues are Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude; the deadly sins, in no particular order, are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Pride, Envy and Sloth.)

What do you think your Virtue and Vice are? Feel free to post it in comments here, or in your own journal. To get the ball rolling, I'm pretty sure my Vice is Sloth, and my Virtue is probably Hope (though I can see arguments for many of the others and welcome other people's thoughts).

For that matter, it might be interesting to post Virtues and Vices for your fictional characters, and/or characters you write. (The guy whose name appears on this journal, for instance: Dezz' Vice is probably Gluttony, in that the things he wants out of life are usually things you can't so much buy as rent. His Virtue? Justice, curiously enough. At least, that's the closest I can find to the willingness he demonstrated to fight against greater evils than himself [S'am'jha, for instance, and Kubiczirconite — [livejournal.com profile] archangelbeth and [livejournal.com profile] penguinzero will recognize those names]. I dunno, though; might be Fortitude.)


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