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After yesterday, is it any wonder I'm reluctant to go on? Besides, it's all downhill from here really.

May 14
[Aberrant] Jackie from Capitola [CA] calls in to talk radio's Jordan McDevitt Show to ask what Novelty Consulting is and why Slider was working for them.

He answers as best he can.

Talk TV's Monika Show does a segment with Mary-Beth, a mother whose daughter wants to join the Teragen.

I couldn't even watch read the talk-show segment all the way through; it just rubbed me the wrong way in ways I find hard to articulate. Maybe it was because neither side seemed to know what they were talking about. (One audience member says the Teragen is a front for a white-slave ring.)

A Terat who rejoices in the sobriquet "Penetrator" sent Geryon an email about "this sensationalist crap":

We're being turned into the new goblins. Next they'll be saying we steal children's breath or hide beneath bridges and whack people across the head so we can suck their bone-marrow.

To which James replies "I can't think of a better hobby, can you? ; )"
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Yeah yeah, another recap.

[Aberrant] On talk radio's Jordan McDevitt Show, the topic is "Project Utopia: threat or menace?" McDevitt's answer is yes. He cites Utopia's private status, its backing by Æon (which answers to no-one) and the UN (which answers more and more to Æon), and its high approval rating: "the only other things with a 95% worldwide approval rating are fattening foods and caffeine and neither of them are any good for you, either."

As I said last year, the last clause is far less relevant than the good points he makes about Æon. As I also said, it's a damn shame only professional paranoids are making those points at this time in TU history.
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And so we return and begin again.

[Aberrant] Talk radio's Jordan McDevitt Show invites listeners to weigh in on the topic of "legal restrictions for novas, good idea or bad precedent?" Dan from Philadelphia is glad T2M did an end-run around the law to cripple the New York Mafia; Richard in New Jersey is equally happy about that, but less sanguine about what happens when (not if, but when) T2M decides to enforce much tighter codes of behavior, on ordinary citizens.

I keep forgetting it's not all a chair of bowlies at this point in the TU.

[Aberrant] Henri Mazarin and Farah Rashoud receive the Nobel Prize in biology for their pioneering research into nova physiology and the discovery of the M-R node.

And, here in the real world, I decided to start doing these posts in something like the "This day in Trinity Universe history" format. I was seriously considering whether to continue the $display_past_event function once I get all caught up (end of January, I'm still pretty sure); now I figure, between the Memories section and [livejournal.com profile] wolfspoor's "On a day like today" zone (thanks again, [livejournal.com profile] etherlad), that portion's covered.
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Dreaming of Erehwon awake. [Edited the 28th to add the link I was supposed to drop in before I posted it.]

[Aberrant] Talk radio's Jordan McDevitt Show takes as its topic: "Baseline — insult or accurate?" Charles from Abilene comes down on the "It's just a scientific term" side, while Phil from Mobile feels insulted to be described "as some sort of lowest common denominator".

One of the earliest signs that the bloom might someday come off the rose. That the Nova Age would lead to people who, like Wesley Dodds in the last days Norman McCay knew him, stop complete strangers on the street and ask them if they ever miss the concept of human achievement.
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Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep

— Buffalo Springfield, "For What It's Worth"

[Aberrant] Talk radio's Jordan McDevitt insists to "Larry from Louisville" that the Equatorial Wars are a setup. "All those countries, like Nigeria and Sierra Leone and all, where'd they get the money to hire all those elites?...I think the answer's pretty simple — the good ol' U-S-of-A....They wanted to find out how T2M stood up in an out-and-out battle."

Larry scoffs at this theory, and Jordan offers a counterproposal: "maybe the media secretly bankrolled the whole thing. Who's making the most money off of this whole situation?" (Aberrant: Project Utopia has him specifically mentioning N!, but given that the Nova Network didn't become a separate entity for another year and a half, this must be another failure of White Wolf's continuity department.)
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It's actually his chronologically earliest appearance, so I think it deserves an extra-special mention.

[Aberrant] Talk radio's Jordan McDevitt Show takes as its topic novas. Mike from Poughkeepsie says that the UN created the novas as an army of global conquest. Kevin from Decatur reports having read that Æon's "Philippa Deville" [sic] is literally in bed with someone important at the UN.

Remember, kiddies, if you don't see the fnord, it can't eat you.
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Another day, another datum. It doesn't really advance the metaplot, but it relates to something that advanced it a lot.

What are they hiding? )
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This entry is from one of those voices I mentioned last time. If he hadn't been so busy, it would have gone up on the day it got to me; luckily, only one thing had to be changed to reflect that. For legal reasons, he can't use his own name here, so please welcome Hugh Boone.

Now five years later on, you've got the world at your feet
Success has been so easy for you...

— The Human League, "Don't You Want Me?" (1982)

Living in the Nova Age, looking only half my age... )


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