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From the Milliways OOC comm, yesterday:

"Write me a ficlet with you and your character. In their universe, IRL, fourth-wall breakdown, whatever."

I couldn't pick just one, and I couldn't guarantee it'd stay a ficlet, so I didn't post it in comments, but I warned Steph I might do something like this. In comments to this post, all my characters, including the ones for whom I don't actually have journals yet, will be speaking their piece(s). If that sort of thing bores you, this post would be a good time to go out to the lobby and get yourself a snack.
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Where the real money from the movie is made!

late May
[Aberrant] The June issue of Playthings magazine reveals that, while eight of the top ten nova action figures are produced by Novation (the exceptions being DeVries' figures of its Elite™ Mirko "Overkill" Mirkonen [#10] and of XWF Black Circle fighter Rob "Superbeast" Steele [#3]), four of those eight are of non-Utopian novas (Bender [#4], Core [#9], Divis Mal [#6] and Geryon [#2]); Caestus Pax (#7) literally hits the ceiling at the news that Corbin is still outselling him despite the media calling the Scotsman a psycho killer (Skew is #8, Antaeus #5 and Mourning Edition Slider #1).

So yeah.

late June
To add injury to insult, Pantheon Productions (the Pandaimonion's corporate arm, headed by Narcosis) brings suit against Novation for failing to obtain the permission of Mal and Booth before producing merchandise bearing the two Terats' likenesses.

I think it's Aberrant Worldwide Phase I that reveals that Novation eventually loses the suit (something it's never done before), and that, later in the year, Pantheon rolls out its own official Teragen figure line, with Geryon and Mal figures in the first wave.
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Here is a riddle to guess if you can: what makes a monster and what makes a man?

June 5
[Aberrant] Orzaiz sends an encrypted OpMail <12inch@smokingslut.net> to Synapse <burning-candy@hotnode.com> wondering how the net.Terat managed to lose Saxon. "I fear that we're back to square one regarding Fong....If we can find her and confirm precisely how Saxon discovered her whereabouts, we might be able to nail Delorimier once and for all."

I initially had this as the last item, but Orzaiz fears that if the Apostle can bring Shrapnel (and thus the Primacy) into the Cult of Mal, "we'll have a bloody farce on our hands, at least until Mal returns." (It's that last clause that was the clincher.) He also suggests continued attempts to get in touch with Corbin, though admitting that'd be easier if Geryon and Epoch hadn't attacked the Scotsman. "Oh well. This isn't the first time a revolution has attracted idiots."

In a Navajo Daedalus 3 communique to agent Nyeung, Director Thetis gives him his next assignment — preparing "Ishida and Fashoud" (presumably Proteus novas) to support T2M Asia/Pacific at Sop Moei. Thetis also requests an updated full report on the Æon Council, who have recently done some things that surprised her.

The agents' support for T2MA/P's plant closure is to involve "wetworking among the local government and military in order to make certain that the closedown is permanent." Which, well, Proteus.

Divis Mal arrives at the Pantheon meeting to exhort his fellow Terats to seek their true greatness.

He makes all kinds of metaphorical pronunciamenti about the way they're failing to live up to their potential; they're mostly focused on power, but Teras is about

the enlightenment, of which only Jeremiah Scripture and Raoul Orzaiz appear to have attained any modicum. You are not the equals I have been waiting for. You are baselines with undeserved power and boorish, petty natures. When will you speak to the angels with me? When?! My gods feed me blood and mangoes, and I laugh, I weep, I dance. Your gods feed you Kool-Aid and white bread, and you crawl, you buzz and you quarrel like fractious children.

One of the quotes that helped define Mal, for me and probably a lot of other TU fans, came soon after: "I am a visionary, a warrior and a lover of life, but unlike my father, I do not enjoy the role of teacher." At first, I thought the father he was referring to was [livejournal.com profile] max_a_mercer; after I learned Michael's surname, that sentence was one of the reasons I determined that [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal's father had been one of Max's teachers at Harvard.

"You are my children," he tells the Pantheon, "but in time you must grow beyond me.... The essence of our future is struggle. We must be ready."

NV and the Primacy are to continue as terrible angels, the fists of the One Race. The Harvesters are charged to be the monsters in the shadows, but cautioned not to "so worship the monster in yourselves that you misplace the seeds of your godhood." Scripture and the Mathematician are to continue in a leadership role, "but know that I am back." The Count is to "[g]et them accustomed to honoring us", and Narcosis to "[m]ake them love the One Race more than they love their own."
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Containments, breached and failed.

June 2
[Aberrant] At 0345 unspecified local time, Divis Mal emerges from his Chrysalis. His awakening is known only to Synapse, whose monitors alert him to it, and Scripture, whom Doan tells of it.

"That's Michael," is Jeremiah's first reaction when he gets the news. "He always has been an overachiever." Synapse has given the Beacon a datapacket to read with updates on what he's slept through, and asks Scripture if there's any message he wants passing along. Scripture's only answer? "Tell him... tell him I've missed him."

In a closed UN Security Council meeting, Utopia's Internal Affairs department reveals findings indicating a frame-up of the organization. The US and British governments are unconvinced, and Directive surveillance of Utopia's operations is stepped up.

No mention of Japan, but in OTL, they were last on the council for a 2005-6 term anyway. I doubt they were convinced either.
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It's timestamped 3:10 AM, so it's probably happened by now.

April 28
[Aberrant] Boom-Boom Harmon writes to the "OpNet freak" he knows as "Trip" (possibly one of Synapse's aliases), requesting "the goods on Narcosis." Harmon is of the opinion that de la Cruz' desire to get in with the Pantheon is dragging her, and the rest of the Pandaimonion, down (particularly her desire to get between Mal and Scripture and have the Prime Terat's baby).

Synapse has a number of virtual identities in the various cliques of the Teragen — I'm pretty sure Trip, for instance, is one of the Casablancas, Count Orzaiz' network of spies. (Alex' NovaPhiles write-up in Aberrant: Teragen specifically mentions "Code", in the Pandaimonion itself, and "Interrupt", an OpNet propagandist for the nova-supremacist Primacy.)

Besides his political concerns, Boom-Boom also has a more mundane request: ringside seats for an upcoming XWF PPV, possibly Hong Kong Karnage, at which Superbeast is going to have a grudge match with Christine "Terminatrix" Jesensky (a claw-handed, shark-skinned, -eyed and -mouthed seven-footer whose gimmick is that she's a Terat "punishing those novas who would prostitute themselves for the baseline masses").
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Meme! Ask my RP peeps anything, and they'll answer in-character. They are, lined up alphabetically by height:

[livejournal.com profile] good_or_awesome (Strong Bad)
[livejournal.com profile] ilko_skevuld (The Cheat)
[livejournal.com profile] katana_hacker (Hiro Protagonist)
[livejournal.com profile] last_master (Obi-Wan Kenobi)
[livejournal.com profile] md_donighal (Michael Daemon Donighal, aka Dr. Primoris or Divis Mal)

Have at it!
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One of those ones where I didn't put nearly enough in the initial summary.

October 17
[Aberrant] Bene "Bounty" Manata writes in her private journal about her work in the Nursery and how the children there compare to Mal.

The said "Nursery" is where the Terats raise the children they've managed to breed up despite the Proteus cocktail — second-generation novas. (Remember what Ian Malcolm says in Jurassic Park about the congenitally rich?) The paragraph as written confuses her reflections on the children with some words that won't be said for months, and will come from somebody else anyway:

Imagine the potential of a nova born nova — no need to "learn" quantum manipulation, they just know. Are you scared yet? [Ten or twenty] years from now, these marvels are going to make Mal look like a chump. Well, maybe not Mal.... And how do you think they'll feel toward baselines?

And, actually, most of her thoughts are of Mal:

his power is comforting in its absolute-ness. The serenity that emanates from him is incomparable. His presence is addictive.
Even from afar, even from his Chrysalis, his presence permeates the world. The children can feel him, as if he were here and they sense that he's their father — if not physically, then spiritually. When I [...] close my eyes and extend my mind out to him, I see him, and he is pulsating with energy, with potential. His eyes are closed but his node is awake, changing right before me, a being of ultimate perfection forcing himself to evolve. [...]
[A]nd yet, I cannot shake my feeling of unease. Even with the inhuman Harvesters I don't have this feeling. No matter how freakish they look, I can still feel that they were once human and baseline. Not with Mal. Like the children, he possesses a certain detachment, an abstract bemusement that makes him at once a visionary and a demon.

One of my character notes for [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal is "Who would you be if the only thing you had to fear was yourself?"
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Continued from yesterday.

In a communique double-encrypted with Navajo Daedalus 3, Proteus agent Nyeung reports that "Subject Alpha-001" (Divis Mal) has dropped off the map and is expected to return sometime between 2010 and 2013. He suggests striking to eradicate the Teragen now, while they're still divided and new on the world stage, before Mal's return can galvanize them.

To be continued, not wisely but too well.
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I thought [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal would have something to say about this, but so far he doesn't.

Divis Mal enters Chrysalis, assumed by most Terats (from hints dropped by Scripture) to be his fourth.

I don't know if I've mentioned Chrysalis, the process by which Terats lower their quantum buildup when it threatens their sanity. At any rate, now you know enough about it to be going on with. Michael went into this one at an undisclosed location known only to his beloved Jeremiah Scripture (and, I think, to Bene Manata as well, though I'm not sure of this).
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One of the grandest and most glorious mistakes in the history of the multiverse happens tonight.

My fandom knows your worth, it senses your frustration, and it has seen your destiny. )
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Going behind the scenes.

[Aberrant] A photograph from this time shows Narcosis meeting in Havana with a figure who, apart from his casual dress, appears to be Divis Mal.

[livejournal.com profile] md_donighal was unable to tell me what specific day of the month it was. "Remember, Austin," he said calmly when I asked him, "it was more than half a lifetime ago for me, and it wasn't something I considered important enough to remember a specific date. In your own often-used words, I didn't know there was going to be a quiz." He tells me he suspected her interest in him was at least partly sexual, but he was too much of a gentleman to let her down as hard as was required, "the more fool I."
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And happy N-Day, [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal!
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There are reasons why this needs to go out before September.

summer [Aberrant] — Chilean nova Pedro Santiago, "The Mathematician," who may have erupted before the Galatea explosion, meets with Count Raoul Cristobal Orzaiz, a young Basque nova who has recently made quite a splash in the European press by vociferously declining to enter a Rashoud facility after his eruption. At Villa Orzaiz near Valencia, Spain, they talk late into the night about the possibility of a "new way" for a new species, an alternative to what they see as Utopia's attempts to turn novas into the slaves of baselines.

The two novas were like an embodiment of Cartesian mind-body dualism. Santiago's powers are almost purely cerebral — he percieves the world as a flow of equations and probabilities. Orzaiz' powers, on the other hand, tend toward the physical, with only his posthuman social skills as exceptions to his general development into "an accomplished athlete of my species."

The direction of their discussions was subtly influenced by early contact with Divis Mal and his life-partner Jeremiah Scripture. The two would stay in touch with the couple, though the others who joined them would have more contact with Scripture than with Donighal.
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As luck would have it, this date comes around just in time to honor Monday's release of the d20 version of Adventure!.

Mythology. )
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Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] etherlad, for the reassurance that TDiTUH still serves a useful purpose. The plan I'd almost forgotten I had is working just the way I meant it to. ("That's just the way I planned it!" — Wolfgang Amadeus von Fahrvergnugen)

There's a link between the two items for today, but I'm not going to spell it out explicitly. I will say that f you've been reading my posts, at least this calendar year, you can put the pieces together for yourself.

A tale from the Golden Age. )

Mysteries of the age. )
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The original version of this post, the version that was going to be written in character, made only one unsupported interpolation into the Trinity Universe timeline — I arbitrarily stated that Michael Daemon Donighal was born on this date in 1900. Hugh has already written about Donighal's involvement in the Hammersmith Incident and how it turned him into Dr. Primoris. What he didn't write about is what happened after that.

A terrible angel. )

So to-night we're gonna party like it's... )

They say two thousand, zero zero, party over, oops, out of time. )

Rate of transference. )

Are you ready for a new sensation? )

What a difference a day makes. And happy real-world new year to all and sundry.
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If I had an attention span, this would have been posted a lot earlier. Apologies.

My employers celebrated their anniversary recently. And so did the event that made them possible, maybe even necessary. I was too busy to blog this commemoration, but it's about time I did.

I'm running late, but I'm running. )


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