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Macho bullshit. Let's go.

April 17
[Aberrant] In an N!terview, DeVries Elite™ Lance "Stone Badass" Stryker denounces the rumor of his scheduled participation in next month's XWF "Hong Kong Karnage" pay-per-view, or indeed in any other XWF event. "If Core wants to take off his little makeup and come out from inside his little arena and bring his little Core Meltdown to [any] place where real men do real fightin' for a livin', then the Stone Badass will be happy to shove the sole of my boot straight up his ass...and that's a damn fact!"

This is the second time I've mentioned Lance Stryker (if you don't count the days when my comments links came with a reference to his trademarked catchphrase "and that's a damn fact"). I should've mentioned him last spring, when he was unmasked by rival elite Borealis, but the Aberrant core rules didn't state the date any more precisely than "the spring of 2007". (There's another item about him from last year that I missed then, but it's got a precise date, so I'll get to it next month.)

"Do I look like a damn cartoon to you, son?" he asks the N! reporter right before calling out the reigning champion of posthuman sports entertainment. "Do I look like Core or [Maxx] Mauler or one of them other mite-injectin', pumped-up, fake-ass faggots that goes out there and rolls around in his damn underwear so that a bunch of fat OpNet turds can sit around and jack off?" The irony here is that he's a fairly obvious Captain Ersatz of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ("And that's the bottom line").
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...of the Aberrant corebook's "Setting" section, that is)

March 23
[Aberrant] The Fireman is interviewed for the N! documentary Reaching the Stars: A Decade of Novas.

One of the delays in posting this was the difficulty in finding the motivation to look at Portman's words. They're the very first text piece in the rulebook, and as such, there's a fair amount of as-you-know-Bob; also, the artist who drew the accompanying images of Portman gives him a hebephrenic grin that really gets on my tits.

There was also a lot of sincere Utopia boosterism, meant to sucker the reader on his initial encounter with the book, but annoying as hell on revisitation: Utopia has done nothing but good for the world, only right-wing cranks have any reason to object to Utopia, blah blah blah. Oh, and

if [Divis Mal] really believes that [novas aren't bound by human laws], and it's not just a publicity stunt or ratings gimmick, then... his mom should have spanked him more often.... [T]he Teragen is... nothing but a gang of thugs, the Manson Family with super-powers.... They are the ones who are putting this smear-campaign crap on the Project.

He ended with the irony-licious prediction that "the next 10 years will be even better than the last. I really believe that the 21st century will be the dawn of a golden age for mankind."

March 24
[Aberrant] A DeVries agency employee named Khalif sends elite Jeffries a briefing letter on the Nakato-gumi.

This is preparatory to what Jeffries may think of as "a simple extraction", warning him that it's no such thing. He warns Jeffries that the blacktech the Nakato (probably) have at their disposal is likely to have military applications, and might even be capable of taking down Geryon. Having already reminded him that "half the zaibatsu in Osaka are likely in their pockets", he points out that the Nakato are popular with Jiro Sixpack as well; the number three manga series in the country is about a yakuza nova who, when not engaged in his employment, can be found "helping out the little guy and tweaking the noses of foreign authorities." (Although it's been made into an anime, it sounds to me less like the original version of Gumi Nova Tragic than like some Nova Age version of One Piece.) And you can bet your node that they've got at least one real nova, "and we have no idea what sort of powers they're packing. That comic shows somebody with superspeed, but" it's not necessarily reliable.
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An even more tenuous common thread.

January 20
[Aberrant] The German Ministry of Transport, Construction and Housing announces plans to link the nation's major cities with high-speed maglev trains.

In OTL, they're talking about one maglev service, from Munich to Franz Josef Strauss International. (Maybe in the TU, they'll reactivate the Hamburg and Berlin maglines.)

[Aberrant] Anna DeVries sends a letter to Linda "Lotus Infinite" Raphael attempting to persuade her in favor of accepting a full-time DeVries contract, offering as an inducement the care of DeVries' paraphysician if Raphael's current aberrations worsen.

Lotus' most obvious current aberration is that her hair constantly swirls as if in a gentle imaginary wind; she's taken to shaving her head to hide that.
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This didn't happen until the evening of the 24th, by which time I was in Maryland.

December 24
[Aberrant] DeVries Elites™ "Finn and Dog" leave 26 dead aboard the cruise ship Island Princess, including novox stars Brother Rap and Sister Soul, who are later found to have been dealing in arms for the Nation of Islam.

Well, technically a radical NoI faction, but still. It's a good thing the people who set Finn (somewhat bishonen, social combat-monster) and Dog (master tracker with a schnauzer's muzzle aberrated onto his face) onto BR&SS weren't playing the two elites for saps; their response to that sort of thing tends to be messy.

When they find out during the initial negotiations, it's still painful, but it tends to be only verbal (well, verbal with the full weight of Finn's Mega-Social enhancements behind it, but that's no worse than being insulted by, say, Pere Brinker or Doug Piranha). Something like Finn's "Lies give me gas, idiots give me a headache. Now I have both, and all I did was sit in the same room with you for two minutes" or Dog's far earthier and decidedly NSFW comment ).
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I realize I forgot to write about "Teragen Liberation Movement", so here they are now.

[Aberrant] Nova Vigilance's last major strike of 2007 demonstrates what Geryon means by "commitment" with the rescue of the [captured] TLM from the grasp of the NYPD and T2MAm.

TLM (actually, no definite article) are a bunch of Terat-wannabees (weeabats?) who spent much of the year making fools of themselves trying to impress the actual movement. Over the last six months, they've been acting like "cheesy OpNet super-crooks" in attempts to one-up major NV actions.

It started when Geryon, with help from Boom-Boom Harmon of the Pandaimonion, trashed the Chicago Rashoud facility, which led TLM to attack a Houston society ball. As Leviathan will tell it later, "The feebs didn't think that those rich folk would mix gala soirees and nova bodyguards like Texans mix pickup trucks and shotguns." Result: eight dead baselines, two seriously wounded novas, and one deeply-peeved party guest by the name of Raoul Cristobal Orzaiz.

NV, in an attempt to show TLM what the game was about, rescued a captive taint-buttered monster from the Utopian cargo plane taking it to Bahrain for study. TLM continued to interpret this as a pissing contest and assaulted the New York office of the DeVries Agency. "They get their ass kicked by nova bodyguards in Houston, and so, they attack the people who represent most of the novas-for-hire on the planet," Leviathan snarks in retrospect. The Agency's on-site Elite™ security, Aggro, mopped the floor with them, and TLM's leader, André "Battle-Cry" Courtmanche, got blowed up real good, "like a Chihuahua in a microwave."

And so the rescue. For T2M: Skew, Ana Graça Texeira, Ricardo Montoya Bernal, Delaney "Firefly" Croft-Martin (a debutante who erupted at a charity benefit) and Slider. For NV: Geryon, Epoch, The Confederate, and Binh "Gauze" Nyugen. It was Gauze who turned the tables for the Terats, "slic[ing] through the support structures of a nearby building." The Tomorrowites, hampered by their foolish concern for baseline lives</sarcasm>, evacuated the humans from the building and set about repairing it "while NV rescued the prisoners", who "ended up making pretty good Terats once they learned a little discipline."

The movement, on the other hand, could use a little message discipline:

In the span of three weeks in December, 2007, Boom-Boom's on the Montebello Show acting like a KISS reject, The Apostle's talking to reporters about the divinity of Mal, and N!'s interviewing Orzaiz about a nova homeland. Every statement or interview made contradicted what some other Terat said. And when a reporter was smart enough to point out the inconsistencies, members like Boom-Boom could only respond: "Yeah man, but Orzaiz blows. I'm Mal'icious." How the hell were we supposed to get any respect when we were acting like a frat party.

The big lizard blames this centrifugal bumble-puppying, at least in part, on Mal's absence.
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The article in the Aberrant corebook is undated; I think I got the date from the relevant supplement.

November 12
[Aberrant] Graham Herron, current holder of the Houston Tornado "franchise" (urban defender license), is found shot, stabbed and beaten to death near Dime Box, TX. His corpse is reportedly marked with symbols associated with the Church of Michael Archangel, a fundamentalist Christian sect which holds that "aberrants" are literal demons from hell.

Sheriff Tom Boddard, who found the body, says "[t]here must have been a lot of the Michaelites to take one of these boys down," but says he wasn't aware of a Michaelite compound in the area; he speculates they came from Austin or Nacogdoches, which presumably both host Michaelite presences. "Powder burns marked the weapons as having been discharged at close range."

A spokesman for Micah Piper, Grand Deacon of the Austin (TX) Michaelite compound, while not actually admitting any role in Herron's death, says that the Tornado "obviously met his match in God's Chosen." Online Michaelites echoed the sentiment; Suzanne Haslett of Virginia asks "Why should we weep for the passing of the Devil's own?" Lucy Corgan, age seven, boasts: "My papa has a gun that will drop an aberrant dead in his tracks, and so do all his friends."

Linda Raphael (evidently done with Operation Upgrade) and fellow Devries Elite™ Elijah Crane head for Houston to "rally some novas interested in justice." Piper counters with a warning: "The righteous God is with us, you spawn of Satan. We've got enough guns and faith to lay you out just like what happened to your friend." Sounds to me like they have more faith in their guns than in their faith, but money and gunpowder do talk, don't they?
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Remember, if they're not with DeVries, they're not really an Elite™.

October 5
[Aberrant] DeVries Agency Elite™ Linda "Lotus Infinite" Raphael enters into a contract with TransEurope Expediting, Inc., of Atlanta, Georgia, for "Operation: Upgrade" — the location and retrieval of 13 OpNet servers, to begin October 11 and conclude by October 18.

There's a page and a half of legalese discussing Lotus' fee, required confidentiality, civil limitations (endanger no infinite lives, use neither the Infinite Wind Technique nor the Infinity Justifier), an agreement not to re-recover or otherwise tamper with the servers absent direct written permission from TransEurope... fairly standard IP-industry legal blap, I'd say.
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No preliminary text; I am le tired.

May 1
[Aberrant] Frank Reneau, head of security for Hudson Timber, sends an OpMail to CEO John Hudson discussing the package Mr. Penin of DeVries National Tactical Solutions has offered as protection for HT's northwestern timberlands.

DVNTS was offering the same package used in the Nigerian oil fields: a nova or two, three helicopters, a pack of hounds, baseline infantry, and fully staffed garrisons throughout the territory. Reneau admits that "[t]hat seems a little excessive for Canada," but doesn't consider that they can sit on their hands in light of the recent eco-terrorist activities on their turf. At the very least, he recommends some cameras with satellite access.
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And once again, I almost run out of month.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that Michael Donighal has called, asking if Whit has had any better luck finding Max Mercer (whom neither of them has seen since the Hammersmith Incident). Whit resolves to catch the next boat to London: "Mrs. Austin will be disappointed, but her jewels can wait."

I've already spoiled the ending of this movie.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that Max Mercer has returned from Macao, conveniently at a time when the other six Æon founders were in Chicago, and almost the first words out of his mouth were "We're not the police, but we've got to do something with the people we stop." Jake Stefokowski wondered why these Inspired malefactors can't just be turned over to the police; Whit pointed out that most jurisdictions don't actually have laws against building "death rays". Professor Dixon suggested setting up a psychiatric facility; Jack Tallon offered some of his secluded African/Arabian holdings to the purpose. In the end, Mercer agreed to the project: "it's not enough to understand the wonders of our world; we must understand the people who experience them." Max has also suggested that the Æon core membership spend Christmas together.

It may be that this decision led directly to Bahrain. At the very least, it provided precedent.

[Aberrant] The DeVries Agency announces the formation of a new arm, DeVries National Tactical Solutions. While the Agency does not apologize for its role in the Equatorial Wars, it transfers the management of its combat Elites™ to DVNTS.

I'm afraid I don't have much to add to that.

[Aberrant] In the wake of Utopia's being granted oversight of Kashmir, Covert Action News reports on "Utopia's Real Agenda Revisited". The monitoring facilities in Kashmir would allow Utopia to watch India and China — the two largest armies, and largest official nova military forces, on the planet — and the southern parts of the RusCon. The article's author even speculates that Utopia may have manipulated China into taking an interest in Kashmir (which they never had before).

The original article on "Utopia's Real Agenda" appeared in April, but I don't seem to have written an entry about it at the time. *^^* It was to do with the negotiations that led to the London Peace Accord.
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Sorry this didn't get up yesterday, but I couldn't think of much to add to it.

[Aberrant] Dr. Andrew Weisman, a DeVries paraphysician, sends Anna DeVries a memo on "centipede syndrome" — the temporary drop in ability the recently erupted face when they start to think about their powers and, like the centipede in the fable poem, are unsure how to gain conscious control of their gifts.

The poem is called “The Perils of Thinking”, according to some of the webpages I found it on. This is the way I learned it:

A centipede was happy quite
Until a frog in fun
Said “Pray, which leg comes after which?”
This raised her mind to such a pitch
She lay distracted in the ditch,
Considering how to run.

If the story pre-existed the poem, I’ve not been able to nail down how. It’s apparently one of those memes that’ve seeped into the general ideasphere. DeVries, and Utopia, and the Teragen, and a lot of the other organizations that seek out novas, train them to get past the centipede’s dilemma (as it’s also called) so they can expand their powers beyond what they start with.
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Playing catch-up again. (I sometimes think I should've just backdated the whole journal to 1998.) This is the last event until March that isn't part of future tension.

Generals gathered in their masses... )


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