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Here is a riddle to guess if you can: what makes a monster and what makes a man?

June 5
[Aberrant] Orzaiz sends an encrypted OpMail <12inch@smokingslut.net> to Synapse <burning-candy@hotnode.com> wondering how the net.Terat managed to lose Saxon. "I fear that we're back to square one regarding Fong....If we can find her and confirm precisely how Saxon discovered her whereabouts, we might be able to nail Delorimier once and for all."

I initially had this as the last item, but Orzaiz fears that if the Apostle can bring Shrapnel (and thus the Primacy) into the Cult of Mal, "we'll have a bloody farce on our hands, at least until Mal returns." (It's that last clause that was the clincher.) He also suggests continued attempts to get in touch with Corbin, though admitting that'd be easier if Geryon and Epoch hadn't attacked the Scotsman. "Oh well. This isn't the first time a revolution has attracted idiots."

In a Navajo Daedalus 3 communique to agent Nyeung, Director Thetis gives him his next assignment — preparing "Ishida and Fashoud" (presumably Proteus novas) to support T2M Asia/Pacific at Sop Moei. Thetis also requests an updated full report on the Æon Council, who have recently done some things that surprised her.

The agents' support for T2MA/P's plant closure is to involve "wetworking among the local government and military in order to make certain that the closedown is permanent." Which, well, Proteus.

Divis Mal arrives at the Pantheon meeting to exhort his fellow Terats to seek their true greatness.

He makes all kinds of metaphorical pronunciamenti about the way they're failing to live up to their potential; they're mostly focused on power, but Teras is about

the enlightenment, of which only Jeremiah Scripture and Raoul Orzaiz appear to have attained any modicum. You are not the equals I have been waiting for. You are baselines with undeserved power and boorish, petty natures. When will you speak to the angels with me? When?! My gods feed me blood and mangoes, and I laugh, I weep, I dance. Your gods feed you Kool-Aid and white bread, and you crawl, you buzz and you quarrel like fractious children.

One of the quotes that helped define Mal, for me and probably a lot of other TU fans, came soon after: "I am a visionary, a warrior and a lover of life, but unlike my father, I do not enjoy the role of teacher." At first, I thought the father he was referring to was [livejournal.com profile] max_a_mercer; after I learned Michael's surname, that sentence was one of the reasons I determined that [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal's father had been one of Max's teachers at Harvard.

"You are my children," he tells the Pantheon, "but in time you must grow beyond me.... The essence of our future is struggle. We must be ready."

NV and the Primacy are to continue as terrible angels, the fists of the One Race. The Harvesters are charged to be the monsters in the shadows, but cautioned not to "so worship the monster in yourselves that you misplace the seeds of your godhood." Scripture and the Mathematician are to continue in a leadership role, "but know that I am back." The Count is to "[g]et them accustomed to honoring us", and Narcosis to "[m]ake them love the One Race more than they love their own."
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Enemies again.

June 3
[Aberrant] The Pantheon (consisting, at this point, of the Apostle, the Apothecary, Bounty, the Confederate [filling in for Epoch], Geryon, ibn'Mahmoud, Leviathan, the Mathematician, Narcosis, Orzaiz, Scripture, Shrapnel, Sin-Eater, Swarm Queen and Synapse) meet in council at a hidden retreat hosted by the Count (they are brought in by Blinker, the only Terat with whom Orzaiz shares the location). Topics of discussion include a review of the various Teragen cliques, what precisely is going on with Project Utopia, and how to use Utopia's newly-revealed weaknesses against it.

Actually, this first day is/was mostly about "catching up with fellow Terats we haven't seen in months and meeting newcomers to the movement," as the count will describe it when he opens discussions tomorrow. Today's discussions have been mostly civil, but with tense undercurrents among the various cliques, according to Leviathan's epilogue to the second of two essays circulating among Terats at mid-year. (The first, by Santiago, covered the movement's history from N-Day to the Null Manifesto; de la Rocha takes it from the Halloween Surprise to the present.)

Synapse logs in and out of the meeting, as he is spending much of his time trying to persuade Saxon to join the Teragen.

I'm not sure where I got this impression; the evidence for it seems to have evaporated from my copy of Aberrant: Teragen, even though I swear I've found it on other readings.

Edit June 4: I've since realized wherein the evidentiary basis consists, and it's not much. (It'll be in tomorrow's posting.) We don't actually get datestamps for either day of Saxon's captivity, so in fact, it may already be over by the time the meeting starts.

Here's what happens during it, anyway. )

In a communique to Director Thetis (double-encrypted, Navajo Daedalus 3), baseline Proteus agent Ruiz gives an overview of his interactions with two Utopian novas: engineer Dr. Piotr Enrikssen and someone referred to only as Cocharin.

Enrikssen's ever-expanding intellect needs new stimulation, and Ruiz suggests "the new games of chance from Hattori's pet project" as an option. Cocharin's on "a schedule that allows her to use her matter-transmutation abilities on a regular basis without any real quantum-bleeding or signs of stress." She's taking Slidergate in a Proteus-approved way, having "expressed worry as to what the 'rogues' might indeed try." He's working hard on being friendly to her, and "regular non-nova company... seems to break down any self-imposed feelings of 'being different.'"
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Separated for now.

June 1
[Aberrant] In response to Rousseau's telecom virus, the initial roster of the Aberrants (including Jacques Angel, Chad "The Living Wreck" Berger, Toren "Dr. Worm" Cargill, Danielle Coleridge, Edda Cznievski, Kimberly Dame, Diane "Intergalactic" Holm and Asa "Renaissance Man" Karadakas) meets in the Amp Room. Corbin is pointedly absent, on the grounds that bringing an emotional broadcaster/amplifier into a room full of anxious novas can only end in fire.

It's Karadakas (referred to on the transcript as "Unidentified Man") who points that last bit out, when Angel is demanding to know where Corbin is and why he's not explaining things in person. Rousseau confirms that, and volunteers to take any questions.

Q&A. )

Anatole Siervich of Nova-Express Caterers is contacted by (fellow) suspected Teragen sympathizer Eric Ballard with final information about the upcoming Pantheon meeting.

It's all about the seating and the dishes. Food, glorious food! )
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I don't know whom to root against here.

May 26
[Aberrant] Saxon, participating in Utopia's official investigation of the Slider murder, is lured to Mumbai with bogus evidence and captured by the Teragen.

Leviathan, when he tells the story in writing later, will simply say that he and the other NVers (led by James) "descended on [Graham] like the thumb of God". Count Orzaiz, around the same time, explains in person how he and his Casablancas coordinated the efforts of various cliques to build and spring the trap. It started when the Companions of Allah told the Casas that the T2MEu-er was in Cairo,

allegedly following a lead about the murder.... Thanks to Shrapnel's contacts among elites working for the Egyptian government, we were able to lure him to Bombay with rumors of "Teragen death-squads." There, a well-timed direct action by members of the Primacy... seemed to confirm his suspicions and send him toward Kashmir. Synapse, using corporate satellites generously provided by Señor Santiago, tracked his flight toward that slaughterhouse, and we relayed that data to Geryon and his Nova Vigilance strike team.

Geryon wants to finish Saxon on the spot, but Leviathan persuades him to hold back; somebody else has a use for the Upie.
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Human and otherwise.

May 25
[Aberrant] N!terview's "The World's Opinion" segment shows the diversity of answers to the question "Who killed Slider and Why?"

A Michaelite in Texas says that "the more novas who kill each other off, the better." A high school student in New York thinks Corbin did it "because she knew about something he did, something really bad." A steel worker in London "think[s] those Teragen arseholes did it." An OpNet programmer in Hong Kong plugs his OpSite about "a secret cabal inside Utopia who want to control society and technology." A columnist in Rio guesses that "[s]omeone's trying to destabilize Utopia and provoke open war with the Teragen."

Raoul Orzaiz appears live from Ibiza on N!Sight with Parker Stevenson.

We could always send a telegram to the Right People. )

Earlier, Stevenson mentioned the media buzz linking the Teragen to the Slider murder. Raoul says point-blank "the Teragen had nothing to do with the death of Jennifer Landers. We are, however, quite interested in finding out who did, if for no other reason than to clear our name." In response to the suggestion that protection of nova interests should be left to Utopia, the count points out the buzz about Utopia's black-ops side and says "I, myself, have seen evidence suggesting that the late Jennifer Landers was a victim of Utopia's baseline agenda."

While the theory behind Proteus' secrecy is sound, Thetis has taken it too far to keep it manageable. )

Back to Raoul:

Utopia is a product of the Æon Society, which gained status in the United Nations by promising to deal with the so-called nova crisis. The nova crisis, Parker. At its very inception, Utopia designated us as a problem to which it was the final solution.... If we continue to serve humanity as executors of their will, we unavoidably become the instruments of still more bloodshed and terror.

He considers the inclusion of novas in the human community a violation of the UN Charter's guarantees of self-determination.
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And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

January 11
[Aberrant] Team Tomorrow members Slider and Montoya-Bernal, with help from Landers' friend Bender, battle Nova Vigilance members Devian, Geryon, Leviathan and Swarm Queen on the steps of the UN. Both sides come away hurting and hating each other more. In the aftermath, Orzaiz, Santiago and Scripture call a meeting of the Pantheon (the leading lights of the Teragen) for June; until then, they request that no Terat do anything "rash" (like giving interviews or killing anyone).

But really, it only delayed the inevitable.
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A calling-out.

December 16
[Aberrant] Initial airdate of the N! documentary The Man Without a Mask: An Interview with Count Orzaiz.

He minces no words, accusing Utopia of "turning novas into a slave race" and "pursuing an agenda of extermination and subjugation."
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I realize I forgot to write about "Teragen Liberation Movement", so here they are now.

[Aberrant] Nova Vigilance's last major strike of 2007 demonstrates what Geryon means by "commitment" with the rescue of the [captured] TLM from the grasp of the NYPD and T2MAm.

TLM (actually, no definite article) are a bunch of Terat-wannabees (weeabats?) who spent much of the year making fools of themselves trying to impress the actual movement. Over the last six months, they've been acting like "cheesy OpNet super-crooks" in attempts to one-up major NV actions.

It started when Geryon, with help from Boom-Boom Harmon of the Pandaimonion, trashed the Chicago Rashoud facility, which led TLM to attack a Houston society ball. As Leviathan will tell it later, "The feebs didn't think that those rich folk would mix gala soirees and nova bodyguards like Texans mix pickup trucks and shotguns." Result: eight dead baselines, two seriously wounded novas, and one deeply-peeved party guest by the name of Raoul Cristobal Orzaiz.

NV, in an attempt to show TLM what the game was about, rescued a captive taint-buttered monster from the Utopian cargo plane taking it to Bahrain for study. TLM continued to interpret this as a pissing contest and assaulted the New York office of the DeVries Agency. "They get their ass kicked by nova bodyguards in Houston, and so, they attack the people who represent most of the novas-for-hire on the planet," Leviathan snarks in retrospect. The Agency's on-site Elite™ security, Aggro, mopped the floor with them, and TLM's leader, André "Battle-Cry" Courtmanche, got blowed up real good, "like a Chihuahua in a microwave."

And so the rescue. For T2M: Skew, Ana Graça Texeira, Ricardo Montoya Bernal, Delaney "Firefly" Croft-Martin (a debutante who erupted at a charity benefit) and Slider. For NV: Geryon, Epoch, The Confederate, and Binh "Gauze" Nyugen. It was Gauze who turned the tables for the Terats, "slic[ing] through the support structures of a nearby building." The Tomorrowites, hampered by their foolish concern for baseline lives</sarcasm>, evacuated the humans from the building and set about repairing it "while NV rescued the prisoners", who "ended up making pretty good Terats once they learned a little discipline."

The movement, on the other hand, could use a little message discipline:

In the span of three weeks in December, 2007, Boom-Boom's on the Montebello Show acting like a KISS reject, The Apostle's talking to reporters about the divinity of Mal, and N!'s interviewing Orzaiz about a nova homeland. Every statement or interview made contradicted what some other Terat said. And when a reporter was smart enough to point out the inconsistencies, members like Boom-Boom could only respond: "Yeah man, but Orzaiz blows. I'm Mal'icious." How the hell were we supposed to get any respect when we were acting like a frat party.

The big lizard blames this centrifugal bumble-puppying, at least in part, on Mal's absence.
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The reason why I put yesterday's event up yesterday.

May 9
[Aberrant] Raoul Orzaiz OpMails (recipient field blocked), probably Geryon, saying that he agrees with the other's viewpoint, but would appreciate it if he and the rest of the Pantheon were consulted "[n]ext time you decide to play vigilante" so they can be better prepared to face the press.

(Date courtesy Aberrant: Teragen. EDIT 17 Aug 08: "Into the Arms of the Angel of Wrath" gives this as happening June 9, as I discovered while leafing through Aberrant: Worldwide Phase I in preparing yesterday's entry.)
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This is all you get for now...

[Aberrant] The July Playboy, on sale this month, contains an interview with Count Raoul Orzaiz.

Because, for the life of me, I can't remember which Aberrant supplement had it, and none of the likely candidates are turning up matches. (And [livejournal.com profile] etherlad's White Wolf Wiki was no help, sadly.)
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Short and to the point.

[Aberrant] On America's Talking!, Count Orzaiz is asked if he's worried about the Directive; he replies "Who?"

It's not clear, from the snippet provided in Aberrant: The Directive, whether he's genuinely unaware of the Directive's existence or merely dismissing them as a potential threat. Many in the Teragen consider the Directive a cover for Utopia's less savory activities; then again, many in the Directive think the Teragen/Utopia rivalry is staged.
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And so it begins...

[Aberrant] [Pedro] Santiago, [Raoul] Orzaiz, and new recruits Marcel Delorimier (a French ultra-nationalist convinced of nova supremacy) and Caroline Fong (an Oxford-educated philosopher and business consultant) gather in Santiago, Chile. They will continue to meet every quarter or so for the next several years, joined by a few more like-minded novas every little while.

Great oaks from little acorns grow. And the next item is another example of that.

[Aberrant] Thor Gundolfsson and Brian "Belial" Petford meet at Burning Man.

The counterculture event was starting to go mainstream by that point in TU history, but it hadn't quite been subsumed yet. Gundolfsson (né Letift Morgaanstern) and Petford met up in an orgy tent, shared "a few women and a lot of drugs," and went out into the desert to drop acid (six tabs each).

Gundolfsson, the relatively new jarl of Hagalz Hall (center of Norway's death-metal scene), saw the world consumed by fire, with demons flying everywhere. Five of those demons grabbed him, then beheaded and quartered him. When his blood struck the ground, it boiled into steam, steam that lifted his dismembered body higher.

Petford, the elfishly pale mystic and Lovecraftian, saw himself turn into a dark, towering figure, like Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos, howling with mad joy at the capering hordes beneath him. He saw himself delivering Earth into the hands of the Great Old Ones whose soul and messenger he had become.

But that was just the beginning. )
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There are reasons why this needs to go out before September.

summer [Aberrant] — Chilean nova Pedro Santiago, "The Mathematician," who may have erupted before the Galatea explosion, meets with Count Raoul Cristobal Orzaiz, a young Basque nova who has recently made quite a splash in the European press by vociferously declining to enter a Rashoud facility after his eruption. At Villa Orzaiz near Valencia, Spain, they talk late into the night about the possibility of a "new way" for a new species, an alternative to what they see as Utopia's attempts to turn novas into the slaves of baselines.

The two novas were like an embodiment of Cartesian mind-body dualism. Santiago's powers are almost purely cerebral — he percieves the world as a flow of equations and probabilities. Orzaiz' powers, on the other hand, tend toward the physical, with only his posthuman social skills as exceptions to his general development into "an accomplished athlete of my species."

The direction of their discussions was subtly influenced by early contact with Divis Mal and his life-partner Jeremiah Scripture. The two would stay in touch with the couple, though the others who joined them would have more contact with Scripture than with Donighal.


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