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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] grsbound! And congrats on your upcoming rebirthday!
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How the hopping hell did I miss this first time around? I'm just as in the dark as you are, believe me. (I thought I said it was coming, but for the life of me, I can't find when.)

[Aberrant] Tarik ibn'Mahmoud, later the founder of the Companions of Allah, is born into a prominent family in Amman, Jordan.

His family had ties to both the Jordanian business community and the PLO, ties that gave him a great deal of temporal power even as a baseline. He erupted as a result of getting HIV into his bloodstream (how is not specified).

His main power is the ability to control the immunodeficiency virus in his system, and the other opportunistic virii that followed it in (ranging from yellow fever to hantavirus); his secondary powers are offshoots from the primary. As a result (or macroscale reflection) of his body's ability to alter the intruders in his bloodstream, he can alter his facial features. In addition, he can extend small spines from his skin that let him spread any virus he chooses to any target of his choosing, and maintain control over the progress of the disease even after it leaves his system. He gives a brief demonstration of the infection to his target, then basically says "Do as I say and your condition won't get any worse."

By now, he's built a web of viral blackmail that stretches across Jordan and into Saudi Arabia and Egypt. One of his favorite vectors is his HIV (which, although cured by Utopia, still carries enough stigma in the TU's Islamic world that the key Arab politicos he infects fear going to Utopia for the vaccine).
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And the recaps go on.

[Aberrant] Barry Meldrum, later the Terat known as "the Confederate," born in Lethbridge, AB, Canada.


[Aberrant] Project Utopia-mediated negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization open.

...and angels.
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And another recap.

[Aberrant] Meena Harjapatan, later the (clandestine) Terat known as "Sin-Eater," born in Mumbai, India (known in the West as Bombay until 1996), to Dalit (untouchable) parents.

I etymologized her surname, and gave a fairly bald summary of her origin story, in the earlier entry. (It's lazy, I know, but there's not quite enough of me to write the story twice. Sorry.)
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Our overlapping coverage continues.

[Aberrant] Future Terat Caroline Fong Xia[-ling] born in Hong Kong.

And today marks the first birthday she's had in captivity. Lucky for her she doesn't know it.
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We twist your DNA, we like our work...

[Aberrant] Altaz Zia, later the Terat known as the Apothecary, born in Budapest, Hungary.

He was working as a bioengineering researcher for Horizon Pharmaceuticals, which had ties to Æon's Triton Foundation and, as such, access to nova test subjects. In fact, according to his Nova Philes writeup (in Aberrant: Teragen), he was the one who proposed the use of nova "specimens" to advance baseline knowledge of the biological sciences. (This may be exaggerated, but at the very least, he was happy to profit from such experiments.)

He certainly wasn't expecting to be as intrigued by them as he became. Unaware of [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal's views on the subject of humanity's evolutionary destiny, Zia came to see novas as representing perfection. "In 2001, he made a startling discovery: Taint was not a problem but the key to unlocking novas' potential, and with this, he erupted."

He gained an enhanced intellect and a greater degree of emotional detachment. He diverted Horizon funds to set up Heartland, a private taint research facility in Nebraska complete with an associated town (presumably Hastings). The town came to be populated by sympathetic baselines who wanted their tainted relatives to be capable of living relatively normal lives. They provided cover for the subterranean facilities that were the real heart of Heartland. It was also in 2001 that Zia made contact with the Orzaiz-Santiago roundtable, which would not become known as the Teragen for another two years.

By sometime this year, Triton had noticed some irregularities in Horizon's books, but it took a T2M Americas investigation to flush Zia out into the open. He did a runner, but Triton cut their ties to Horizon because of his malfeasance. It didn't matter to the Apothecary; he had everything he needed.
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And, on a happier if spookier note, a marvel and a monster.

[Aberrant] Angela de la Cruz, later the Terat known as "Narcosis," born in Los Angeles, CA.

She's spent the last three years seeking the stimulus that will trigger her eruption. She's tried everything from drugs to mysticism to murder, but it took near-fatal torture by a professional dominatrix to give her what she wanted.

[Aberrant] "The Laws of the Unholy Might of The Astaroth" are first posted to the "Dark Altar" OpSite (reignofevil.com).

In OTL, that URL has been claimed by [livejournal.com profile] sunblade — as he's an Aberrant fan, this was presumably deliberate.
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Happy Wild Card Day!

[Aberrant] Andrew Thomas Parker, later the Utopian known as "Skew," born in Jacksonville, FL.

I wonder if any of his friends erupted in the face of the hurricanes hammering Florida. I wonder if those hurricanes have hammered Florida the way they did its OTL counterpart, or whether they've been diverted by weather-controlling novas to un- or less-populated areas.

[Aberrant] India, China and Pakistan face off over ownership of the Kashmir region. Quick intervention by Team Tomorrow prevents an all-out war, but several conflicts with government-sponsored novas and mercenary elites occur. Kashmir becomes a demilitarized zone under UN and Project Utopia surveillance.

I wonder whether any India Syndrome cases fought in Kashmir.
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Politics. Even in a world where yesterday wasn't the significant September anniversary, one can't get away from them.

[Aberrant] Lauren Pendleton, later the 44th President of the United States, is born in Irvine, CA.

Right now, Congresswoman Pendleton (L-CA) is part of a campaign in which third parties play a more important role than they do in OTL, the legacy of the Clinton and Schroer sex scandals kicking the major parties in the teeth.
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"Many men are born blind and only realize it the day some overwhelming truth tears their eyes open."
— Jean Cocteau, La machine infernelle (freely translated)

[Aberrant] Charlie Benton, later the elite and Terat known as "Epoch," born blind in Queens, NY.

"His parents sent him to the best schools he could afford," says Aberrant: Teragen, "but even there he did not fit in." He became obsessed with the few accounts of serial killers' deeds he could find in Braille editions.

He erupted sometime this year, after a car crash that killed his father and which only his powers enabled him to survive. He came out with gravity control, telekinesis, telepathy and something approximating what Doc Smith called "the sense of perception" — a view of what's around him without the need to "look" at it. After training at the Manhattan Rashoud facility, he began a career as an elite, the only way he knew of to vent his anger and bloodlust.
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Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord [which] thou lettest down?...
Will he make a covenant with thee? wilt thou take him as a servant for ever?

— Job 41:1-4 (KJV)

[Aberrant] Leonardo de la Rocha, later the Terat known as "Leviathan," born in the Bronx, NY.

By his fourteenth year, he was living in Venice with his mother, a devout and probably ultramontanist Catholic who regarded "aberrants" as Satan's spawn. So, as you can imagine, she didn't take it well when he erupted and turned into an eyeless reptilian thing.

Ironically, this may have saved his life. The most acceptable face of aberration, at that point, was T2M's Ricardo Montoya Bernal, and his worst features are his green skin and the fins on his forearms and calves. If Proteus had known about Leo, they'd likely have scooped him and taken him — wherever they're taking the severely aberrated at this point. Probably that private hospital in New Jersey Æon wanted to stick David Scondras' patient in.

Teresa de la Rocha didn't perform any experiments on her son. Just isolated him, read the Bible to him and tried to beat the "demon" out of him. Treated like a demon, he came to think of himself as one.

Eventually — maybe it's already happened — things reach the point where Teresa can no longer cope, so she burns down her home and runs away from it. Leonardo batters down the walls and dives into the canals of Venice, where he makes his home thereafter.
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Ladies and gentlemen...

[Aberrant] Louis Martin Freeman, later XWF superstar (and usual Black Circle champion) Duke "Core" Baron, born in Brooklyn, NY.

A difficult child, he left home relatively young, learned to fight, joined the Navy. On N-Day, he was presumably in New York on leave.

He joined the Fireman on the early-erupters list, surrounded in a storm of plasma that took two hours to die down to the point where anyone could safely approach him. At that point, he knew the police and the National Guard would be approaching, so he fled the city, then the country.

By this time in 2000, he'd already surfaced in Japan, where the Thai entrepreneur Yai Lokampang was making his first attempts to turn nova shootfighting into a legitimate sport. I'm sure he was hovering in the background as Lokampang negotiated with William Blair Bartlett (the man who bought out the McMahons as the World Wrestling Federation faltered in the general decline of baseline sport, never to become World Wrestling Entertainment) to bring it to the world.
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She comes in colors everywhere; She combs her hair
She's like a rainbow...

[Aberrant] Bene Manata, later the Terat known as "Bounty," born near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

She may have already erupted by now, Inspired by the quantum energies unleashed in the Utopian greening of Ethiopia. (Is anyone working on a fan edition of Bright Continent, the Trinity combobook that was supposed to deal with the United African Nations and the new psi order taking shape there? If so, here's an idea, free of charge: the UAN's eminent national position in the late 21st and early 22nd centuries is the legacy of things like Project Eden.)

We know that right after her eruption, she works for Utopia, alongside the nova primarily responsible for Eden, Dr Spencer "Antaeus" Balmer. It may be then that she discovers Project Proteus' sterilization of novas.
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Yeah, I've gone back to not doing much other than these...hey, is that a demonic duck of some sort?

[Aberrant] Jesse Hooks, later the Directive agent and Terat known as "Turncoat," born in Chattanooga, TN.

Last year, Seaman Hooks erupted during a rogue elite's attack on the vessel to which he was assigned. He became a chameleon on a mirror. He can become anyone — or become the embodiment of anyone's expectations. Or everyone's expectations, as in the chaos that triggered his metamorphosis.

Earlier this year, the Navy handed him off to the Directive, to whom his powers would be more useful. What nobody in the TU realizes yet, unfortunately, is that with all the people he's had to pretend to be, Hooks is losing track of who he really is.

Can't be myself anymore, y'know. Turncoat's everyone...
— addressed to Saxon, late May 2008
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It's rare that I have to lead off one of these with a correction, and (as [livejournal.com profile] etherlad, at least, will have noticed) rarer still that I make the correction obvious.

[Adventure!] In the aftermath of the previous night's battle with the stalwart mesmerist Fulminatore, Primoris wishes he understood better the mechanism by which the human body receives telluric energy and uses it to become Inspired.

He's understandably convinced that the Hammersmith Incident was the key; in his judgment, claims of such powers prior to 1922 have been unreliable. Fulminatore, for instance, "claimed to be a son of Jove" and to have had his powers (which a later age would classify as electrokinetic) from birth; Donighal dismissed that claim as a delusion, the result of the mesmerist's new powers unhinging his mind.

But many people had become Inspired who'd never been anywhere near Atlas Cross, before or since the Telluric Engine's self-destruction. "It cannot be an evolutionary mechanism....While the pseudoaetheric waves may have an effect on evolution, such an effect cannot be expressed in those already alive, only in those to be born."

But the tools available to science of the day gave him some clues. His cells, under a microscope, didn't look quite like the cells of the unInspired. The concept of "mutants" was only about 20 years old, but Michael Donighal seized on it as applying to him and those like him. He only wished he could study, or even glimpse, the structure of his chromosomes.

Or some stalwart's chromosomes, at least. Regrettably, he knew it would make his Æon colleagues suspicious if he tried to collect tissue samples. (He regretted that Fulminatore had had to be made to self-destruct, as such a sample would have been invaluable.) For the time being, he'd have to study the only posthuman specimen he knew he could trust. (One wonders if the X-ray he considered getting would have shown a small cluster of mutated neurons between his frontal lobes.)

[Aberrant] Mark Anthony Green, American Eagle presidential candidate in 2008, born in Baltimore, MD.

In 2004, he's serving his second term as a US Senator from Maryland; his challenger in the 2002 election claimed he used "Nixonian" legal harassment and espionage against her campaign. Before his Senate term, he spent two years as Director of Competition and Regulation Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (which sounds like a relative of real-world think-tank the American Enterprise Institute, a chief promoter of PNAC I subsequently discovered exists in OTL as a separate arm of the right-wing noise machine, alongside such other wholly-owned subsidiaries Fox News, the Moonie Washington Times, the Scaife newspapers and the Republican Party). Sometime before that, during his college years, he interned with the Institute for Historical Review (a group of Holocaust revisionists deniers).
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[Aberrant] Alex Doan, later the Terat known as "Synapse," born in Seattle, WA.

A year or two ago, Alex was hanging out in a video arcade that became the setting for T2M Americas' capture of a renegade nova. When it was over, the arcade was destroyed, and Alex was dinged up and comatose. To prevent his family taking legal action, T2M took him to a Triton Foundation facility, where he was hooked up to a supercomputer that would "keep his body and mind stimulated." It was stimulated to the point of eruption, and he drifted out of his body, into the mainframe, and thence onto the OpNet, where his only rival is Mungu Kuwasha. Eventually, he finds out what's happened to his body, and when that happens, he won't be happy.
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Not one, not two, but three.

[Aberrant] Marcel Delorimier, later the Terat known as "the Apostle," born in Paris, France.

He was the sort of alienated suburban youth that makes easy pickings for ultranationalist movements, like the militias here in the US or Le Pen's lot in France. Then he erupted, expanding the list of people he considered himself superior to — not just piedsnoirs, but baselines in general.

It was in this state of mind, in the fall of 1999, that he and Caroline Fong met up with two other novas who weren't happy with the rules Æon was laying out for the nova game — jet-setter Raoul Cristobal Orzaiz and gray eminence Pedro Santiago.

Over the years, more disaffected novas (such as Shrapnel) found the nameless movement that resulted from that meeting. Last summer, they reached a critical point when Divis Mal joined — or, rather, when they joined him. He gave them a philosophy — Teras — and a name: the Teragen, omen-bringers. Now, their legacy is our future.

Delorimier has attached himself to Fong. He's a follower looking for leaders, but he has a tendency to betray his current leader when he finds one he likes better.

[Aberrant] The Æon Society publicly announces its UN support and issues an invitation to open dialogue with any interested novas. The UN works behind the scenes to calm and reassure the world that Æon can handle the nova outbreak.

It's hinted (in the Trinity core rules, as I recall) that the UN was an Æon creation. Make of that what you will.

[Aberrant] The Sternych Missive, in which Petr Ilyanovich, Calvin Lathrop and Mitsu Nakamura lay out for Eliot Stinson's perusal the case for the Directive and for US involvement therein.

They didn't have to do much persuading — Stinson, President Schroer's Assistant Secretary of Defense, was one of the first to realize that Project Utopia's interests would not always be identical with America's (and, in fact, already weren't).


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