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Encryption code: Malachi-7-12. (There is no seventh chapter of Malachi.)

July 25
[Aberrant] S. Park, a Directive field monitor, sends a file of typical OpNet mentions of the Directive to media relations director J. Yarbrough.

In general, most people think of the Directive as just a multinational intelligence agency of middling competence, to the extent they think of it at all, an impression (or lack thereof) its official OpSite does a lot to foster.

Next up is a chat room sample from "GeoPol, the global political discussion site". Park considers their belligerent, fat-assed back-and-forth typical of what gets said by whom about the Directive in chat rooms: "A lot of people with a little information and no manners stomping around making broad statements they can't back."

The Phipps-Gordon interview is next, with some background from Park that I didn't include in the earlier post: John Gordon's departure from the CIA apparently "had to do with a Directive-led operation that was mishandled from the CIA end", for whose failure Gordon was blamed.

This is followed by a scene from the conspiracy thriller Blood and Blue, in which the Big Bad (or maybe just the Dragon, I dunno) is a Directive nova typical of Directive agents in Hollywood and Bollywood films, the majority of whom are

vile über-patriots willing to kill to keep their secrets. The rest are usually bumbling idiots who have no idea how to survive on the streets and must be shown the way the real world works by a street-smart, hip, urban cop.

Lastly, Park presents an email from John Tweeddale, marketing manager of Dramatic Designs, to Thomas Vietch, one of his action-figure designers (did the sculpts on the The Elites: At War! series), noting the flaws in Vietch's suggested line of Directive figures: the lack of existing marketing, plus "the idea of 10 identically dressed figures with varying accessories is so early 90s."
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Mind games, board games.

March 18
[Aberrant] The Directive intercepts Teragen member Cornelius White's phone conversation with an unidentified party about the torture of Directive agent Martin Fuller, who had been using the name "Joshua Ballantrae" to contact the Terats.

After about three months of acquaintance, "Josh" started asking one of White's friends, one "Mimi" (no other name given), some questions. "Where was she from, what was her eruption like, what did she think about Utopia. Crap like that." Mimi, figuring "Josh" was trying to seduce her, scanned his mind and found it opaque:

She got nursery rhymes and math equations. She got old show tunes. She didn't get any surface thoughts and couldn't go deep at all. [She] says it wasn't a q-power. The guy was using mind games to block her out. Strange thing is, he didn't even seem to be trying, it was, like, built into his brain.

Mimi told Cornelius, and while she was keeping "Josh"... occupied, White called in "the Hare", presumably a fellow Terat. The Hare found four state-of-the-art surveillance gadgets in the clothes "Josh" wasn't wearing, so they decided to take "Josh" someplace private and give him the third (or higher) degree.

It took them much of an hour to get his real name and a fake allegiance (FBI/Utopia). He remained resistant to Mimi's mental powers (thanks to the training the Directive calls "Thought Discipline"), but when White and the Hare started removing his fingernails and teeth with pliers, he began to sing.

White was just about to wrap up his report-in and join the Hare in testing what White might be holding back when the Directive rescue team broke down the door. The last sounds on the transmission are the explosion of a stun grenade and gunfire from a Directive-issue weapon. Agent Fuller was recovered alive, well and of normal size alive and intact, and didn't reveal his Directive allegiance nor the names of any of his cell. "Speaker B remain[s] unidentified and unaccounted for."
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Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep

— Buffalo Springfield, "For What It's Worth"

[Aberrant] Vasili Klymenko of the Directive sends an encrypted private letter to his old friend Alexis Vadivich, talking about his organization's objectives and inviting Vadivich to become part of them. "If [Æon] are only high-minded fools, shattering their plans will be easy....If there is more going on, then our work is even more necessary."

Again, I can't seem to find the original of this in the place I was looking (my copy of Aberrant: The Directive). But here's what I did find. )
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Short and to the point.

[Aberrant] On America's Talking!, Count Orzaiz is asked if he's worried about the Directive; he replies "Who?"

It's not clear, from the snippet provided in Aberrant: The Directive, whether he's genuinely unaware of the Directive's existence or merely dismissing them as a potential threat. Many in the Teragen consider the Directive a cover for Utopia's less savory activities; then again, many in the Directive think the Teragen/Utopia rivalry is staged.
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I'm too sick to come up with anything better than this.

[Aberrant] Phipps of World Forum interviews John A. Gordon, former deputy director of the CIA, about the Directive, which Gordon regards as an arm of the UN.

Everyone who isn't in charge of the Directive has a different notion about who is running the show. The Teragen, for instance, think it's actually an Æon op. In a conspiranoid world, it's hard to know where the truth is.
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Jeez, I've been taking my time about this, haven't I? Well, there's only so much month left, and (as they say on Scanalyzer) there's no time like the present for things to happen in.

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that Mercer and Danger Ace, back from success in Mexico City, stopped by Mercer Manor to see how the reconstruction was coming.

Whit considers that Æon's making a lot of progress. "The attack [link added] suggests we're bothering the right types of people." He's surprised none of the membership have quit, but Max points out, with "an 'I told you so' look", that Æon's members are act-ors, not observers.

[Aberrant] First use of the term "baseline" to refer to humans without nova powers.

The excerpts from the d20 version of Trinity posted on White Wolf's website indicate that the term seems to be replacing "neutral" (which had been used in the Storyteller version of Trinity to refer to the non-Inspired masses as distinct from psions and Aberrants).

2001: A Utopian odyssey. )
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...was a busy one. (Sorry I'm late, but you know how it is.)

[Adventure!] Whitley Styles records in his journal that the Æon Society has had its first internecine strife, as Crackshot objected to the treatment she got from Danger Ace and Safari Jack on an assignment in New Orleans, and neither Stefokowski nor Tallon was pleased at having their direct orders ignored by Newfield. Styles is amazed to be able to write, factually, that "[w]hile half of us were mucking around in New Orleans, [Mercer] and that reporter [Sarah] Gettel were off in Haiti battling the undead."

The combination of New Orleans and Haiti leads me to assume that this was an encounter, probably Æon's first, with Baron Saturday.

[Aberrant] Vladimir Sierka erupts.

The event was immortalized in TV movies. The Treasury Minister of the (then) Commonwealth of Independent States fell to the ground, clutching his head, after a shouting match with President Srebrianski. Other officials rushed to help Sierka up. When he stood, he looked younger, less worn, and was actually smiling. "I've just thought of something we hadn't considered," he said, and laid out the basic blueprint for the Russian Confederation.

[Aberrant] Project Utopia purchases a parcel of land on Talaud Island in Indonesia which will later become the headquarters of Team Tomorrow's Asia/Pacific branch.

Apparently, Talaud was chosen because of its proximity to something Project Proteus knew they were going to have to deal with one of these days.
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[Aberrant] The Directive assigns Lucas Barrows to monitor German communications and media for evidence to confirm or deny President Fredericksen's anti-nova prejudices.

Preliminary intel suggests that Fredericksen is just shy of having the Bundeswehr chase all novas out of Germany, which could begin driving a wedge between the German government and Europe's novas, with catastrophic results. However, Barrows' research shows that the German press, at least, seems as nova-enraptured as the rest of the planet.
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Back to the grind.

[Aberrant] Representatives from the United States, the Russian Confederation, the United Kingdom and Japan meet in Moscow. They agree to form and sponsor a multinational intelligence agency, which they term "the Directive." The Directive's primary mission is to monitor the activities of Project Utopia and the world's growing population of novas.

This is actually something of an oversimplification, if Aberrant: The Directive can be believed. It must have been written by an American, or someone else who believes that nothing important has really happened until Americans are involved, or that nothing in the outside world truly exists until Americans hear about it.

The details. )
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Not one, not two, but three.

[Aberrant] Marcel Delorimier, later the Terat known as "the Apostle," born in Paris, France.

He was the sort of alienated suburban youth that makes easy pickings for ultranationalist movements, like the militias here in the US or Le Pen's lot in France. Then he erupted, expanding the list of people he considered himself superior to — not just piedsnoirs, but baselines in general.

It was in this state of mind, in the fall of 1999, that he and Caroline Fong met up with two other novas who weren't happy with the rules Æon was laying out for the nova game — jet-setter Raoul Cristobal Orzaiz and gray eminence Pedro Santiago.

Over the years, more disaffected novas (such as Shrapnel) found the nameless movement that resulted from that meeting. Last summer, they reached a critical point when Divis Mal joined — or, rather, when they joined him. He gave them a philosophy — Teras — and a name: the Teragen, omen-bringers. Now, their legacy is our future.

Delorimier has attached himself to Fong. He's a follower looking for leaders, but he has a tendency to betray his current leader when he finds one he likes better.

[Aberrant] The Æon Society publicly announces its UN support and issues an invitation to open dialogue with any interested novas. The UN works behind the scenes to calm and reassure the world that Æon can handle the nova outbreak.

It's hinted (in the Trinity core rules, as I recall) that the UN was an Æon creation. Make of that what you will.

[Aberrant] The Sternych Missive, in which Petr Ilyanovich, Calvin Lathrop and Mitsu Nakamura lay out for Eliot Stinson's perusal the case for the Directive and for US involvement therein.

They didn't have to do much persuading — Stinson, President Schroer's Assistant Secretary of Defense, was one of the first to realize that Project Utopia's interests would not always be identical with America's (and, in fact, already weren't).


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