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Where the real money from the movie is made!

late May
[Aberrant] The June issue of Playthings magazine reveals that, while eight of the top ten nova action figures are produced by Novation (the exceptions being DeVries' figures of its Elite™ Mirko "Overkill" Mirkonen [#10] and of XWF Black Circle fighter Rob "Superbeast" Steele [#3]), four of those eight are of non-Utopian novas (Bender [#4], Core [#9], Divis Mal [#6] and Geryon [#2]); Caestus Pax (#7) literally hits the ceiling at the news that Corbin is still outselling him despite the media calling the Scotsman a psycho killer (Skew is #8, Antaeus #5 and Mourning Edition Slider #1).

So yeah.

late June
To add injury to insult, Pantheon Productions (the Pandaimonion's corporate arm, headed by Narcosis) brings suit against Novation for failing to obtain the permission of Mal and Booth before producing merchandise bearing the two Terats' likenesses.

I think it's Aberrant Worldwide Phase I that reveals that Novation eventually loses the suit (something it's never done before), and that, later in the year, Pantheon rolls out its own official Teragen figure line, with Geryon and Mal figures in the first wave.
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The lunatics are in the hall.

June 12
[Aberrant] Saxon resurfaces in an N! studio audience, his mind erased, his vocabulary reduced to the sentence "I am Saxon and Mal is my savior!"

He starts shouting out his new catchphrase (taught to him by the Apostle during the brainwipe) half an hour into Nova Morning Live from his location in the fifth row. "Saxon was eventually subdued by representatives of Project Utopia and is now in their care." CNN reportage of the matter will also mention that Thai police

have uncovered evidence linking Saxon to the disappearance of a over a [sic] dozen prostitutes in Bangkok over the least [sicer] 18 months, as well as allegations of a huge cover-up by Project Utopia.

(Obviously, this was written in haste by an underpaid intern, whether at CNN or White Wolf.)
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Here is a riddle to guess if you can: what makes a monster and what makes a man?

June 5
[Aberrant] Orzaiz sends an encrypted OpMail <12inch@smokingslut.net> to Synapse <burning-candy@hotnode.com> wondering how the net.Terat managed to lose Saxon. "I fear that we're back to square one regarding Fong....If we can find her and confirm precisely how Saxon discovered her whereabouts, we might be able to nail Delorimier once and for all."

I initially had this as the last item, but Orzaiz fears that if the Apostle can bring Shrapnel (and thus the Primacy) into the Cult of Mal, "we'll have a bloody farce on our hands, at least until Mal returns." (It's that last clause that was the clincher.) He also suggests continued attempts to get in touch with Corbin, though admitting that'd be easier if Geryon and Epoch hadn't attacked the Scotsman. "Oh well. This isn't the first time a revolution has attracted idiots."

In a Navajo Daedalus 3 communique to agent Nyeung, Director Thetis gives him his next assignment — preparing "Ishida and Fashoud" (presumably Proteus novas) to support T2M Asia/Pacific at Sop Moei. Thetis also requests an updated full report on the Æon Council, who have recently done some things that surprised her.

The agents' support for T2MA/P's plant closure is to involve "wetworking among the local government and military in order to make certain that the closedown is permanent." Which, well, Proteus.

Divis Mal arrives at the Pantheon meeting to exhort his fellow Terats to seek their true greatness.

He makes all kinds of metaphorical pronunciamenti about the way they're failing to live up to their potential; they're mostly focused on power, but Teras is about

the enlightenment, of which only Jeremiah Scripture and Raoul Orzaiz appear to have attained any modicum. You are not the equals I have been waiting for. You are baselines with undeserved power and boorish, petty natures. When will you speak to the angels with me? When?! My gods feed me blood and mangoes, and I laugh, I weep, I dance. Your gods feed you Kool-Aid and white bread, and you crawl, you buzz and you quarrel like fractious children.

One of the quotes that helped define Mal, for me and probably a lot of other TU fans, came soon after: "I am a visionary, a warrior and a lover of life, but unlike my father, I do not enjoy the role of teacher." At first, I thought the father he was referring to was [livejournal.com profile] max_a_mercer; after I learned Michael's surname, that sentence was one of the reasons I determined that [livejournal.com profile] md_donighal's father had been one of Max's teachers at Harvard.

"You are my children," he tells the Pantheon, "but in time you must grow beyond me.... The essence of our future is struggle. We must be ready."

NV and the Primacy are to continue as terrible angels, the fists of the One Race. The Harvesters are charged to be the monsters in the shadows, but cautioned not to "so worship the monster in yourselves that you misplace the seeds of your godhood." Scripture and the Mathematician are to continue in a leadership role, "but know that I am back." The Count is to "[g]et them accustomed to honoring us", and Narcosis to "[m]ake them love the One Race more than they love their own."
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I've edited the entries for May 30 and June 3 to incorporate various relevant factors.

June 4
[Aberrant] Project Utopia begins an internal investigation for remaining allies of Corbin within its own ranks.

So yeah.

Synapse hands Saxon over to the Apostle to have his memories wiped (presumably Delorimier's real purpose in wanting Graham captured).

Per the edited version of yesterday's post, that actually happens on the second day of Saxon's captivity, whenever that really was. But the Apostle takes possession of Byron Graham through an intermediary: Jesse "Turncoat" Hooks, who can emulate anyone, body and mind. He reads Saxon's memories and discovers what eruption has done to the Utopian's sexuality (suggested for mature readers) )

Hooks goes through a number of impersonations of fellow Terats, and baseline yokels, in discoursing on the movement's internal strains. Then Delorimier comes to "take the pain away" with the same pharmacological secretions that allow Turncoat to maintain a presence within driving distance of sanity:

The prostitutes' cracking bodies will trouble you no more. Yes, your actions in Kashmir, they too are gone. So many dismembered civilians, how quaint that you still feel guilt.... Do not worry, Mister Hooks has been in your mind, he will remember all that you are until the day he dies, the poor thing.

Also, this is the second day of the Pantheon meeting, the one where they actually get down to overviewing the various cliques: the Primacy, the Companions of Allah, the Cult of Mal, the Casablancas, Nova Vigilance, the Harvesters, and the Pandaimonion, in roughly that order. Those who remembered Trinity, the hard-psience space opera to which Aberrant is the prequel, presumably got a frisson when the Apothecary told of Heartland, the community he'd set up in Nebraska to study taint — specifically of Marshal Jeb Wycoff, especially devoted to protecting the town's novas and their baseline families, and Jeb's son Calvert, "one of my most interesting cases. The boy is a most... promising specimen."
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Enemies again.

June 3
[Aberrant] The Pantheon (consisting, at this point, of the Apostle, the Apothecary, Bounty, the Confederate [filling in for Epoch], Geryon, ibn'Mahmoud, Leviathan, the Mathematician, Narcosis, Orzaiz, Scripture, Shrapnel, Sin-Eater, Swarm Queen and Synapse) meet in council at a hidden retreat hosted by the Count (they are brought in by Blinker, the only Terat with whom Orzaiz shares the location). Topics of discussion include a review of the various Teragen cliques, what precisely is going on with Project Utopia, and how to use Utopia's newly-revealed weaknesses against it.

Actually, this first day is/was mostly about "catching up with fellow Terats we haven't seen in months and meeting newcomers to the movement," as the count will describe it when he opens discussions tomorrow. Today's discussions have been mostly civil, but with tense undercurrents among the various cliques, according to Leviathan's epilogue to the second of two essays circulating among Terats at mid-year. (The first, by Santiago, covered the movement's history from N-Day to the Null Manifesto; de la Rocha takes it from the Halloween Surprise to the present.)

Synapse logs in and out of the meeting, as he is spending much of his time trying to persuade Saxon to join the Teragen.

I'm not sure where I got this impression; the evidence for it seems to have evaporated from my copy of Aberrant: Teragen, even though I swear I've found it on other readings.

Edit June 4: I've since realized wherein the evidentiary basis consists, and it's not much. (It'll be in tomorrow's posting.) We don't actually get datestamps for either day of Saxon's captivity, so in fact, it may already be over by the time the meeting starts.

Here's what happens during it, anyway. )

In a communique to Director Thetis (double-encrypted, Navajo Daedalus 3), baseline Proteus agent Ruiz gives an overview of his interactions with two Utopian novas: engineer Dr. Piotr Enrikssen and someone referred to only as Cocharin.

Enrikssen's ever-expanding intellect needs new stimulation, and Ruiz suggests "the new games of chance from Hattori's pet project" as an option. Cocharin's on "a schedule that allows her to use her matter-transmutation abilities on a regular basis without any real quantum-bleeding or signs of stress." She's taking Slidergate in a Proteus-approved way, having "expressed worry as to what the 'rogues' might indeed try." He's working hard on being friendly to her, and "regular non-nova company... seems to break down any self-imposed feelings of 'being different.'"
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Containments, breached and failed.

June 2
[Aberrant] At 0345 unspecified local time, Divis Mal emerges from his Chrysalis. His awakening is known only to Synapse, whose monitors alert him to it, and Scripture, whom Doan tells of it.

"That's Michael," is Jeremiah's first reaction when he gets the news. "He always has been an overachiever." Synapse has given the Beacon a datapacket to read with updates on what he's slept through, and asks Scripture if there's any message he wants passing along. Scripture's only answer? "Tell him... tell him I've missed him."

In a closed UN Security Council meeting, Utopia's Internal Affairs department reveals findings indicating a frame-up of the organization. The US and British governments are unconvinced, and Directive surveillance of Utopia's operations is stepped up.

No mention of Japan, but in OTL, they were last on the council for a 2005-6 term anyway. I doubt they were convinced either.
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Separated for now.

June 1
[Aberrant] In response to Rousseau's telecom virus, the initial roster of the Aberrants (including Jacques Angel, Chad "The Living Wreck" Berger, Toren "Dr. Worm" Cargill, Danielle Coleridge, Edda Cznievski, Kimberly Dame, Diane "Intergalactic" Holm and Asa "Renaissance Man" Karadakas) meets in the Amp Room. Corbin is pointedly absent, on the grounds that bringing an emotional broadcaster/amplifier into a room full of anxious novas can only end in fire.

It's Karadakas (referred to on the transcript as "Unidentified Man") who points that last bit out, when Angel is demanding to know where Corbin is and why he's not explaining things in person. Rousseau confirms that, and volunteers to take any questions.

Q&A. )

Anatole Siervich of Nova-Express Caterers is contacted by (fellow) suspected Teragen sympathizer Eric Ballard with final information about the upcoming Pantheon meeting.

It's all about the seating and the dishes. Food, glorious food! )
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I sometimes think everything important in the TU happens out of sight of the average citizen. Then again, I sometimes think that about the Primary World.

May 31
[Aberrant] Director Thetis sends a memo to Director Ozaki, informing him that it's his responsibility to track down the Aberrants and "silence them however possible" (preferably bringing them back under Utopia's wings), without letting Proteus' existence become generally known or distracting the Æon Council from their other responsibilities.

I use the Teragen icon because Thetis refers to Slider as having "put a somewhat histrionic, possibly Teragen-inspired, spin on the data," and because she suspects the movement of having arranged Jennifer's discoveries. "The good news in this situation, of course, is that the renegades have very few options at this point." They must know how wide Proteus' net is, and they'd be fools to go to the main organizations with which Utopia has "tense relations" (the US government and the Teragen). As part of the subtlety, she warns him "don't let any of your agents get too enthusiastic. Especially not Chiraben."

Sophia Rousseau meets with Giuseppe "Sloppy Joe" Benatti to get inside information on the Teragen, particularly about the Pantheon (which Benatti summarizes as "Take the Greek gods and put them on Springer").

She's stringing him along with promises of a cure, promises every bit as bogus as the ones with which Utopia lured him onto a plane bound for Bahrain. In the in-depth discussion (which she summarizes in an encoded OpCall to Meztiszo), he explained what passes for a hierarchy in the Pantheon. The first tier is those Terats who've never undergone Chrysalis, but are nonetheless important to the movement (such as Narcosis, Count Orzaiz, Sin-Eater, Synapse and Tarik). Ranked above them are those who have elevated at least once, with multiple Chrysales bringing greater standing.

Second stage: the Apothecary, Bounty, Epoch, Geryon, Leviathan, Shrapnel
Third stage: the Apostle, the Mathematician, Scripture
Fourth stage: Divis Mal
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News from opposite sides of the divide.

May 30
[Aberrant] The mysterious Sophia Rousseau contacts the fugitive Corbin (Proteus had feared she might get in touch with Slider). Their underground organization immediately begins contacting friends and acquaintances in the nova community, as well as newly erupting novas. The group's goal is to expose the hidden corruption in Project Utopia, and Corbin dubs its members "Aberrants" in an ironic usage of the anti-nova epithet.

It starts when she calls him at a public phone terminal, identifying herself only as "[s]omeone who's well aware of who you are and what you're running from." She then says, after pointing out that this isn't necessarily a secure line,

I have resources enough to keep you hidden — but I also have resources enough to back you on a more aggressive course of action, one that stands to help you correct some of your current problems.

After that, she sends a "telecom virus" to those friends and acquaintances, stating that Corbin's folder of Slider's evidence makes a strong case "that elements within Utopia seek to subjugate or regulate, possibly even systematically eliminate, novas as a whole." But they need more than a strong case; with Utopia's presence "in every aspect of normal life", they can't go to any authorities, and "to overturn public confidence in [Utopia] could lead to catastrophic panic worldwide." They don't even know for sure to what extent Utopia is compromised. "Nonetheless, we cannot remain passive against a clear and present threat", so she's inviting "[n]ovas interested in defending their rights as individuals" to meet on Sunday at the Amp Room.

Caestus Pax fires off an angry memo to William F. Reed, director of T2M Americas, ordering him to reprimand Ana Graça Texeira and Gvuthbjörg Danielsdottir for their participation in a recent Queer Nova Alliance demonstration.

A T2M agent has no business getting involved in political or social issues. You will immediately remind them that they represent Team Tomorrow and that they do not have the authority to use their T2M status to further their own agendas without getting prior approval through the proper channels.

He recommends they be sent out on widely separate assignments (Ana to hound the Medellín in Colombia, "Guggie" to handle a matter in Ontario). "You let this kind of thing continue and your agents will start thinking they have rights."

Oh, Shelby... just because you're in the closet, you want the whole queer world to stay there with you. ("A T2M agent has no business getting involved in political or social issues"? Then what the hell business does T2M have even existing?)

[Everything from here down was added in an edit June 4.]

Jesus "Matador" Morales, a Terat mascara in Mexico City, sends an encoded message to his mentor Feathered Serpent about his recent meeting with Meztiszo, of the Aberrants, to open ties between the two anti-Upie groups.

I was thinking of posting this June 30, as it seems to make more chronological sense and be less sudden, but as Ian points out below, Aberrant: Teragen has it taking place today, so there it is. (Of course, now I come to make this edit, I can't actually find the passage in A:T.)
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Minor update.

May 27
[Aberrant] The Mumbai News covers Saxon's reported status as missing in action, mentioning that a "Utopia spokesperson refused to confirm that the subjects of the investigation were members of the Teragen or if they were responsible for Saxon's disappearance."

Speaks for itself, I think.
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I don't know whom to root against here.

May 26
[Aberrant] Saxon, participating in Utopia's official investigation of the Slider murder, is lured to Mumbai with bogus evidence and captured by the Teragen.

Leviathan, when he tells the story in writing later, will simply say that he and the other NVers (led by James) "descended on [Graham] like the thumb of God". Count Orzaiz, around the same time, explains in person how he and his Casablancas coordinated the efforts of various cliques to build and spring the trap. It started when the Companions of Allah told the Casas that the T2MEu-er was in Cairo,

allegedly following a lead about the murder.... Thanks to Shrapnel's contacts among elites working for the Egyptian government, we were able to lure him to Bombay with rumors of "Teragen death-squads." There, a well-timed direct action by members of the Primacy... seemed to confirm his suspicions and send him toward Kashmir. Synapse, using corporate satellites generously provided by Señor Santiago, tracked his flight toward that slaughterhouse, and we relayed that data to Geryon and his Nova Vigilance strike team.

Geryon wants to finish Saxon on the spot, but Leviathan persuades him to hold back; somebody else has a use for the Upie.
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Human and otherwise.

May 25
[Aberrant] N!terview's "The World's Opinion" segment shows the diversity of answers to the question "Who killed Slider and Why?"

A Michaelite in Texas says that "the more novas who kill each other off, the better." A high school student in New York thinks Corbin did it "because she knew about something he did, something really bad." A steel worker in London "think[s] those Teragen arseholes did it." An OpNet programmer in Hong Kong plugs his OpSite about "a secret cabal inside Utopia who want to control society and technology." A columnist in Rio guesses that "[s]omeone's trying to destabilize Utopia and provoke open war with the Teragen."

Raoul Orzaiz appears live from Ibiza on N!Sight with Parker Stevenson.

We could always send a telegram to the Right People. )

Earlier, Stevenson mentioned the media buzz linking the Teragen to the Slider murder. Raoul says point-blank "the Teragen had nothing to do with the death of Jennifer Landers. We are, however, quite interested in finding out who did, if for no other reason than to clear our name." In response to the suggestion that protection of nova interests should be left to Utopia, the count points out the buzz about Utopia's black-ops side and says "I, myself, have seen evidence suggesting that the late Jennifer Landers was a victim of Utopia's baseline agenda."

While the theory behind Proteus' secrecy is sound, Thetis has taken it too far to keep it manageable. )

Back to Raoul:

Utopia is a product of the Æon Society, which gained status in the United Nations by promising to deal with the so-called nova crisis. The nova crisis, Parker. At its very inception, Utopia designated us as a problem to which it was the final solution.... If we continue to serve humanity as executors of their will, we unavoidably become the instruments of still more bloodshed and terror.

He considers the inclusion of novas in the human community a violation of the UN Charter's guarantees of self-determination.
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No specific date. Again

late May
[Aberrant] Epoch and Geryon catch up with Corbin in New Zealand and kick him around a little before he can escape, dooming any chance of Corbin allying himself with the One Race's self-appointed defenders for the likely future.

This was revealed in Aberrant: Teragen, possibly to answer a fridge logic question some people had about why, per the core book, he didn't become a Terat after learning what Utopia were up to.
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After yesterday, is it any wonder I'm reluctant to go on? Besides, it's all downhill from here really.

May 14
[Aberrant] Jackie from Capitola [CA] calls in to talk radio's Jordan McDevitt Show to ask what Novelty Consulting is and why Slider was working for them.

He answers as best he can.

Talk TV's Monika Show does a segment with Mary-Beth, a mother whose daughter wants to join the Teragen.

I couldn't even watch read the talk-show segment all the way through; it just rubbed me the wrong way in ways I find hard to articulate. Maybe it was because neither side seemed to know what they were talking about. (One audience member says the Teragen is a front for a white-slave ring.)

A Terat who rejoices in the sobriquet "Penetrator" sent Geryon an email about "this sensationalist crap":

We're being turned into the new goblins. Next they'll be saying we steal children's breath or hide beneath bridges and whack people across the head so we can suck their bone-marrow.

To which James replies "I can't think of a better hobby, can you? ; )"
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It's timestamped 3:10 AM, so it's probably happened by now.

April 28
[Aberrant] Boom-Boom Harmon writes to the "OpNet freak" he knows as "Trip" (possibly one of Synapse's aliases), requesting "the goods on Narcosis." Harmon is of the opinion that de la Cruz' desire to get in with the Pantheon is dragging her, and the rest of the Pandaimonion, down (particularly her desire to get between Mal and Scripture and have the Prime Terat's baby).

Synapse has a number of virtual identities in the various cliques of the Teragen — I'm pretty sure Trip, for instance, is one of the Casablancas, Count Orzaiz' network of spies. (Alex' NovaPhiles write-up in Aberrant: Teragen specifically mentions "Code", in the Pandaimonion itself, and "Interrupt", an OpNet propagandist for the nova-supremacist Primacy.)

Besides his political concerns, Boom-Boom also has a more mundane request: ringside seats for an upcoming XWF PPV, possibly Hong Kong Karnage, at which Superbeast is going to have a grudge match with Christine "Terminatrix" Jesensky (a claw-handed, shark-skinned, -eyed and -mouthed seven-footer whose gimmick is that she's a Terat "punishing those novas who would prostitute themselves for the baseline masses").
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A followup.

April 19
[Aberrant] Sluice escapes from Utopian custody; telepath Leland Cornwall also goes missing.

Aberrant: Teragen date-stamps this as happening in 2009, but everything else mentioned in the book happens no later than June of 2008, so I'm doing that thing where I assume White Wolf's editors were lying down on the job.
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No Marvels this time, except maybe the mortal kind.

[Aberrant] Bridgett Caulder and Hector "Lash" Guzman finally meet in Harlem's Blackburn Hotel. The stress of his attempt to reshape her flesh causes her eruption, and she is shocked when her new telepathic powers show her, in his mind, a mirror of her own quest for understanding. She agrees to stay at the Blackburn, a Terat enclave, and learn from the One Race.

How's that for a twist?

Anthony Farrell sells Farrell and Sons, retires.

"Kitchen aromas aren't very homely" [sic] to him anymore, I suspect.

The Episcopal Church of St. James, in Oakland, CA, is pleased to announce, in numerous OpNet Christian fora, that it now conducts daily OpNet services.

"Where two and three gather in my name, there am I also: Can you not feel my hands in your pockets?" (J.R. "Bob" Dobbs)

March 3
[Aberrant] Spike in Jose Diaz' communications.

I repeat, nothing to see here.
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I was going to say "recently" in the TU, but the items labeled "February" may not all have happened yet.

[Aberrant] CNN reports that South Africa is instituing a pilot program requiring novas within its borders to wear radio beacons, allegedly due to misbehavior by elites from Nigeria pitching liberties in Capetown. Geryon decides that the man behind the project, Minister of Home Affairs Malcolm Chigwedere, needs to have his head launched, no matter what his Pantheon colleagues may say about no violence, and gets help in the endeavor from Epoch, Leviathan (who later shrugs "telling Geryon not to commit violence is like telling a baby not to piss itself") and the Confederate.

I think that one speaks for itself pretty well. I almost missed including the next two items. Speaking of the Confed...

Natalya "Swarm Queen" Dornova sends a note to Allison "Shrapnel" Hughes warning her that Barry Meldrum is going too far, from his alliance with Alafin Sango to the massacres, of baseline and nova alike, that follow him everywhere he goes.

She understands her (rumored) occasional lover's hatred of baselines and agrees that "[t]hey have to be taught a lesson," but doesn't think extermination of the monkeys is the way to go about it. "I realize that Bahrain must fall and that Tarik is blocking us, but what can Sango get us that we can't get ourselves — besides genocide?"

This month's Scientific American includes the article "Quantum Force Manipulations and the Mind" by Dr. Shawn Worth.

Briefly, Worth theorizes that nova powers merely "magnify and externalize" the manipulation of quantum forces inherent in the quantum-level nature of consciousness.

An internal Directive memo on Pantheon Productions, Narcosis' corporate arm; its entertainment powerhouse status and diversified holdings; and its Teragen ties.

"A number of reports seem to suggest that PP is heavily involved in drug trafficking.... More disturbing is the possibility that PP is one of the leading manufacturers of soma — a fact that makes PP a danger to baselines and novas alike."

February 3
[Aberrant] First airing of History Channel documentary Homo Sapiens Novus.

An exploration of the role of novas in modern society from N-Day to now.

N!'s Beautiful Nova OpCasts live from the Calcutta premiere of Narcosis' new movie One God. It is the last time host Jeffrey Hiens is seen on the air.

Maybe even the last time he's seen alive.

Case-file T2M-020308-TP0019 is filed by Thanorm Prakarnchai, executive assistant to the director of T2M-Asia/Pacific. It concerns what appears to be Heaven Thunder Triad underwriting of Papaver somniferum (opium poppy) cultivation in the highlands of North Vietnam.

Prakarnchai recommends that a T2Mer surveil of the farms to confirm the nature of their crop, then "counsel the farmers on more productive farming methods, using whatever means necessary to persuade them." After that, continued surveillance, "and should they falter in their responsibilities to international law, a team will destroy their contraband crops and will arrest the criminals involved." (Nice bureaucratese there.)

Maria "Rattler" Cabral writes in her journal about the Cult of Mal gathering she recently attended in Paris.

The whole experience is already starting to fade, to become an episode. She suspects something in the communion chalice the Apostle gave her is to blame. On the one hand, there's a lot of truth in his words; on the other hand, he takes those truths in dangerous directions. "If we don't stop him soon, I fear the worst — then again maybe we need to purge our ranks?" Delorimier has turned #13 Rue de Temple into, well, a temple to the Beacon Mal, one where Cabral could almost feel The One's presence.

Having been there from the beginning, Delorimier knows or at least guesses that Mal's eruption predates the Galatea explosion, though he doesn't seem aware of the Donighal's personal responsibility for the event. He warns that when The One comes out of his Chrysalis, "he'll lead those with pure hearts to the Promised Land, casting the rest aside to the baseline lions."

Rattler experienced a moment of doubt, but Marcel's voice washed it away along with the room: "...some hide behind masks and riddles, afraid to take the leap and follow Mal. They may be Terats now, but tomorrow, who knows?... Open yourself and accept the Will of Mal."
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And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

January 11
[Aberrant] Team Tomorrow members Slider and Montoya-Bernal, with help from Landers' friend Bender, battle Nova Vigilance members Devian, Geryon, Leviathan and Swarm Queen on the steps of the UN. Both sides come away hurting and hating each other more. In the aftermath, Orzaiz, Santiago and Scripture call a meeting of the Pantheon (the leading lights of the Teragen) for June; until then, they request that no Terat do anything "rash" (like giving interviews or killing anyone).

But really, it only delayed the inevitable.


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