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One day, his deeds will be erased, but for now, he is a hero.

July 28
[Aberrant] Donald Zeleckis, a Jewish-American tourist and nova, dies while stopping a nuclear missile which has been launched at Syria. Israeli officials deny authorizing the escalation to nuclear weapons. Syrian officials don't believe Israel is responsible and will not respond in kind.

If Israel hasn't destroyed its nuclear stockpile yet, it's probably in large part because (like their OTL counterpart) that would require them to admit having one. (The Aberrant Storyteller's Companion says they're similarly coy about whether they have any novas of their own.)
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Short and to the point.

June 28
[Aberrant] Skew appears on N!Sight with Parker Stevenson and, in answer to his closing question about the exploitation of novas, says, "Do I feel exploited? Sure. Do I care? When one interview nets me 200K? Are you kidding?"

And that's basically it.
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Throwaway detail.

June 21-26
[Aberrant] Monaco plays host to the 35th annual International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo.

This is relevant because the festival is where the events of "Permanent Vacation" end up, after starting in Ibiza and detouring to Morocco. No dates have been given because different troupes will have moved at different paces. Also because, in OTL, this year's circus festival was only the 32nd and was held in January.
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Where the real money from the movie is made!

late May
[Aberrant] The June issue of Playthings magazine reveals that, while eight of the top ten nova action figures are produced by Novation (the exceptions being DeVries' figures of its Elite™ Mirko "Overkill" Mirkonen [#10] and of XWF Black Circle fighter Rob "Superbeast" Steele [#3]), four of those eight are of non-Utopian novas (Bender [#4], Core [#9], Divis Mal [#6] and Geryon [#2]); Caestus Pax (#7) literally hits the ceiling at the news that Corbin is still outselling him despite the media calling the Scotsman a psycho killer (Skew is #8, Antaeus #5 and Mourning Edition Slider #1).

So yeah.

late June
To add injury to insult, Pantheon Productions (the Pandaimonion's corporate arm, headed by Narcosis) brings suit against Novation for failing to obtain the permission of Mal and Booth before producing merchandise bearing the two Terats' likenesses.

I think it's Aberrant Worldwide Phase I that reveals that Novation eventually loses the suit (something it's never done before), and that, later in the year, Pantheon rolls out its own official Teragen figure line, with Geryon and Mal figures in the first wave.
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I'm running late, but I'm running.

June 15
[Aberrant] official beginning of the Aberrant timeframe. There are approximately 40 Aberrants worldwide, all in either deep cover or hiding. To date, neither Corbin nor Rousseau has been captured, and the identity of Slider's assassin remains an official mystery.

Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] aeonaberrant!

The Democratic Party, searching for a candidate who will make their two major PR liabilities (the "character" issue, still lingering from the Clinton years, and the similarity of their program to the Utopian plan) meaningless, concludes that a nova candidate would solve both problems, and begins scouting Randel Portman.

[livejournal.com profile] etherlad has mentioned this as actually happening slightly earlier, but my obsession with every last detail of the TU isn't so deep as to cover every individual date of the 2008 (TU) primary season.

Charlotte "Ghostdancer" Holden, ex-Utopian and one of Slider's contacts, retreats to Ibiza, where she is hunted by Chiraben. A group of Aberrants seeks to find her before Proteus can disappear her. Utopian agents are sent to bring her into custody. Additional Proteus personnel are sent to capture Holden and keep Chiraben in line.

All this in "Permanent Vacation", the mini-adventure story arc included in the Aberrant Storytellers Companion book that came with the Aberrant Storytellers Screen.
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Speaks for itself.

June 7
[Aberrant] Hyperintelligent nova Cassandra appears on N!Sight with Parker Stevenson, and in answer to his closing question about the exploitation of novas, says that they are exploited by armies, by researchers, and especially by the media, specifically naming N!'s own coverage of Slidergate before time runs out.

Or before Parker cuts her off. The Aberrant Storytellers Screen Companion date-stamps this April 7, but given the Slider reference ("They even broadcast the autopsy report"), I'm pretty sure this is just a case of the editor (Brandon Falkenburg) not doing his job.
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May 19
[Aberrant] Scandal rocks Project Utopia as unconfirmed reports of mercenary novas, government infiltration and nova black ops leak to the media. Æon Society and Project Utopia spokespeople immediately counter with evidence of a Teragen frame-up involving the dead Slider. Wary observers and conspiracy theorists see themselves as vindicated and deluge the media with dire predictions.

Some people have their reactions already planned.

Unfortunately, in light of the recent Slider tragedy, such laissez-faire management would be in nobody's best interest. )
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Public and private spectacles.

March 21
[Aberrant] Gabriel "The Miracle" Melchior, head of the Church of the Immanent Escheaton, punctuates [a CIE revival] by disappearing in a flash of light. This was not his idea; the flash was produced by Argent, a nova attached to Project Proteus, and the disappearance was also Proteus' doing, motivated by their desire to study the most tainted nova currently known to exist.

He's preaching the Nova Age equivalent of fire and brimstone (radiation and pitchblende?), warning that "The Quantum Unity is preparing for a vast and terrible battle against the forces of darkness" and that we all need to get right with It, through him, to defeat "the Entropic Lords of Hell."

And if it seems to you that Gabriel Melchior comes out of nowhere like Uncle Tusky, welcome to the club. Oh, they provide backstory on him in Aberrant: Worldwide Phase I — he took over leadership of the Church in the summer of 2004, following his eruption and in the wake of Chrystian Kalpa's disappearance earlier that year — but I think that's the kind of thing that ought rightly to have been mentioned in the Aberrant corebook. (I don't think I mentioned it at the time, because they didn't give a date more precise than "summer".)

An interdepartmental memo from Monique Dufresne, N!'s director of programming, to her assistant, Bryan Clain, notes that they need new novas for future episodes of N!'s original programming: "If I see Core or Kikjak spouting off one more time I'm going to lose it."

"Let's leave the Utopia standbys for the nonce and find some interesting novas. Sexy novas. Weird novas." DeVries. The Teragen, if they dare. "Let's get at least one Big Hitter. Divis Mal? Caestus Pax?" Maybe some non-white novas from T2M A-P and/or Central? Maybe Nippontai. "Maybe we'll have to send someone to Ibiza to raid the Amp Room."
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No Marvels this time, except maybe the mortal kind.

[Aberrant] Bridgett Caulder and Hector "Lash" Guzman finally meet in Harlem's Blackburn Hotel. The stress of his attempt to reshape her flesh causes her eruption, and she is shocked when her new telepathic powers show her, in his mind, a mirror of her own quest for understanding. She agrees to stay at the Blackburn, a Terat enclave, and learn from the One Race.

How's that for a twist?

Anthony Farrell sells Farrell and Sons, retires.

"Kitchen aromas aren't very homely" [sic] to him anymore, I suspect.

The Episcopal Church of St. James, in Oakland, CA, is pleased to announce, in numerous OpNet Christian fora, that it now conducts daily OpNet services.

"Where two and three gather in my name, there am I also: Can you not feel my hands in your pockets?" (J.R. "Bob" Dobbs)

March 3
[Aberrant] Spike in Jose Diaz' communications.

I repeat, nothing to see here.
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Yeah, I've been dragging my heels on this. Mostly the transition to a new flashdrive, with a possible subconscious dose of "Maybe if I don't do it this year, I can pretend that the tragedy of May 13 doesn't happen."

[Aberrant] This month's issue of Humanity magazine (v.1 #4) contains Gwan Myung-sun's article "The Day the Coconuts Fell Without a Sound", on the disappointing reaction of Utopia to a personal complaint by the families of people killed in a T2MA/P raid on a Nakato-gumi warehouse.

The name sounds Korean, but somehow, I don't think of Koreans as using metaphors like "the ripe coconuts of our hearts". Then again, given what White Wolf's writers of the time were able to say straight-faced about northern Europe and the southwestern US, it probably shouldn't be surprising that they can be equally de-informed about Asia.

[Aberrant] Nathan Black hosts the N! special The New Gods: Humanity's Next Step.

It includes a demonstration of electrical power by Detroit franchisee* and part-time Utopian Jonas "Kikjak" Kincaid.

January 3
[Aberrant] This week's issue of Newsweek carries an article "Eruption of Wonder: Science in the Nova Age" by Dr. Paul Tandy.

Here in OTL, I'm not sure there was an issue of Newsweek for that week (it would've been cover-dated January 7, I think).

January 7
[Aberrant] Amanda Wu, CEO of Novelty Consulting, sends congratulations to all researchers and analysts working on "the Kim project" (a planned land-grab by North Korea).

First time I've had occasion to mention her, and I wish it were going to be the last.

* Licensed urban defender.
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See you in the funny papers.

November 16
[Aberrant] Andrew "Skew" Parker leaves a voicemail for Novation editor-in-chief Jerome Grant: "what kind of drug-guzzling knuckle-walking college dropout do you guys have writing my dialogue?...And the art sucks. We've talked in your office, what, twenty, thirty times? Has my hair *ever* looked like that?"

Specifically, he points out that he has "never, never, since my eruption said, 'Nowhere but in the hands of Team Tomorrow will a brighter future be found'", contrary to those words being inserted into his likeness' mouth in T2M: The Noble Cause #71, and that the four-color Skew looks "like I'm ready to defect to the QNA or something." He wonders if Jerome can get back the artist they had five issues or so ago, the one who drew him and the rest of T2M closer to the way they actually look.
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Almost the end.

December 8 Mike Dawson writes what will prove to be his last letter home, in which he talks about his experiences at the Grand Circle. "I am now part of Calliope and Calliope is part of me. You can't know how lucky I am."

Before that, he says things like "I have stumbled upon a happiness that I could never have even guessed was possible" and "I'd never known true intimacy before." Afterward, he says "Calliope's soul is so strong in me now that I haven't had to sleep in days. I think I may have reached the next level." (This may imply that Calliope has the ability to share a taste of her power with baselines, making her [I just realized] another possible candidate to [have] become the most dangerous Aberrant of all.)

He tells his parents that he'll be staying with his Circle, and with Calliope, for Christmas. "You don't need to send any presents or anything. I am more than complete as it is. Enjoy your holidays. Tell Sarah [probably his sister] I love her."
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I've been slacking hellaciously, I know.

November 5
[Aberrant] A Québecois separatist group using the name of the Front de Liberation de Québec claims responsibility for recent terrorist strikes in Ottawa and Toronto. Given the nature of the strikes, Canadian authorities fear the group may be employing an elite.

I have little or nothing to add to this.

Mike Dawson sends a letter home talking about his recent Calliopist retreat, in which he participated in a "Sacred Circle".

He wants to tell his parents about what happened between himself, the other five Calliopists who make up his Circle, and Calliope, "but there's no way that you could possibly understand how it feels to share complete and utter trust with others in the way we do now." He didn't come home for Thanksgiving break as he'd once planned to; instead, he's gone to the "Grand Circle", a gathering of Sacred Circles to come "closer to Perfect Understanding and the Immaculate Soul."
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Continued from last time.

Mike Dawson sends a letter to his parents in which he gushes about Natasha and Jason and their nova friend Calliope, "one of the most amazing people I've ever met!"

Amazing. That's one way to put it, yes.
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And this one's from the Aberrant Storytellers Companion. (Okay, they didn't actually call it that, but it's the booklet that came with the ST's screen and includes material apparently cut from the corebook for space reasons.)

October 11 -- Ironskin Andy Vance appears on the OpNet call-in program Novaline.

Amy from Waukegan, IL, asks Andy if he's "ever given girls a real, you know, try"; he replies that he hasn't, nor has he had any real inclination to. In fact, he's just celebrated his second anniversary with current partner Jake "The Dragon" Korelli (a DeVries elite who looks a lot like Richard "Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat" Blood).

That would be in 2004, then. In 2002, just in case I haven't already mentioned it*, he erupted when a couple've jocks in his Wyoming hometown decided to re-enact the death of Matthew Shepard, with him in the crucified role. He gained super-strength and the nigh-indestructibility that's the source of his name (as well as impressive social powers which come in handy for defusing bar fights).

Justin from Atlanta asks what it's like in Ibiza (which, in the Nova Age, is still a party spot in 2006 and well into the next decade). Andy replies that Ibiza Town really is the nonstop party one hears about (at least from April to September), but the rest of the island is more down-to-earth. He also allows as how there is indeed a downside (such as Justin asks about in a follow-up question), in that a lot of novas come to Ibiza to flaunt their new morphology, but declines to answer a further follow-up about "the weirdest ab—umm, nova you've ever seen in Ibiza".

* If you didn't tag a post, or label it as a memory, LJ's search function is nonexistent, and googling isn't much better.
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Another beginning.

September 30
[Aberrant] Gary Michael "Mike" Dawson sends his first letter home from college, mentioning that he's met "some really cool people" who know an actual nova.

The actual nova in question being Kelly "Calliope" Pierson.
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Arguably the climax. [Italics closed 8:37.]

Peter Cavallino replies to Sylvie Montaigne, disclaiming all awareness of Shadow Tracker RM and inviting her to "launch one of [her] tiredly quixotic raids" if she wants to come up looking like a chump again.

The chronology at the unofficial White Wolf Wiki specifies that the TechReg team came [willan on-come]* to the ViaSoft campus on the 20th as announced, and left [willan on-leave] (as Cavallino predicted) "empty-handed and embarrassed."

* Yes, I'm quoting Dr. Dan Streetmentioner's Time Traveler's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations to pad out this entry. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful; hate me because I have the personality of a Cat Piss Man.
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Something resembling a plotline continues.

Sylvie Montaigne, of Utopia's Science and Technology Department (Technological Regulation division), informs ViaSoft CEO Peter Cavallino that VS' "Shadow Tracker RM" technology is in violation of Utopia's SafeTech guidelines, and that Utopia representatives will be visiting VS' Cambridge campus on the 20th inst. to take custody of it. Probably within minutes, Cavallino has fired off a letter to Raymond Chu, VS' director of Special Projects, wondering how Utopia learned of STRM's existence, ordering an immediate security check, and recommending offloading of STRM to Kuro-Tek's Yoshira Nakamura. Chu promptly writes to Nakamura, apologetically accepting his earlier offer to purchase STRM, provided he agrees to take possession of all relevant materials by close of business on the 18th inst.

As I said yesterday, I have my suspicions about who sent the anonymous tip that "awared" (as a Jack Womack character would say) TechReg of STRM's existence.
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This is the main thing this date means to the TU.

Michael M'btede, Utopia's Director of African Operations, classifies Marrakesh and Casablanca as Avoid zones for all Utopia Africa nova personnel.

This follows persistent harassment and the disappearance of two DeVries elites, Tycho "Wardog" DeWitt and Benoit "Zip" Goubeaux. Zip in particular, speedster and regenerator, becomes the James Dean of the Nova Age; it will be almost two years before the next time the loss of a nova touches so many.
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Sorry for the delay, but several consecutive days of not getting to bed until 11 in the gweepning got to me.

[Aberrant] The Ethiopian government announces the completion of Operation Eden. The Ethiopian Highlands, formerly a dry, flat, desert plain, are now a verdant grassland. The grateful Ethiopian government gives Project Utopia a large headquarters in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia soon becomes the breadbasket of Africa.

That headquarters, an arcology, soon eclipses the old city.

[Aberrant] Yoshira Nakamura of Kuro-Tek offers to purchase ViaSoft's "Shadow Tracker RM" technology.

I may or may not have mentioned Nakamura-san before; I'm pretty sure I've mentioned his cousin, Mitsu Nakamura, head of the Directive's Japanese branch.

[Aberrant] The Jefferson City (MO) Times-Dispatch reports on the Weltey conviction, and notes that "Tonight, as 'Brother Elias' is transported under heavy guard to an unnamed prison, authorities will be watching for signs of satanic terrorism."

There was no attempt to free him by the Domitori (Astaroth and his "avatars" Belial, Beltaine and Grimskull). For all his I 4M TEH 4N71CHR157 posturing, Gundolfsson realizes that any anti-social act large enough, and sufficiently undeniable, to count as a real crime would draw the attention of Project Utopia (and/or, these days, the Teragen), which is not something he wants to face at this point.


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