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Remember these? Yeah, me neither.

April 7
[Aberrant] Matt Dawson (mdawson@opcom.sydney.au), Tom Miller (novamanic@opsource.bos.us) and The Lightkeeper (lightkeeper@opcom.melbourne.au) talk about nova group Australis on the NovaWatch OpSite discussion boards.

This is the money quote from Miller's post, which went up at 20:05:56 GMT:

I don't get the problem Australians on this site seem to have with their own novas. I mean, c'mon, Australis is a good team, and they've done a lot for your country, even if they aren't Team Tomorrow. I think the idea that every country should have its own Team Tomorrow is ridiculous, why can't you be happy with the novas you have?

At 22:44:37, Dawson explained that it's because Australis are wankers whose job is to "look good and pose for photo ops". He explains that Australia has "a fine, long-standing tradition" of hating its celebrities: "The higher you climb, the harder we'll try to pull you down." (Can any of my Australian readers tell me whether this is accurate to OTL Australia?)

That's why any Australian nova with an ounce of brains gets out of the country as soon as possible. Why the hell would you want to stay here and become the "hero" of the godforsaken Outback when you can join up with Team Tomorrow and become a media darling or sign on with DeVries and make scads of money? [...] I'd rather scan old newsvids of Team Tomorrow than watch a live feed of anything Australis is doing, unless it involves Michelle Medford getting naked.

At 23:17:40, The Lightkeeper quotes the sentence about any Australian nova with an ounce of brains as a lead-in to eir reply:

That may be true, but isn't that why Australis exists in the first place? To keep all our local novas from just flying (or teleporting or whatever) off to Europe, Africa and the rest of the world? [...] If there's a disaster in Sydney or Melbourne, you can bet it'll be Australis and not Team Tomorrow that shows up first and does whatever it can to help out.

E ends by wondering why T2M A/P is located in Indonesia rather than Australia.
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Most of the other entries under this tag come from this item, actually.

August 7
[Aberrant] An INTERPOL report on Greenwar makes note of recent actions believed to be the work of the eco-terrorist group: the psychic attacks on Susan Durant, Anthony Farrell and Sato Tanaka and the deaths of Janos Van De Meer and Ricardo Mendez.

The memo ends up by noting the main thing Greenwar have that most other eco-terrorist organizations don't: novas.
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The Aberrant Players Guide says on p.172 that the note was found today, even though the item on the very next page says the man was found the next day. Maybe I should just create a "white wolf editors at work" tag and have done with it.

June 14
[Aberrant] Sato Tanaka, CEO of Genyo Products, is found in his Nagasaki home, a blubbering wreck, with delusions of being one of a pod of whales slaughtered by whalers. A note found beside him gives implicit credit for his condition to Greenwar, warning those who have declared war on Mother Earth" that "[s]he is not defenseless, and those who rape the land, commit genocide on other species and steal from generations yet unborn will pay a dear price for their crimes."

In the one moment when his own personality breaks through the memories imposed by Animus, Tanaka-san grips the arm of Detective Ishido and says "They don't hate us, you know. They feel sorry for us. I don't understand. Why don't they hate us for killing them? Why?"

Neither Ishido nor Officer Okano can answer that. All they can do is keep Tanaka from being a danger to himself before the paramedics arrive — oh, and on Ishido's suggestion, contact Nippontai.
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Yet another entry in the "Slavic names don't work that way" series. Or possibly "Slavic naming: You're doing it wrong."

April 20
[Aberrant] Alexi Mirovna observes the Protectors, probably on behalf of the Directive.

Then again, I'm not sure how much room to gritch I really have, given that I forgot to post about the Protectors' mission statement when it emanated from their newly established Antarctic compound in November of 2006:

We, the Protectors, seek to establish a safe, peaceful, self-contained community away from the violence, corruption and social decay that threaten the nations of the world. We invite like-minded individuals to join us and advise those who would threaten our freedom that we can and will defend ourselves.

It all started with an American survivalist named Thomas Sering, whose eruption was supposedly triggered when the very real problems of Y2K were ameliorated by Utopia. Over the next few years, he remained off the grid in a cabin in the Rockies, corresponding over the Internet and (later) the OpNet with ideological peers, skeptical of any large organization and particularly of Utopia.

Finally, in the fall of 2006, a group of about a dozen novas and five dozen baselines flew, or were flown, from Colorado to Antarctica. Since then, they, and those who've flocked to the Protectors' banner, have apparently done nothing but excavate and develop their cave compound.

Alexi, with his powers of invisibility, Mega-Perception and temperature tolerance, has been dispatched to see if they're really as harmless to outside society (absent any hostility on its part) as they appear. He finds that they seem to be just that.

He enters the territory claimed by the Protectors at 0322 local time (whatever is the relevant time zone here) and exits by 0514. He wouldn't have gotten inside their haven but for "a combination of useful intelligence and good timing"; Sering came outside to welcome a visit from Cyrus Katrak, head of the space-migrationist nova organization known as the Daedalus League, and Mirov(na) followed them in.

While the two novas talked business, Alexi listened with maybe half an ear, concentrating on a survey of the haven — spartan but sophisticated, estimated population about 20 novas and 140-170 baselines. There's also an armory, most of whose contents looked Russian (he suspects "leftovers from the collapse of the USSR").

Overall, the behavior of the Protectors is classic survivalist.... I believe the Protectors are not involved with Project Utopia in any way, nor are they an immediate threat of any kind. I recommend they be placed under regular surveillance — preferably automated, thank you very much &and watched for any signs of trouble. Otherwise, it is best that we leave them alone.

Since the Aberrant Player's Guide shows them still isolated in 2015, I assume they'll be left alone at least until then.
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Okay, okay...

[Aberrant] This month's Car and Driver contains an article on hypercombustion and fuel-cell engines, "Gas-Guzzlers: Goodbye for Good in Japan" by Jean Ingalls.

Two years ago, the Japanese government announced that a ban on the sale of vehicles with old-school internal-combustion engines would go into effect this year. That effect is now in.

[Aberrant] Belizean investor Ricardo Mendez's dismembered body is found packed into a crate in a warehouse he owns in Belmopan. Also found in the warehouse are the bodies of numerous tropical birds, apparently packed for illegal shipment out of the country to pet shops.

The bodies provide the motive for the murder. My tags show who had the means and the opportunity.
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March 11
[Aberrant] Clash in Nevada between Teragen novas and a suspiciously well-armed and well-prepared battalion of baseline US troops "on maneuvers."

Funny how these things happen.

"Export agent" (poacher) Janos Van De Meer's severed head is found in his suite at the Voi Lodge nature preserve in Kenya, wrapped in one of a number of illegal pelts. The head had been amputated quite cleanly (nearly five months later, the body will still not have turned up), and all VanDeMeer's "ivory" (teeth) had been pulled.

Whether the kill was clean in general, we won't know until and unless the body is ever found.
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No Marvels this time, except maybe the mortal kind.

[Aberrant] Bridgett Caulder and Hector "Lash" Guzman finally meet in Harlem's Blackburn Hotel. The stress of his attempt to reshape her flesh causes her eruption, and she is shocked when her new telepathic powers show her, in his mind, a mirror of her own quest for understanding. She agrees to stay at the Blackburn, a Terat enclave, and learn from the One Race.

How's that for a twist?

Anthony Farrell sells Farrell and Sons, retires.

"Kitchen aromas aren't very homely" [sic] to him anymore, I suspect.

The Episcopal Church of St. James, in Oakland, CA, is pleased to announce, in numerous OpNet Christian fora, that it now conducts daily OpNet services.

"Where two and three gather in my name, there am I also: Can you not feel my hands in your pockets?" (J.R. "Bob" Dobbs)

March 3
[Aberrant] Spike in Jose Diaz' communications.

I repeat, nothing to see here.
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It's not natural, normal or kind, the flesh you so fancifully fry.

February 7
[Aberrant] Anthony Farrell, owner of Farrell and Sons Meat Packing of Chicago, is found in his factory by the Chicago PD, hanging from a meat hook after a severe beating. On regaining consciousness, he tells of having experienced the entire life of a veal calf from birth to slaughter. Aftereffects include recurring nightmares and an aversion to eating meat.

Do you know how animals die?
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A belated first mention.

December 4
[Aberrant] Dr. Susan Durant, chief of research for NewGen Inc., is found catatonic in her Baltimore home, which shows signs of forcible entry. On regaining consciousness, she shows a mortal terror of medical personnel and instruments, medications, and people in general. Interviews establish that she has been made to experience the life of a rabbit in one of NewGen's labs.

This is the chronologically earliest mentioned action by the nova-led eco-terrorist collective known as Greenwar. The psychic attack on Durant was the work of Greenwar co-founder Ryan "Animus" Abbnet, who can communicate telepathically with animals, and can project memories he's read from them into human minds. (The other co-founder, Shawna "Fauna" McShane, can turn in whole or part into any animal from mouse-sized to elephant-sized, and can also communicate with animals and even control them. Both erupted in 2003 — McShane when attacked by the NYPD at an animal-rights demonstration, Abbnet during a raid on an animal-testing lab.)
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The Aberrant Players Guide doesn't get any more specific on when this happens than the date range given, but we're getting awfully close to time for the next day-post.

late August
[Aberrant] Due to T2M Europe remaining headquartered in Venice, the governments of Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands unveil a unified Scandinavian nova-team, Det Fælles Nordiske Novateam, informally Nordlysene (the Northern Lights).

Former OpSite designer Nikolaj Lemche is on the team as one of Holland's representatives; the other (at least by 2015 when the APG writes about them) is Holger Centery (ironically named for a legendary Danish folk hero) the Inv/Strength with Leadership tanker charismatic brick known as Danske. The rest of the 2015 Nordlysene lineup is Jennifer "Jernnæve" Svanberg ("Iron Fist"; a body-of-metal brick with magnetic powers), Evette "Lynet" Solonger ("Lightning"; speedster), Freya Oswyn (a light manipulator), and "Jättarna" (real name unknown; able to create an ice harder than steel, and to animate the shapes he makes with that ice).
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I admit it; I'm tired of combing through archives I failed to properly tag or memory-mark, looking for the older entries I want to reference. That was one've the reasons this didn't go up yesterday when it was supposed to.

[Aberrant] In a press conference in New York City, former DeVries employee Jacob Lexington announces his new company, Appellate Lexington Enterprises, a registry for nova names and personae. Within three hours, Project Utopia reportedly has all its in-house novas (including all the T2Mers) registered with Lexington.

Their database is searachable online at ontp://op.alexington.com, so you can see if somebody's already registered a name before you try for it. If you're having trouble coming up with a name and a look, they'll help you with that, right down to costume design.

This doesn't put an end to contention over names, but it does make it less necessary for it to go to knock-down, drag-out, to-the-death fights for them. Now, such contests are potentially marketable.
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I almost didn't get to post this today. My connection was hosed for a while; it may still be.

[Aberrant] People Weekly article "Dangerous Intimacy: One woman's struggle with nova mind-powers". The woman in question is Jeanette Cooper, an American pre-law student in London whose mental privacy was (she says) invaded by [her then-boyfriend,] telepathic nova Donald "Insight" Somersworth.

According to the article (reprinted in the Aberrant Players Guide), Insight is sometimes employed to do psychic forensics for (New) Scotland Yard and regularly employed by the likes of the DeVries Agency and Amanda Wu's "Novelty Consulting". He introduced Jenette to some of his nova friends, and to prominent baselines of his acquaintance.

But when he insisted on getting inside her head, their relationship suffered. )
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Making the jump.

[Aberrant] Newly-erupted Dutch weather-controller Nikolaj Lemche causes a record heat wave in Norway, even unto a few flash floods.

There's a real Nikolaj Lemche, but he doesn't have powers as far as I know. He is, however, a big ol' RPG fan who has written some TU stuff for fansites. In other words, it's presumably a tuckerization, not unlike Hugh (who was originally supposed to be straight-up and unabashedly, the TU version of me).

EDIT 1:12 PM because I noticed it was Trinity Universe present, not TU history.
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Presented with not much comment, because my life isn't giving me time to write much comments. Sorry.

[Aberrant] Drs. Mazarin and Rashoud release their findings on the discovery of a unique gland found in the brains of novas. This Mazarin-Rashoud (M-R) node is believed to be the root of a nova's abilities. Novas officially dubbed subspecies Homo sapiens novus. The Triton Foundation provides funding for Mazarin and Rashoud's research, and much of the other nova research over the next decade. A nova's powers are theorized to derive from manipulation of the basic forces of the universe, also known as the quantum forces: gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force. The M-R node allows the nova some degree of channeling and control over the quantum forces.

When I go through and mark all these posts as memories, "Farah Rashoud" is definitely going to be one of the keywords I use.

[Aberrant] A subway bombing in Tokyo brings world attention to Kamisama Buddhism, a hybrid of Shinto and Buddhist beliefs (novas being venerated as "bodhisattvas" or feared as "asuras") that is increasingly popular with Japanese youths. While Kamisama Buddhism professes non-violence, the media play up the suspects' involvement with the sect. Three young fanatics are charged in the bombing, though the leader of the religion, nova guru Bodhisattva Masato, disavows any foreknowledge of the attack.

And "Novas and religion" is probably going to be another keyword.

[Aberrant] According to the Weekly World News, "Lost Biblical passages reveal the truth: Jesus was a nova!"

If I'd remembered this last year, I'd have blogged it live. It's just too good to miss.
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The corporate world.

[Aberrant] Japan announces Saisho, "The New Beginning," a series of government subsidies designed to employ novas in high-tech industries. The Japanese government agrees to pay for companies to hire novas for research and development purposes, in hopes that new technologies will salvage Japan's economy. The project is a rousing success, and within a decade Japan regains its position as the premier developer of new technologies.

Japan owes much to its novas, and will continue to owe much to them. Let's just say that for now.

* As part of the Saisho program, the Japanese government unveils its national superteam, Nippontai.

The Aberrant Players Guide outlines Nippontai's membership as of 2015 or so. The two members lost by then may still be part of the team in 2004, but they're not discussed in great detail in the APG. (We're told only that Haruhiko "Tama" Otani quits to become a freelance elite, and that Masae "Ku-rashi" Nomura is killed by an elite working for arms dealers in the East China Sea.)

I've already mentioned Nippontai's leader, Mayumi "Kô" Morioka. Many of the team's zaibatsu sponsors would prefer to have it led by one of the male novas on board, but between her telepathy, her telekinesis and her leadership skills, she's got what it takes.

The rest of the team. )

[Aberrant] The Viacom and Microsoft corporations announce their merger into an enormous corporate entity to be called ViaSoft.

They came close to predicting AOL Time Warner, but the convergence of Old and New Media was an obvious trend even then, so that's no great shakes.
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An old codger's grumbling.

[Adventure!/Aberrant] In his private journal, Whitley Styles, the last founding member of Æon still active with the Society, waxes philosophical about what Max Mercer had in mind when he founded Æon versus what the Society's new guard are turning it into.

He mentions Mercer's general awareness of the future, but (knowing that this is going into his beloved Babel Dossier) refuses to give the details. He also admits, reluctantly, that Mercer's knowledge is not always as specific as could be hoped. Mercer is, after all, only human (though he and their "old friend" Mike Donighal come "a damn sight closer to it than most of us").

And he speaks of all the dreams Mercer had for Æon that aren't being fulfilled. Max wanted Æon to "help humanity reach a higher state — of individuality, technology, culture, society — the whole ball of wax." But once the human race matured to the point where it was taking those steps on its own, and Æon was no longer necessary, the Society was supposed to go away. ("Any man who is doing a job is working to make himself obsolete..." — William S. Burroughs, Nova Express)

'Top Secret. Classified. For the Board, the Elite, the Initiates.' Are these the words of the all-powerful boards and syndicates of the Earth? )
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Mind over matter.

[Aberrant] Maxwell Anderson Mercer composes a welcome letter for employees of Project Pandora.

Actually, the memo only says "M.A. Mercer" wrote it. Andrew Bates (the creator, more or less, of the Trinity Universe) was not consulted about this, and has (I'm told) gone on record opining that this "M.A. Mercer" was actually Max's granddaughter Margaret.

Project Pandora is devoted to studying psychomorphs — those rare (at least in the Nova Age) individuals who manipulate subquantum (psi) energies, as distinct from the quantum forces employed by eximorphs (novas). There's also a Project Tantalus, whose ambit is the even rarer paramorphs.

(There's a difference of opinion among Trinity writers on what exactly makes a paramorph. Bates considered that Mercer was the only one, and the distinguishing factor was his unique knack for chronal manipulation. I've gotten the sense, from other sources, that other writers regarded "paramorph" as a scientific term for "daredevil" — a recipient of heroic Inspiration [in the Storyteller version of Adventure!] or daring Inspiration [in the d20 remake].)


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